GUEST POST: Claiming Dane by Pauline Allan



With a past shadowed in vices, Tony Morretti is finally ready to face his demons. A Dominant surgeon, fearless and desperate, he risks everything to leave his career, the empty relationships, the façade of a life he’s created to attend his brother’s memorial. Guilt threatens to drown any hope of a stable future with his family’s forgiveness when his mother asks him not to attend the service. With a wake of devastating decisions, he has to make one more. Stay and risk falling in love with a man threatening to open every wound in his jaded soul or return home and fall deeper into the darkness he’s created.

A wounded soldier, Dane McNeil, has to once again take a risk. A one night stand with the dark haired stranger standing in his hotel lobby would lead to more broken promises, more offers to kneel at the feet of yet another empty affair. “This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine.” An oath Dane has sworn to live by will now defend his young daughter’s life from her dangerous mother. With a hotel and security business to run, his life has fallen into days of coloring books and leaky faucets. While his heart longs to share a bed with the sexy doctor who’s landed on the doorstep desperate for a room, he knows that handsome smile will lead to more sleepless nights and yet another crack in what’s left of his already shattered heart.

Trust is broken when secrets are revealed and Dane must walk away from the only man he’s ever loved. For a reluctant Dominant, Tony is terrified. He doesn’t need another sub to take care of, another lover incapable of keeping the commanding darkness from killing his soul.

But, Dane’s no longer a sub.
Tony, no longer a Dom.

Claiming Dane is book two in the Hot Southern Nights series. This book can be read as a standalone or with Gilded Lily, book one in this series.

Guest Post

Hearing the boo’s and witchy cackles yet? With handfuls of brightly shimmering candy wrappers scattered over the living room floor I come to you with tales from the dark side. Well, the dark side and the sexy guys kissing side. And, maybe a little bit of chocolate induced coma as well.

In my new release, Claiming Dane, the hunky heroes have pasts that have come full circle and threaten to break their souls to the core. Tony’s rocky history has become Dane’s reality. With an ex-wife—yes I said ex-wife—back to put everyone’s lives in danger, Tony must decide to stay and fight for the only love he’s ever known or leave. Run from the Dom he used to be. Run from the vulnerability of Dane’s gaze when they’re in bed. Run and drown in the darkness forcing his head under the water of his dismal future.

But, Dane’s a Marine and Marines never quit. Twisted tackles and hand-to-hand combat is in his blood. He’s ready to battle for the heart of his man and try like hell not to let the mistakes of his past pull him from his only true shot at happiness.

In all of the turmoil and angst, there’s a sweet face. Caroline McNeill is Dane’s five year old daughter and that’s where the bumps in the night come into play. Dane owns the Wisteria hotel in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. So, now some truth in the weaving of this complex story. The Wisteria was a hotel in the city that now stands as an apartment complex. The charm is gone in reality, but brought back to its glory in the book.

The charm of the hotel is the myth it’s haunted and Caroline loves to tag along with the local ghost hunters to roam the halls hunting for the departed. Truth: I was once a member of a local ghost tracker group and we toured an abandoned state asylum. We were lucky enough to snap pictures and video of some creepy shadows and unexplained phenomena.

Dane is forced to confront his PTSD. With several servicemen in my family, I have watched how they struggled to cope and function with the symptoms they experience. I’m so proud of how well they’ve done.

Weaved throughout the story is another truth. Addiction. I’m a registered nurse. I work with babies who are withdrawing from opiates due to their mother’s drug use during pregnancy. I’ve worked with many women and their families during this difficult process. Melissa, Dane’s ex-wife, is a manifestation of the many experiences I’ve had over the years. This is a crisis in our nation and Melissa’s character is the depiction of those women.

Claiming Dane’s inspiration was drawn from many of my experiences, the ups and downs, the dark and light, the dichotomy between the sacred and the profane. My hope for the readers is this story takes them on an emotional journey where the truth is revealed. That truth being love comes in many forms. Two men. Two women. Many complexities of the heart bring joy to the individual and we are not here to judge that union.

Thank you so much for welcoming me to Two Men are Better Than One. And yes, how true that is…two men are definitly better than one!

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Author Bio

619tizmkjbl-_uy200_Pauline lives in the Midwest with her hero husband, two handsome boys, one ornery cat, and a lovely Pitbull. She enjoys writing erotic romance for all readers. From MM contemporary romance series to LGBT fairytales, Pauline shares stories that she holds close to her heart. By day Pauline is a special care baby registered nurse and by night a hopeless romantic. She loves to travel to New Orleans twice a year to recharge her creative battery and enjoy a bag full of powdered sugar covered beignets. Sit down, relax and Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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