Author Name: Melissa Graves

Book Name: Tainted Heart

Series: Mi Corazón Sangrante Series

Book: Two

Series should be read in order

Release Date: November 5, 2015

Publisher: Interlude Press

Cover Artist: RJ Shepherd, Buckeyegrrl Designs


A year after meeting and falling for the young, mysterious vampire, Dr. Brian Preston is now living and working side-by-side with Kyle Hayes for the agency guiding vampire-human relations at a secret underground facility. As the couple adapts to the demands of Brian’s career tending to vampires, Kyle’s return to school and the needs of their evolving relationship, a dangerous conspiracy puts everyone they know and everything they have been working for in danger. The sequel to 2014’s Bleeding Heart, Tainted Heart is Book Two in the Mi Corazón Sangrante series.

Pages or Words: 294 pages

Categories: Erotica, Fiction, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance, Paranormal, Romance, Thriller, Urban Fantasy



When it gets dark, he texts Brian that he’s going to be out late, and avails himself of not one but three vampire-human nightclubs set along a dense strip of Chicago nightlife. Going alone to places like this always attracts immediate attention, and he isn’t surprised when he has to pry both humans and vampires off of himself. But he doesn’t mind—the blood from the center is humming in his veins, and that buzz takes on a new dimension every time that he swallows a thimbleful of blood from a donor, which he does at least a dozen times over the course of the evening. When he’s more relaxed, he allows bodies against his own, dancing with strangers until strobe lights become normal and everything outside is too dim and still.

The blood changes the world around him. Every color, every sound and every source of light takes on a life of its own.

He loses track of how many donors he pays. All he knows is he’s spent all of the pocket money that Brian gave him for the weekend.

He feels like a bloated tick. He’s been away too long. Brian. He has to get back to Brian.

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Character Interview with Kyle Hayes!


  • What’s your job like?

I’m pretty spoiled, I guess. Feeding for pay is a little like being a human who is paid to eat at restaurants. Except I guess what I do is less judgmental, in the end. No, seriously—it’s a win/win. My hunger is sated and so is theirs. I get to give them release and pleasure in a safe environment without crossing a line. They get to know me, I get to know them, just enough to make the exchange casually intimate. The hours are great and my employers are awesome.

  • Would you rather be respected or feared? Why?

Is there a third option? Trying to think of a better way of saying I’d rather be selectively invisible—seen when I want to be, blending into the background when I’m not. I’m working on that. Leftover childhood trauma. But I’m learning how incredible life can be when you allow yourself to make a difference in other people’s lives—and I definitely want to be visible for that.

  • What’s your favorite book?

I’m not going to say Harry Potter because everyone says Harry Potter—though I did read those books, finally, just recently, and yeah, wow. My first year of college I drowned in introductory material, but I loved it because I never really got into reading in high school. I can’t possibly pin down a favorite, and I have to say the nonfiction has caught me more than the fiction. Philosophy in particular.

  • If you could go anywhere, all expenses paid, where would you go?

Europe, particularly the Mediterranean. Vampires have such a rich history all over Europe, but apparently there’s a dense social network there that I’ve been dying to see in person. I’ve never even been outside of America, much less off the continent, so the idea of going anywhere is exciting. Maybe Brian and I will find some free time next year to go.

  • Tell us a bit about yourself.

Oh, god, open-ended self-introspection makes me so awkward. Right now I’m just a young guy trying to figure out what classes he wants to take next semester. I’m thinking about what I should bring Brian for dinner, if he’ll be home from his shift on time, if I need to do laundry, and if I do will I accidentally put a red sock in with the whites and ruin his dress shirts like that one time. He’s so sweet he’ll say he loves pink and wear them to prove his point. I’m a vampire who knows very little about the limits of his own power, who is always hungry and always trying not to be. I’m an actor who dreams of something more.


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Meet the author:

A veteran writer of fan fiction with thousands of followers, Melissa Graves wrote her first story at age thirteen, and by age sixteen had met her future husband in an online vampire fiction chat room. A fan of science fiction and fantasy, she has a degree in anthropology and a passion for good chocolate, amateur erotica and fan worlds that celebrate diversity. She is mother to two cats.

Bleeding Heart, book one of the Mi Corazón Sangrante series, was her debut novel for Interlude Press.

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