Happy release day for Out of the Blue by RJ Jones

Some of you may know that RJ is a co-owner here at Two Men. Some of you may even know that her debut novel is being released today. Take a closer look…



The Blurb…

When everything happens Out of the Blue…

Lt Cameron Cooper has been with the San Francisco Fire Department for fifteen years. He’s seen and dealt with a lot of horrifying situations. He’s always considered himself mentally tough, but when he attends a multi-vehicle accident and sees a dead boy with features remarkably similar to his long-time boyfriend, his mental health takes a hit.

All Jake Montgomery wants is to propose to his boyfriend on their ten-year anniversary. He’s already bought the perfect rings, but when Cameron struggles to look at him after a tragic accident, he has doubts about their future. Cam is withdrawing, and Jake doesn’t know why.

With heated arguments and cold shoulders, Cam and Jake’s life starts to fall apart. Just when Cam thinks he can overcome his issues and finally talk to Jake, memories from Jake’s past threaten to push them apart forever.


 The Excerpt…

“Jesus, Jake, you need to do something,” she blurted one night.

“Like what?” I snapped, instantly on the defensive.

“I don’t know. You’re miserable without him. Call him, talk to him. See someone else.” She paused for a long moment. “Here, give me your wallet,” Caroline demanded as she held out her hand, and confused, I pulled it from my pocket and gave it to her.

She plucked a small foil square from her purse, placed it inside, then slapped the wallet into my hand. “There. Now you can go and find someone else.”

The thought of being with someone other than Cam made me shudder, but if Cam and I couldn’t fix us, what then? I’d have to move on eventually, but Cam not being in my life hurt too much to think about. I missed him like nothing else. I missed the way we used to be, the feeling of his arms around me and the sense of safety they’d bring. I missed his shining amber eyes and the love I would see in them, just for me.

Caroline was right. I was miserable without him, to the point I didn’t recognize myself anymore. The man staring back at me in the mirror had pale sallow skin and huge sad eyes. His features were lined and haunted.

My shoulders slumped, and Caroline’s voice softened. “I know you’re hurting, and it hurts me to see you like this. Yes, Cam screwed up, but he needs you and I know you need him.”

“You’ve spoken to him.” It wasn’t a question. I knew she had, but she never mentioned the calls.

“Yes. He’s called me a few times to check on you, make sure you’re okay.”

“What, he’s checking up on me now?” Aaand… I was back on edge.

“Oh for god’s sake, Jake. You’re his life, he wants to make sure you’re okay.”

I crossed my arms.

Caroline threw her hands in the air. “Oh, for crying out loud. He’s worried about you. He always worries about you whether he needs to or not.”

“So… what? You’re taking his side now?” I couldn’t believe she’d do this, and my face flushed with my boiling blood. How could she take Cam’s side when he was the one in the wrong and she was my best friend?

“No, I’m not taking his side. I’m not taking your side either. I’m on Jake and Cam’s side. If two people were ever meant to be together, it’s you two. I saw it from the start back in college. Christ, don’t you see what you two have? You can’t throw that away. If you can’t make this work, then what’s going to happen to me?” she yelled, wiping away angry tears.

My anger fled and confusion took its place. “What do you mean? Nothing’s going to happen to you, or to us. We’ll always be here for each other.”

“You idiot, we’ll be fine,” she snorted through her tears. “I mean what will happen to me? How am I ever going to find my one and make it work if you and Cam can’t figure it out? Don’t you see what you’ve got? You found the love of your life, your other half, and you can’t tell me you’re not feeling his absence. I can see it written all over your face. You miss him.”

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