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The Language of Music

Longfellow said, “Music is the universal language of mankind”. Then there was seventeenth-century poet and playwright, William Congreve, who included what has now become a legendary line about music in one of his plays: “Music has charms to soothe the savage beast”. But it is Hans Christian Anderson’s quote, “Where words fail, music speaks”, that is at the heart of my book, Rockin’ it Forever.

Rockin’ it Forever picks up where the short story, Rockin’ the Alternative leaves off, so it’s important to read that one first. But in both stories, the clear theme is how music brings these two yearning souls together, because truthfully, music is the only language they speak.

When I first became a part of the What’s His Passion? imprint at Pride, it didn’t take much for me to decide on what passion I would use for my men. Music has been a big part of my life since a young age. My father was a professional musician, with an engineering career sandwiched in-between, and he encouraged me early on. Sadly, I didn’t find out until after she’d passed that it was my grandmother who was the singer of the family. Although my dad could play many instruments very well, his vocals were to be avoided!

The ups and downs of my career in the music industry also informed Aubrey’s character. For those of you familiar with the alternative rock artists and songs of the nineties, that would’ve been the time that Aubrey’s band, Falling in Stereo was at the height of their fame. That was also my most shining moment. I played in and around Hollywood from 1989 to the year 2000. My CD was out in 1997, which was right when Aubrey had his biggest hit.

When it got time for Aubrey to share some of his songs (this happens early on in the short story), it didn’t feel right not to have the lyrics. Bryan, the rock journalist who falls for Aubrey then questions his own sexuality, connects to Aubrey through both his music and lyrics. You can’t have one without the other. I couldn’t have actual music playing in the book, so I decided there needed to be lyrics in order for the readers to connect with how strongly Aubrey affected Bryan emotionally.

Aubrey is searching for his one true love, he really is. But that person can’t only appeal to him sexually or be compatible in day-to-day life – that man who he gives his whole heart to has to speak the language of music. For Bryan, music is what has always mattered to him more than anything else. He’s not searching for love, because he wonders if it’s even possible for him. When he meets Aubrey, the singer he’s idolized since he was twelve, he’s attracted to him in a way he never anticipated being that he’s always identified as straight. However, there’s such an immediate soul connection, Bryan can’t help but wonder if maybe this was what he’d been waiting for all along.

Of all the arts, I believe that music is the most powerful. When I hear a song that I love, it triggers those endorphins running around in circles in my head as they do a happy dance. How many times have you played a song to evoke a certain emotion, whether it was anger, joy or sadness? People hear a song and it immediately transports them back to a time in their life when they first heard it, or reminds them of someone or a specific event.

In the Rockin’ books, Aubrey and Bryan speak the language of music beautifully to each other. They get it. And even though they have their own ups and downs, ultimately, it’s the music that leads them to their ever-after.


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Author Morticia Knight spends most of her nights writing about men loving men forever after. If there happens to be some friendly bondage or floggings involved, she doesn’t begrudge her characters whatever their filthy little heart’s desire. Even though she’s been crafting her naughty tales for more years than she’d like to share – her adventures as a published author began in 2011. Once upon a time she was the lead singer in an indie rock band that toured the West Coast and charted on U.S. college radio. She currently resides on the northern Oregon coast and when she’s not fantasizing about hot men she takes walks along the ocean and annoys the local Karaoke bar patrons.

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