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Hello everyone! I am Remmy Duchene. I’m super excited to be here today and to talk about the third and final book in my SHIVER series, entitled KOI!

The story of the SHIVERS came about because I listen to a lot of music. There is a song titled SHIVER by a Canadian pop singer name Shawn Desman. This song is one of the most beautiful lyrically and visually. I’ve watched the video over and over again and still find it enchanting and romantic. I’m not sure how a long song turned into beings that are half Zeus and Half Goddess of the Storm Winds (That one I created specifically for these stories) but at the end of the day, my new species, CIRO and OSAKI and KOI were born! Well, Osaki is a whole other story but you get my drift.

I carried my love of Mythology (in this case, Greek) and my love of men with super-powers throughout the stories. Koi is the final tale – though I am tempted to write another. He is the third born son, kind but fed up with all the evil lurking in the shadows. Though Ciro is the eldest, Koi now believes he must protect the earth, keep Ciro and Osaki out of the war because they are now in love. He feels alone and though that is not the case, Koi carries a heavy burden.

My love of mythology started in Jamaica when I started high school and they told me I had to read a book titled Men and Gods. Of course I jumped at it because I LOVE reading. The book had story about Perseus and Oedipus Rex and Andromeda, and Zeus and all the gods of Olympus and I was hooked.

There was something about the Gods, their turbulent histories and relationships that spoke to me. There was always a fight, a war, misguided love—something that sparked my interest and made me want to dig through old, dusty books and numerous website to find the different take on the story. Family drama always makes for an interesting read, or TV isn’t that what they say?

The truth is in the television shows we watch really—Like Scandal (the Gladiators is a sort of family and they fight all the damn time!), Second Chance (Father and son-bad relationship, so bad that the father had to come back from the dead to fix things), Maury, how many times have you watched that show and see a headline like “Did my sister sleep with my husband and is her kid his?” Yet it’s on television—it has been for years! –Family drama all over the place.

And Koi’s family is drama to the third degree.

These three stories, CIRO, OSAKI and KOI are infused with my adoration for Greek Myth, my love of Interracial couples (including a Blasian *giggles) and the joy I feel when I write. I really do hope you all enjoy KOI as much as you did CIRO and OSAKI. While I will miss writing them, they will always be a part of me, a part of what makes my writing what it is.

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Love and Chocolate,

Remmy D


When a Shiver’s fed up, no one’s safe.

Koi Pyktis is the last of the Shivers and, lately, he’s been feeling as if the whole world is in love, leaving him the odd Shiver out. Though he has his eyes on Kofi’s friend, Christophe Sidler, he knows he must keep his hands off him. His father’s enemies are out there and they seem hell-bent on starting a war between the Shivers and anyone else they want.

Christophe Sidler has loved Koi Pyktis since the moment he laid eyes on the studly Greek. But he’s fresh from mourning his mother, getting his feet wet in the business world and trying desperately not to put his foot in his mouth around Koi.

However, what will Christophe feel and say when he finds out what Koi really is, and where will Christophe stand in the battle ahead?

Word count: 50,975

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About the author

Multi-published Remmy Duchene was born in St. Anns, Jamaica and moved to Canada at a young age. When not working or writing, Remmy loves dabbling in photography, travelling and spending time with friends and family