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Length: 108,000 words


The last thing Linton needs when he arrives home after three months in the States, is to find his beautiful flat is a squat, complete with his younger brother Dirk, whoís lying in Lintonís bed with a couple whoíve paid him for sex. Dirk isnít even supposed to have a key. But after Linton throws Dirk out, life slams in hard and if his brother is to have any hope of a future, Linton has to play dirty. Or at least pretend to. What he hasnít factored in is having to play the game to the bitter end.

Film star Thorne Morrisey has everything. Good looks, charm, seductive magnetism and a voice that could charm a snake from its basket. He can also be a real shit and yet people still love him – though heíd rather not have the love of his ex. Owenís a suicidal wreck after Thorne dumped him in a very public and humiliating way and Owenís wealthy brother has his own reasons for wanting revenge on Thorne. Maxís weapon of choice is his employee, Linton.

Linton and Thorne are on a collision course and in for the game of their lives. But whoís playing who?

Author Bio:
Barbara Elsborg lives in Kent in the South of England. She always wanted to be a spy, but having confessed to everyone without them even resorting to torture, she decided it was not for her. Vulcanology scorched her feet. A morbid fear of sharks put paid to marine biology. So instead, she spent several years successfully selling cyanide.
After dragging up two rotten, ungrateful children and frustrating her sexy, devoted, wonderful husband (who can now stop twisting her arm) she finally has time to conduct an affair with an electrifying plugged-in male, her laptop.Her books feature quirky heroines and bad boys, and she hopes they are as much fun to read as they were to write.



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GUEST POST AND EXCERPT! Drawn In by Barbara Elsborg

Art profile portrait of beautiful man with body of athlete. Photo.


Undercover police officer Kell has crossed the line. He’s become trapped in an abusive relationship with his violent thug of a boss and sees no way back without wrecking months of work. The hope of ever being involved with someone who respects him seems a distant dream.

Private investigator Gethin is depressed that the bulk of his work involves following unfaithful partners. He knows just what it’s like to be cheated on. Even worse, his relationship with his ex is complicated and Gethin can see no way of breaking free of a guy who so desperately needs him.

A chance encounter brings Kell and Gethin together, entwining their lives with secrets and danger. They both have reasons to keep things casual. But there are consequences to zipless fucks. Not only do they have to survive people trying to kill them, they need to trust each other and keep their wits about them, while ensuring their hearts stay intact.


It’s much easier when writing a story to set the tale in places you know reasonably well. When I started out writing, I set my stories in New York and then Bogota but I’d never been out of the UK. Now, I know better though Google is so good at providing relevant information, I don’t feel quite so pressurized to stick to places I know.

In Drawn In, I needed to use a beach on the south coast of the UK that was dark and quiet. Suitable for people smuggling. I decided on Pett Level Road, Winchelsea Beach. I checked it out on Google Earth and it looked perfect. Then to my disbelief, on 4 Aug 2016, five Iranians who’d crossed the Channel in a dinghy landed in exactly the spot I’d chosen. If the book had already been published, I might have worried!

Picture of the beach shown below  © Copyright Oast House Archive and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence




The cat yowled as Gethin pulled back into the traffic. He could hear it scratching at the inside of the carrier. He’d never had a pet as a kid though he’d lived in foster homes that had dogs. No cats. Gethin never bothered getting attached to anything or anyone. After his parents died, nothing had been permanent in his life.

He hadn’t realised the cat was out of the bag until the damn thing leapt onto his lap with an outraged snarl and sank its claws into his thigh. He almost drove off the road.

“Jesus Christ. Get off.” He tried to grab the thing by the scruff of the neck and it scratched his hand. “Ouch.”

Gethin was on the motorway, not supposed to pull onto the hard shoulder unless it was an emergency. Unexpectedly sharing a car with a wild animal counted as an emergency. The cat hissed like a pissed off snake and jumped onto the top of the dashboard. Gethin flicked his indicator, pulled off and put on his hazard lights.

No way was he opening a door and risking the animal making a break for it. He unfastened his seatbelt and reached to grab the carrier from the backseat. He had no idea how the thing had escaped.

“Should have called you Houdini,” he muttered.

Wrestling the animal back to safety proved tricky. The cat braced its legs to try and stop Gethin sliding him in, gripping the outside of the carrier with sharp claws. A moment later, Gethin had more scratches and the cat lay sprawled in the footwell, its malevolent stare making its feelings quite clear.

