GUEST POST: Tyler Knoll’s Just for Fun Series by AB Gayle

Today we have a Guest Post from AB Gayle who talks about humour.

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Tyler Knoll’s Just For Fun Series (Books 1-4)

By A.B Gayle


Tyler Knoll was born one wild, stormy night in April 2013.

Of course, Tyler might tell you he was born twenty years earlier, but should we believe anything he says? That’s for you to decide.

In Tyler’s first adventure—like many a gay man before him—he was SNARED by gay porn, wallowing in tales of bigger, stronger, harder….


Then his fickle mind was seduced and SHREDDED by the prospect of BDSM and slavery.


When a Big Misunderstanding SLASHED at Tyler’s sanity, almost costing him his life, he turned to another genre for his salvation. But even this encounter proved potentially hazardous—not from freezing temperatures, but at the hands of irate fans.


Finally, tired and SCREWED by his all his trials and tribulations, he discovers—like many storybook heroes before him—that sometimes Mr. Right is closer than we think.



Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write a blog to accompany the release of “Tyler Knoll’s Just for Fun.”

This book nearly didn’t see the light of day. I was told by one publisher that humor doesn’t sell. That it didn’t match their readership. They said it would do better with a publisher better known for a more off-beat library.

For a while, I despaired at being able to find someone who would love Tyler Knoll as much as I did. Then I submitted “Just for Fun” to Wayward Ink Publishing and was overjoyed when it was accepted. Their name certainly suggests they aren’t tied to the traditional. And that’s a good thing. Reading would get very boring if there was no variety.

In fact, how often have you heard people wish there were more books that made them laugh or at least provided a welcome break from non stop angst or depressing reality?

That’s the audience this book is aimed at.

The problem is that humor is very personal. One person may love slapstick with ridiculous characters doing ridiculous things, whereas this style of humor can make other readers squirm. They may be attracted to the more self-deprecating form where the laugh flicks back to settle on the shoulders of the viewpoint protagonist.

Sometimes they fall flat, especially with people for whom English is not their first language who might miss subtle word plays. Humor also varies from country to country. Heck the word itself even varies from the British humour to the US humor.

You’d think comedy would be easy to write. Boy, I soon learned how wrong that is. Books that make you laugh all the way through are bloody difficult to write. Sustaining the same level of hilarity may not even suit the topic.

Few books are pure comedies. They may have romantic elements or be combined with action or even science fiction. Check out this list of Best Humorous Gay Romances on Goodreads. The majority may have a couple of funny scenes or characters who have snappy dialogue, but very few of them were written as comedies.

There is even a lot of variety within the comedy genre. There is a huge difference between parody and satire where the reader may find their sacred taboos being mocked and simple dialogue based jokes.

Some comedies revolve around the whacky secondary character. The ditzy best friend. The loud-mouthed drag queen. The crazy pet.

Some are like Funniest Home Videos where we giggle (sometimes with a guilty conscience) at the expression on the kid’s face when he falls off the swing and ends up in the wading pool.

Much tougher to write is the comedy that revolves around the main character. If he starts out being a klutzy clown and ends up unchanged, still as ditzy as he started, the story can feel shallow.

So the humor in “Tyler Knoll’s Just for Fun” changes much like Tyler changes because of all he has experienced.

Hopefully, you’ll still be smiling at the end but for a different reason. It will be a rueful smile. You’ll miss Tyler’s refreshing, candid innocence, but you’ll appreciate he couldn’t stay like that for the rest of his life.

Now I’d like to throw the ball into your reader’s court. What are your favourite comedies? Why did you like them? Which bits of “Tyler Knoll’s Just for Fun” made you laugh loudest?

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About the author

Unlike many authors, A.B. Gayle hasn’t been writing stories all her life. Instead she’s been living life.

Her travels have taken her from the fjords of Norway to the southern tip of New Zealand. In between, she’s worked in so many different towns she’s lost count. A.B. has shoveled shit in cow yards, mustered sheep, been polite to customers, traded insults with politicians. Sometimes she needs to be forgiven as she get confused as to who needs what where. 

Now living in Sydney, Australia, A.B. finally has time to allow her real life experiences to morph with her fertile imagination in order to create fiction that she hopes her readers will enjoy. 

A.B. values feedback on her writing, both negative and positive.

A.B. Gayle can be found at:






☊☊ The Go-Between by A.B. Gayle ☊☊

This is a review of the Audible audio book narrated by Jim Bowie.

The Go Between The Go Between by A.B. Gayle

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Jake and Sam share an apartment. Highly intelligent but socially awkward, Jake keeps to his room and concentrates on his studies. Sam is the strong and silent type, very much in awe of the younger man’s brain and attracted by his beauty. When Sam’s Aussie friend, Zack, arrives to stay for the Christmas holiday break, can he break the stalemate between them?

So what did I think?

Mixed thoughts on this one, partly because I ‘read’ by listening to the audio version (narrated by Jim Bowie).

As far as the story goes, it is short. Sam and Jake are flatmates who secretly desire each other but have never moved their relationship forward. Jake is a brainiac and a bit shy, keeping pretty much to himself. Sam is strong and doesn’t say much. Unfortunately he doesn’t say much in this story either and I would have loved to hear more from him!

Zack is Sam’s Aussie guest who brings them together by initiating a quick three-way. The romantic in me says ‘not ideal’ as the interaction with Zach is purely physical and I just wanted to see Sam and Jake together. However Zack’s actions worked a treat, he was happy being the third wheel and Sam and Jake were totally focused on each other so all good.

