REVIEW: Turkish Delights by Trina Lane



Three very different men from three different countries look to build a love greater than any wonder of the world.

Project manager Garrett Sloan builds majestic hotels for the rich and famous around the world, but when it comes to love, all his relationships seem to crumble. His latest project lands him in Istanbul, where the desire he’s held for a certain French architect heats up under the Middle Eastern sun, and his resolve never to mix business with pleasure melts beneath the added hot stare and skilled hands of a Turkish mason.

The three men discover they want to build a relationship to stand the test of time. Much like Kyle LaFleure’s buildings and Emir Şahin’s stonework. As the bonds between Garrett and his partners grow stronger and more complex they work to lay the perfect foundation on which to build a lasting relationship. Can the three men construct a relationship that will endure? Or will their love reach its zenith when their shared task of finishing the ultimate Ottoman luxury hotel reaches it completion?

What did I think?

Turkish Delights is part of the Totally Five Star imprint from Totally Bound. The reason I point this out is because it goes a long way to explaining the setting of this book.

Glamor, high society and exotic locales. Come with us as we take you on a journey around the world to some of the most opulent and famous tourist destinations favored by the elite. This is five-star quality, five-star service and five-star entertainment, ensuring that every single part of this imprint is Totally Five Star. Head into the hub of this network of hotels and meet the employees who enable this luxury world to be what it is today. Get to know these characters over time as they develop and grow throughout the imprint, and become completely consumed with this diverse lifestyle.

This is the story of three men who meet and fall in love while building a hotel in Istanbul. The hotel is a top class, luxury hotel designed with old-world touches of traditional Turkey.

The story takes the reader on a tour of Istanbul, providing information on the place, the architecture and the culture. The descriptions are rich and detailed, so as to really give a sense of the place.

The story focuses on the construction of the hotel and once again, there are many details provided about the processes and what is going into the hotel. There are descriptions of the interiors and the facilities in great detail.

At times I did find the detail slightly overwhelming and pulling me from the romance part of the story, however this series of books is meant to give a sense of the exotic location and luxury and this does that.

The lead characters are Garrett, the English man in charge of the project, Kyle, the French architect, and Emir, the Turkish stonemason. It was an interesting blend of cultures and the three worked well together.

The relationship aspect delves into the complexities of dating people you work with (although there was no real problem here) and also the cultural elements of Emir who has hidden his sexuality from his deeply religious parents and is a religious man himself.

Overall I enjoyed the book, the sex and the setting. I like the glimpse of Istanbul, a country where my m/m romance doesn’t usual visit.  4 stars

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