“Nice, kitty.” Vile, spitting, fucking bastard. His hand was bleeding.

Subtlety and speed were called for. Gethin distracted with one hand while he made a grab with the other, and managed to get a firm grip on the back of the cat’s neck.

“There. That wasn’t so bad. Just calm down.”

He stroked it a couple of times, and the cat growled. Before it could wriggle free, he shoved it backward into the carrier and breathed a sigh of relief when he’d pushed the metal gate closed. He clipped the fastening in place. Oh fuck. Two fastenings. That’s what he’d done wrong. The cat’s yowls and hisses increased in volume.

“I love you too.”

He resisted the impulse to toss the carrier on the backseat, and instead put it there carefully before switching off his warning lights and pulling onto the carriageway.

When he’d parked outside the motel, he called Dieter’s mother. “I’m outside. Bring something to cover the cat. They might not allow them in the room.”

“I’ll be out in a minute.”

Gethin was desperate for a coffee. He was shattered. He yawned and rubbed at the scratch marks on his hands.

Zena opened the car door and slipped into the passenger seat. She glanced in the back and sighed. “That’s not Tigga.”

“What? He was outside your house. It says Tigger on his collar.”

“That’s Miranda’s cat. He’s called Tigger with an er not an a, and there’s no white tip at the end of his tail.”

“Oh fuck,” Gethin muttered.


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Bloodline by Barbara Elsborg

BloodlineBloodline by Barbara Elsborg

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

No one can tattoo better than Inigo, a two hundred year old vampire, who works on human and supernatural skins. But he’s never tattooed a faerie and when a bunch of them insist he comes with them to tattoo one of their kind, saying no proves not to be an option. His skin is Oberon, the faerie king, and Inigo fears this will be the last tattoo he’ll ever do.

The moment Micah lands in the faerie king’s bed chamber, he knows the guy is trouble. But if he’s to save his sister and his family, let alone the job he’s paid to do, he has to stay in Faerieland and endure Oberon’s sadism. When he’s thrown into a vampire’s cell, covered in blood, he fears this day will be his last.

This book follows on from Jumping in Puddles – though there is no need to read that one first.

So what did I think?

This was the ultimate fantasy tale combining vampires, faeries and shifters, as Inigo and Micah race to save the faerie kingdom from the threat of the new king.

This was an unexpected journey that starts with Inigo, a vampire and renowned tattoo artist, being forced to accompany some fae to the palace of Oberon the King of the faeries. Oberon needs a tattoo placed on his back as part of the ceremony to become king. However he harbours a secret which prevents Inigo from completing his work.

Oberon is also under threat from Micah, a faerie who knows too much, his family having been banished from the kingdom. When Micah returns to faerieland, he is captured by Oberon and placed under a magic spell.

This is the journey of Inigo and Micah as they band together to defeat the evil Oberon. There is action and adventure. There is abuse by the evil Oberon. There are complicated back stories and a cast of characters that I sometime struggled a little to keep up with. This is fast moving and packs a lot in.

I’m not a huge connoisseur of paranormal and fantasy, however I found this story to be imaginative and engaging. But what I most liked was the writing style – it was such an interesting blend of world building, dark moments and humour. I loved the dialogue, accompanied by the internal thoughts of the characters.

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in return for my honest review.

To find out more about Barbara Elsborg and her books visit her website.

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★★★★★ With or Without Him by Barbara Elsborg ★★★★★

With or Without HimWith or Without Him by Barbara Elsborg

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

“The most dangerous refuge could be his lover’s arms. ”

Everyone has at least one deep-seated fear. For Tyler, it’s being in debt. He’s so desperate to get out and stay out of it, he’ll do almost anything-including selling his body at Saturday night sex parties.

But he refuses to open his mind to anyone, especially the men paying to use him however they want. The only time he’s truly happy is during the week at college, when he can escape into his music.

The moment Haris sees Tyler playing piano at a concert, he falls hard, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make the guy his. Even if it means-for the first time in his life-opening his wallet as wide and desperate as his heart.

20,000 to live with a good-looking guy for four months? How can Tyler resist the chance to ditch the sex party scene for good? But neither man realizes how much they’re risking. And when outside forces close in, ready to destroy them, the trickiest part about the next four months could be just surviving.