I listened to the audio version. It was about 30 minutes in total so I listened during one commute trip. I actually discovered that I prefer shorter audio books like this one. I think it’s because I only like listening to them in the car and then reading in between so the longer ones get broken up too much with other books in between (unless I whispersync). Anyway, my thoughts on the narration with this one were that I liked the pace but wasn’t overly fond of the narrator. I felt his voice sounded too ‘old’ or mature for the story and I wasn’t overly keen on the Australian accent. In some instances it sounds ok but in others not so good.

I would probably recommend reading over listening in this case.

3 Stars

Do make sure you check out the Opposites Attract series by this author – it’s fabulous!

To find out more about A.B. Gayle and her books, visit her website.


Leather+Lace by A.B. Gayle

The Opposites Attract Series

  • Red+Blue (book 1)
  • Leather+Lace (book 2)


Leather+Lace (Opposites Attract, #2)Leather+Lace by A.B. Gayle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Swathed in chiffon and lace, Steven Stanhope owns the stage as Stevie Tricks, lip-synching the songs of the famous gypsy queen. But after he escapes an abusive Master/slave relationship, the only collar he’ll allow around his neck is black velvet.

After a four-year absence, Steve is ready to reclaim his life and the property he left behind. But is it safe? Definitely not if his ex is still into leather. To find out, Steve appears at a charity night for the local BDSM community, using the anonymity of his stage persona to mask his identity.

Instead of his ex-Master, Julius, Steve finds a tangled mess centered around another Master of Leather, Donato Rossi. In order to unravel their ties to the past, Steve and Don must find common ground and work together. In the process, they learn that when it comes to love, sometimes you have to make your own rules.

So what did I think?

This book was a very pleasant surprise! Most definitely not the standard story that I was expecting. The story was a unique view of the world of master/slave and had a lot of things going for it.

Steve – I will admit that I am not overly fond of main characters in drag but Stevie had something special about him. I loved him from the get go! Such a mix of strength and vulnerability.

Don – Very shallow of me as I am judging on the physical description but his moustache sounded terrible! However his personality was wonderful. He was such a contrast to Julius with his totally different view of the nature of submission.

The sex – the early scenes in the book were all about the unemotional, purely physical aspects as Stevie does his fundraising BJ duties. But the sex between Don and Steve, once they leave the pub has a lovely emotional quality.

The location – so nice to see a book set in Australia!

As I started the book I was a little worried that it may attempt to take on too much of an education role ie. trying to educate me, the reader, in the world of BDSM. This particularly worried due to the character of Gabriel who wanted Don to mentor him but also the discussion being held between Don and Stevie as they debated the concepts. However it was actually very well done, sharing information and opinion without turning in to a textbook. The focus was able to remain on the characters and the relationship development.

I am looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series and need to back-track and read Caught as the characters from this book make a small appearance in Leather+Lace.

Big plus also for the books cover and the title!

4 Stars


For more information on A.B. Gayle and her books visit her website

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Red+Blue by A.B. Gayle

This is the first book in the Opposites Attract Series:

  • Red+Blue (book #1)
  • Leather+Lace (book #2)

Red+Blue (Opposites Attract, #1)Red+Blue by A.B. Gayle

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Fresh from backwoods Minnesota, actuarial student Ben Dutoit is ecstatic to land a job with Sydney Sutherland Family Insurance, one of the few companies that offers life insurance to people in the high-risk category. The fact that he gets to work in Gay Central, aka San Francisco, is just the icing on the rainbow-colored cake. Ben sets himself just three goals: be out and proud enough to participate in the Pride parade; seek out the company of like-minded souls in the clubs; and maybe, if he’s lucky, fall in love. But the men Ben meets are everything he’s not: suave, confident, sophisticated, and sexy. Unlike redneck Ben, they’re blue bloods from blue states, born with status, wealth, and the responsibility that comes with the package. Ben’s still wondering if red and blue can mix when he discovers what risk really means. The global economy tanks. The job he looked forward to is in jeopardy, and every dream Ben ever had is threatened, especially love, the biggest dream of all.

So what did I think?

This is the kind of story that delivers exactly what I like in an m/m romance – complex main characters, lots of emotional soul searching, a journey fraught with obstacles, some hot sex and a happy ending.

The story is first told from Ben’s point of view, introducing a young man out to make his mark on the world. Moving from Minnesota to San Francisco, he is out, living a good life, with a good job. Ben respects his boss Adrian and they slowly develop a friendship which eventually leads to Ben having feelings for his ‘straight’ boss. “There was a connection between them. It wasn’t merely a boss-employee relationship thing. There was more than that. Deep down, Ben knew there was more, wanted there to be more.”

The next section of the story is told from Adrian’s point of view. Adrian is very much in the closet. He has strong ideals and has been forced to lead a life, not of his own choosing. He denies his feelings for Ben for many complicated reasons. Adrian is so different from Ben, afraid to risk so many things.

The men finally confront their feelings when they spend a week together canoeing in the wilderness. But this very special time is also the catalyst for heartache to follow.

I really enjoyed the section of the book as the men travel through the lakes. There were some beautiful descriptions of the landscape, the weather and the journey. There were some wonderful descriptions blending the sexual experience with the location, very poetic… “Colors swirled and danced. The blue of Ben’s eyes merged with the indigo lake and clear azure sky in the background.”

There were also some wonderful analogies in the story, exploring the themes of risk and choices. As Ben and Adrian, head through the lakes to their drop off point, they need to reassess the direction they are taking and risk another path. Adrian needs to rely on Ben’s experience and knowledge and trust they will reach their destination. “If only he had Ben’s confidence to know which was the right path to take as far as his life went.”

The ending worked well for me with separation and heartache, followed by life-changing decisions and the ultimate reconciliation.

I enjoyed this book from beginning to end!

5 Stars

For more information on A.B. Gayle and her books visit her website.

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