EXCERPT: Hope for Tomorrow by Lei Carol & Eric Thornton

Hope for tomorrow


Jed Hendrix has always put family first, doing whatever means necessary to take care his mother and younger brothers to provide for them- even if it meant breaking the law. When things catch up and he ends up in the back of a cop car with cuffs on, the last thing he expected was to be given leniency from the judge and sent to a work release ranch.
Bryson Sandreaux is a horse tamer at Second Chance Ranch. A hardworking cowboy, he doesn’t suspect he would be working with a traumatically damaged man who has more issues than Bryson could keep up with.
Between the two of them, there is tension, but definitely attraction. Is there a chance for love? Or would it all fall apart at the seams?


Jed had better never find out who had beat the kid senseless otherwise he would show the man how it felt. It royally pissed him off when people picked on someone smaller than them.
Maybe it had something to do with the way his dad had always beat his mom. He couldn’t remember a time when the man wasn’t using his fists on either of them. Of course, he couldn’t remember a time the man wasn’t drinking himself into the gutter, either.
Which was the exact reason he wouldn’t touch alcohol. Jed never wanted to lose control like his ol’ man did so often. Hell, he didn’t want to be like the man period. No how, no way.
Now, all he needed to figure out was how to get his brothers and his mother out of the man’s house before she died and his brothers were forced to turn to a life of crime. They were just kids; they didn’t need to worry about where their next meal was coming from or whether his dad was going to beat them just for breathing wrong. They just had to know where they were heading to next and have a chance at life.
As the oldest, it was his responsibility to help his mom take care of them and make sure they were on the straight and narrow but how could he do that from here.
“Hey, Jed, what’s wrong?”
He kept quiet for a moment.
Jerking out of this musings to find Bryson staring at him, worry written all over his handsome face. He could feel his cheeks heat up as the blood rushed to fill the space. Jed couldn’t believe he had allowed himself to lose focus of what he was supposed to be doing. Hopefully, Bryson wasn’t angry with him. The last thing he needed was another reason why someone hated him. He was sure there was at least some part of Bryson that wanted to teach him a lesson or two. Give him the ol’ one—two.
“I’m sorry.” He flinched for a moment. The motion almost offended Bryson. And that was what scared Jed.
“For what? You didn’t do anything wrong. I’ve always been a sucker when a man cries. I usually want to pull them into my arms and do whatever I can to fix the world for them.”
It was as though he was being treated like a normal person, a fresh breath in the right direction. Something that seemed very odd to Jed at first but he slowly accepted it.
Nodding his head in understanding, it took a few minutes for his brain to process exactly had been said. Had Bryson just said what he thought he had heard? Was it possible the man was gay and out?
Rushing to follow him out of the newly clean stall and into the next one, Jed could only stare in bewildered wonder. “Are you gay?”
He couldn’t believe it. Bryson’s cheeks burned crimson as his blush crept up his neck, over his ears and face, all the way into his hairline. It was adorable. Jed had never wanted to pull a man in his arms to kiss him senseless before in his life. But something about Bryson made his animalistic tendencies kick in and had him stiff as a board in his pants. It was then he took note of Bryson’s throbbing erection.
Oh, he had experience. Back-alley jack-off sessions and other guys sucking him off in the dark but he’d never felt the pressure of another man’s lips pressed against his own or the feeling of another man’s cock sliding across his tongue. There was never enough hours in the day, between taking care of his family, trying to find work, and just trying to survive.
“Yeah, Jed, I am. Most everyone on the ranch is gay. If you’re not, it’s cool. No one will care here. We’re chill like that. The boss man hates intolerance so whatever you do while you are here, don’t be hateful or any crap like that.”

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