Warning: Contains a “for hire” bad boy with a filthy mouth, an awkward guy with a penchant for BDSM, a hypochondriac butler who won’t shut up, a dog called Alcide, and a lot of hot and dirty M/M sex.

So what did I think?

LOVE the cover!

Wonderfully brilliant! I totally fell in love with both Haris and Tyler, and was spellbound by their story.

So different, and yet so similar, both men have painful pasts that have left them emotionally scarred. This is a story of learning to trust and opening hearts but is also so much more. The story line is complex as the pasts of both Haris and Tyler challenge their relationship.

Tyler is twenty-one. A music student with a huge fear of owing money. This fear drives him to sell his body to pay his school fees. He is a talented musician and a passionate young man but he is haunted by events from his childhood.

Haris is an exotic businessman with his own secrets. He has been through events that no man should have to suffer and is unable to trust. However he finds Tyler irresistible and offers him a deal that Tyler is unable to turn away from.

The heat and passion between Tyler and Haris is magnificent and slowly, their hearts come to feel what their bodies already know – they are made for each other, body and soul.

However the road to happiness is paved with challenges as Tyler’s previous ’employer’ refuses to let him go and Haris’ past finally catches up with him. Both men face evil and danger.

I found this book to be totally compelling read, a true page turner that was hard to put down. Luckily I didn’t have any other pressing things to do during the early hours of the morning!

I can’t end this review without a word about the fabulous Wilson, Haris’ chauffeur/butler. He is a character to adore – loyal and cheeky, with his witty one-liners had me chuckling quietly.

Combining lots of emotional turmoil, huge amounts of drama, passionate sexual encounters and true romanticism this is a highly recommended read.


To find out more about Barbara Elsborg and her books visit her website.

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Every Move He Makes by Barbara Elsborg

Every Move He MakesEvery Move He Makes by Barbara Elsborg

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Keeping an eye on his charge isn’t easy. Keeping his hands off? Impossible…

It took attending his own funeral to force Logan to accept a new life as an undercover MI6 agent. That doesn’t make his latest assignment any less aggravating. Babysitting a Russian pop star with delusions that someone’s trying to kill him.

Other than an inexplicable attraction Logan ruthlessly suppresses, he couldn’t have less in common with the irritating, arrogant rich kid. He’s even prepared to walk away—until very real bullets start flying.

After his mother’s death, Zak Kochenkov’s life unravels in an impenetrable haze of grief, drugs and alcohol—until one bodyguard candidate stands out. Except his hopes of having some fun with that guard’s body evaporate when he realizes Logan is buttoned up tighter than a clam.

The first thing Logan learns is that his charge won’t do as he’s told. And there’s some secret behind his haunted eyes that shakes Logan’s resolve to keep him at arm’s length. Because he knows if he lets passion close his eyes, that’s when danger will find them both…

So what did I think?

Absolutely brilliant and straight onto the favourites shelf!

From the very first chapter, this story had me hooked. The writing style was fabulous, the characters gorgeous and the plot intriguing. I love a story that is fast paced and full of humour but contains characters that really touch your heart.

Zak is the son of a Russian business man and was a pop star back home in Russia. Although a talented and clever man, he thinks very little of himself and is hiding a terrible guilt. He hides behind arrogance and a smart-mouth, using drugs and alcohol to escape his problems. He uses wisecracks and sex to deflect the situation and hide his true feelings.

Logan has immersed himself into his life as an agent, escaping his troubled upbringing. He is working undercover with the Russian Mafioso when his cover is blown with severe implications. His latest job is to act as Zak’s bodyguard so as to get close enough to bring down the Russians.

The story is fast-paced and full of action. There are attempts on Zak’s life and it is unclear exactly who the bad guys are and why they are after Zak.

“Why would someone want to kill you?” Logan asked.
He shrugged. “I piss most people off sooner or later. Usually sooner.”
“To the point they’d shoot you down in a London street?”
“I can be very annoying.”

The story follows the two men as they flee London, trying to stay under the radar and work out the good guys from the bad. Logan tries to deny and fight the attraction he feels towards Zak but the more time they spend together, the harder it it.

The time together gives Zak and Logan time to get to know each other. Zak starts to feel something deeper than a sexual attraction and Logan tries to keep his personal and professional life separate but slowly they start to break down the barriers and share their secrets.

A perfect blend of action, mystery and romance.

5 Stars

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To find out more about Barbara Elsborg and her books, visit her website.

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