GIVEAWAY and EXCERPT: Eye of the Storm by Arielle Pierce

Eye of the Storm


Nathan has never been in love. He’s never felt the pleasure of falling in love, never felt that sense of belonging that comes with being in love. Ever since the dolphin shifter’s pod was broken up by the appearance of a ruthless new leader in Key West’s shifter community, Nathan has turned his back on the one aspect of his life that always gave him joy–becoming Dolphin. Now, he hides in the shadows and pretends that the life he’s built for himself with a domineering, abusive boyfriend is exactly the life he wants.Jacob has no intention of falling in love. The orca shifter has tracked Aiden, the Key West shifters’ leader, halfway around the world, and all he wants is to avenge his brother. Claiming a mate is the last thing on his mind, especially a mate as damaged as Nathan.Caught in the path of a hurricane and the boiling maelstrom of their own feelings, Nathan and Jacob soon realize that their goals align as harmoniously as their bodies. Can they work together to defeat Aiden and bring back peace to the Key West shifter community and their own damaged hearts? Or will the coming storm leaving nothing but pain and destruction in its wake?


That was all the big man needed for permission. As if he needed permission. But he was a gentleman, and he could be Nathan’s mate, this he knew without words. The man moved lips as soft as the heat under the wind that promised the hurricane was on her way to them soon. Nathan’s chest, the way the muscle arched under smooth skin, this he kissed. The dusky pink nipple, this he kissed. His tongue flicked out, touching it, teasing it, and then a sucking kiss. Despite himself, Nathan moaned and let his head fall back. Jacob supported him by wrapping his arms around his waist, letting his hands rest along Nathan’s spine, in the hollow formed there by muscle meeting bone.

Those pillow-soft lips moved away from one nipple, to the other before wandering down Nathan’s chest, down his belly, along the graceful way it was with just the smallest amount of softness. Jacob lingered at his belly button, flicking his tongue into its impression before moving to where dark hairs began.

At that Nathan jumped out of his dreamlike state. “No…no, I can’t.”

That’s okay.”

So simple, no demands.

Nathan blinked at that. He was so used to being pressured, being pushed, forced, simply told, hit if he said no. Those two words threw him off balance. Sheepish and confused, he pulled out of Jacob’s arms. He was half aware of the man’s erection. It was obvious Jacob wanted him, so why didn’t he just force him?

I’ll not have you do anything you don’t want to.”

Nathan had begun to walk away. Those words stopped him cold. Turning back, he smiled sardonically. “You a mind reader or something?”

No, but I don’t have to be. It’s all on your face, it’s in the way you hold your body.” Jacob stepped up to stand beside him.

Nathan couldn’t help but run his eyes over the man: he was beautiful, and Nathan’d have to be blind not to wonder at the way his golden skin covered the muscles like silk. And the way his black hair curled in the wind. And the kind look in his dark eyes that were for Nathan. That same look wasn’t waiting for him back home. It wouldn’t be waiting in the waters should he go back to how things were like, before.

And that’s when he knew. It could change, the way he was living. He didn’t have to take it.

Kiss me.” The words were out before he could stop them, But the thing was he didn’t want to stop them, He wanted Jacob. For once, he wanted it; he wasn’t just going along with it, being told what to do.

Jacob never said a word.

He took Nathan in arms that were strong enough for both of them.


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Arielle Pierce currently resides in both southern Spain and in Wales, ensuring that she doesn’t miss the worst of the rains and gales of one country, nor the blazing heat and droughts of the other. When not merrily scribbling away about the adventures of two men in love she can be found sewing sock kitty cats for her small son or gardening in her back yard, where she is locked into a losing battle with the weeds (and with the sock cats, for that matter). She obsesses about gardens and koi fish, is an avid reader of history and hates talking about herself in the third person.