GIVEAWAY & EXCERPT: The Dusty Hat Bar by L.J. Hamlin


The Dusty Hat Bar

by L.J. Hamlin

Release Date: July 22 2015


Noah Kimberly walks into his usual bar, same as he does most Friday nights. It’s surprisingly busy for this time of night, even for a Friday.

Tonight things are different. Tonight Noah will meet Lennie Boyce, the son of Earl Boyce the biggest ranch owner in the area and Noah’s ex boss. His friend and bar owner Dusty might warn him away from the other man, but Noah’s just not sure he can resist this cowboy.


Dusty is behind the bar, and Noah signals him for a beer, trying to shake off his thoughts about the Boyce family. He hasn’t been keeping track of them since he got fired. He sees them around, sure. It’s not that big of a town, and he hears the odd thing. But he hadn’t heard much about Earl’s youngest, Lennie, other than that he was his father’s pride and joy. If Noah was a violent man, he’d punch Lennie in the face just to see what his Daddy would do, but he’s not a violent man and prefers to avoid using his fists unless he has to.

“That’s quite a frown you’ve got going,” Dusty says as he passes him a cold bottle of beer.

“When did Boyce’s boy turn twenty-one?” Noah asks, ignoring the comment about his frown.

“Just today. That’s why him and all his friends are here. Mainly college kids, but if they’re drinking, I’m not complaining.” Dusty shrugs.

“Huh,” Noah says thoughtfully, taking a quick glance at the now seated Lennie.

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About the author

My name is L.J. Hamlin. I’m twenty-four and writing has been a passion of mine my entire life. I have a deep love of M/M fiction and at the moment that is the only genre I write in. You can check out another short of mine, Nurse Levi, in the Men in Uniform anthology.

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GUEST POST! The Tutor by Bonnie Dee

Today we welcome Bonnie Dee to Two Men Are Better Than One!

I’m Bonnie Dee and I love gay historical romance. If you only read contemporaries or paranormals, I hope to convince you historical doesn’t equal stuffy or boring. Historical novels have automatic built-in high stakes for gay lovers since sodomy was considered a crime punishable by hanging and in more recent years by fines and jail time. Add in the great divide of the upper and lower classes and the story seethes with angst.

As with any romance, the reader desires a happy ending, or at least happy for now. In historicals, the writer must figure out how the couple can manage to remain as close as possible without drawing attention to their relationship.

Some historical writers to check out: Ava March and her intensely erotic gay Regencies, Eli Easton’s The Lion and the Crow, Charlie Cochrane’s Cambridge Fellows mysteries, Jordan L. Hawk’s Whyborne and Griffin series, KJ Charles’ Charm of Magpies series, the list of sexy historicals to explore goes on and on.

Then there is my own backlist, mostly co-written with Summer Devon, but also some solo works. You can read blurbs and excerpts on my web site:

Here’s a graphic of covers from our many books about lords and commoners, wealthy and workingmen, closeted and fully out—or as fully as a man dared be in the past, all the characters we’ve created over a nearly ten year collaboration.

all covers in a square


My latest solo release is The Tutor. I had a really fun time taking the standard elements of gothic romance and giving them a unique spin. Graham, the hero and narrator, amused me with the dry comments that seemed to pop out all on their own as I wrote. Not to mention, his forbidden relationship with the master of the house is searing.

The Tutor_300dpi

Elements of The Sound of Music, The Enchanted Garden, Jane Eyre, and “true” ghost hunting shows make this story feel familiar. Gay love makes it unique.

Seeing an ad for a position at a Yorkshire estate, typesetter Graham Cowrie decides to make an upward career move by passing himself off as a tutor. How hard can it be to teach a few subjects to a pair of nine-year-old boys? But on his arrival at the ancient house, he finds the staff creepy, the twins odd, and the widowed master temporarily absent.

His first meeting with brooding, stern, but oh-so-attractive, Sir Richard doesn’t go well, but with no other prospects vying for the teaching position, Graham manages to keep it. His mission soon becomes clear, break down the walls of reserve both father and sons have erected and attempt to bridge the gap between them.

But strange sounds, sights and experiences keep Graham on edge until he finally admits the Hall is haunted by two entities with very different agendas. Graham works to appease one and combat the other while protecting the broken family he’s grown to care for.


I appreciate this opportunity to spread the word about historicals at Two Men Are Better Than One. Thanks for hosting me.


Follow Bonnie Dee online at: