★★★½ Orgasmic Texas Dawn by A.J. Llewellyn and D.J Manly ★★★½



Orgasmic Texas Dawn


A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly

The blurb


Canadian cop Kieran Fox has fallen from grace after a disastrous romance with the wrong guy — the head of a drug cartel. When Sheriff Dillon DePriest moseys on up north — begging Kieran to come to his town of Lone Trail, Texas to help him deal with a gang of murderous drug dealers — he says yes, if only to get away from the scene of his own crime. Kieran soon learns that the tough little Texas town is knee-deep in an escalating mystery.

There’s a cross-dressing Cher impersonator, a killer missing some gold teeth and his…er…dangly bits. Then there’s Kieran’s growing attraction for Lone Pine’s sexy U.S. Marshal, Jubilee Mason, that he neither wants nor needs…

Our thoughts


I liked this but I didn’t love it as it feel like a cross between plot driven and character driven. Yes there was some instant attraction for both men but the ‘I love you’ came far too soon for me. Some parts felt a little confusing and there were times that I couldn’t make out who’s POV it supposed to be.

They’re are the only negatives I have. I enjoyed the plot with the murders and drug running and all the little ‘small Texas town’ idiosyncrasies.  Jubilee is firmly in the closet and Keiren is determined not to mix business with pleasure again – but of course they end up in bed anyway.

“I don’t think I could crawl into bed one more time without you in it. I want you so much, I ache all over. I can’t sleep for thinking you’ll grow tired of waiting for my sorry ass. I almost died thinking something would happen to you. How the hell have you been able to weave such a spell over me in this short a time”

I liked the relationship between Jubilee and the town’s Sheriff Dillon, they didn’t work that well together and kept important case information to themselves, even though they were working on the same case. But outside of work they got on well and were even fishing buddies.

I liked Keiren, trying to keep the local ladies away without being too much of an ass, especially when Jubilee’s sister invites him over for a dinner date – with Jubilee there too. Was not a comfortable situation.

 There are currently 13 books to this series but I don’t think that they’re all about Jubilee and Kieren – although I think most of them are.  Will I continue with the series?  I’ll definately read book #2 as I’d like to see where these two hunky men go.

Robyn x

Reviewed by RJ




★★★ Artificial Moonlight by A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly ★★★



Artificial Moonlight


A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly

Publisher: Amber Allure

 The blurb


Diego Champagne, Sergeant in Arms for the Louisiana Banni motorcycle gang, has grown up tough—half French, half Creole, and all male. Diego loves men, but keeps his sex life on the down-low…until he meets Colby Young, that is.

Colby carries his own baggage. He has his own reasons for not believing in love—reasons he doesn’t share—and he sure as the devil doesn’t like it when he’s forced to accept help from anyone.

When Diego intervenes in a bar brawl during a motorbike rally and saves Colby and his best friend, Spider McGraw, leader of the rival gang Death Proof, it begins to look as if Colby and Diego are going to be joined at the hip. Somebody puts a hit out on Colby, and Spider’s up to his neck in mayhem. When the Banni offer their protection to advance their own game, Colby begins to wonder: is love like artificial moonlight, seductive yet false? Or is it powerful and true, something for which he might risk everything…maybe even his life?


Our thoughts


Artificial Moonlight was my first foray into biker gang romances but having heard a lot about one of the authors, DJ Manly, I was intrigued enough to give it a try. A.M. tells the story of Diego and Colby who are part of different biker gangs, both in Austin for a rally.

While both characters are interesting, the story can get a bit muddled and feel broken due to the fact that it is told in the first person from both Diego and Colby. I will be the first to admit that I don’t know much about biker gangs but I did find it hard to believe that there would be so many gay men in a single gang.

All my disbelief aside, the story was compelling, the sex was hot, hot, hot and left the promise of more fun to come. Artificial Moonlight is a short story that’s worth the read.

 Jessica x

Reviewed by Jessica

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The Oasis by A.J. Llewellyn

The Palm Springs Diaries series:

  • The Oasis (book #1) – in this review
  • The Haven (book #2)


The Oasis (Palm Springs Diaries, #1)The Oasis by A.J. Llewellyn

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Elias and his best friend/roommate Josh take the plunge and head to Palm Springs for one of the notorious gay circuit parties that take place in the lavish desert resort called The Oasis on holiday weekends. After a disastrous start, they find all the sex with all the hot bodies they could want. However, they find to their surprise that the real oasis… was right under their noses all along. Elias and Josh realize there is something else between them. Could their real oasis be… each other?

So what did I think?

This is one of those books where I’ve had a hard time actually deciding how much I really liked it. Yes I did enjoy it, yes I would recommend it as a quick enjoyable read, but I don’t think I’d rave about it.

There were some elements that were great – some humour and a light-hearted touch plus the inclusion of Elias’ son Julio (I love stories of men who love their children and place their happiness above all else).

But the story felt a bit disjointed. Elias and Josh are best friends and roommates and this is a friends-to-lovers story with a lot of other stuff happening. The story jumps from the men planning a weekend away, discussion about Elias’ struggles with work and pleasing his father, long scenes at Josh’s work where he films gay porn, a trip to a resort for basically a huge sex party, worry about Elias’ weight and his obsession with pie, bumping into Elias’ ex, the leather scene, custody issues regarding Elias’ son, Josh and Elias falling in love, work troubles and run ins with the police for Josh……it’s almost too much to cram in to a book of this length!

And did I mention the sex? Sex at the porn studio, sex at the resort, sex in their apartment – sex with so many people it was a little like watching porn – and most of them were porn stars! I enjoyed the sex between Elias and Josh but not so much the sex with the others, except for when jealousy started to rear its head giving some indication of the feelings between the men.

However, overall I did enjoy the story and read it in one sitting and will read the sequel The Haven.

On a final note, I did find the cover slightly misleading. It shows three gorgeous men and I fully expected a story between the lead characters and a significant third. This was more like sex with a lot of other men although I believe that one of these will make an appearance in the next book. I should have paid more attention to the blurb so as to not have been influenced by the cover!


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