REVIEW: A Pirate’s Life for Me by Tricia Owens

This is book one in the series and was FREE at time of drafting this post.

A pirate's life for me

A Pirate’s Life for Me

Book One (A Pirate’s Life For me #1) by Tricia Owens


After breaking up with his girlfriend, Lucas joins the cast of a pirate show on a tropical island. What he doesn’t know until too late is that there are two shows, one gay and one straight, and he’s just joined the cast of the wrong one. He wants badly to stay on the island but he faces two obstacles: the show’s sexy, alpha captain and his obnoxious but good-looking boyfriend. Lucas has to convince them he can play ‘gay’, but might end up learning more about himself than he’s prepared to.


Oh. My. Stars. What a story!  I simply love where and how  it was set in a totally unrealistic setting so please do not look for logic in the story….just enjoy reading it. Seriously, Everyone in this story is lovable, sexy, funny, and quirky.

The plot was really fun and refreshingly different. Once I let go of looking for something realistic in this story, I was captivated by the dialogue, and sexual tension. Believe me, the sexual tension in the story is so thick, you could almost slice it and hand around as if it was a slice of decadent gateaux.

What made this story 5 stars for me was the constant bantering and bickering between two characters. OMG, those two made me laugh often. The sensuous scenes were so erotic, my eyes were like saucers, I am sure. When the story finished at the most “interesting” part, I almost screamed “Noooooooooo…”. I asked for the second part to read and review, but couldn’t wait so I ended up purchasing the story. I couldn’t wait a minute, let alone a day or more to hear from the writer….I highly recommend you to read this story if you want or need to read something for escapism to have a great time and get ready to giggle, and turn red and the rest…..

Brilliant story, Ms Owens! I can’t wait to read your next MM story. 5 stars.

Lily xx

Buy from Amazon by clicking here. This book was FREE at time of drafting this post but do double check before one-clicking. 🙂