Hat Trick by Chelle Dugan

Hat TrickHat Trick by Chelle Dugan

My rating:  2.5/3 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Charlie Trevino and Tony Côté had one night together that neither could ever forget. Charlie left his number for Tony, but spilled water rendered it illegible. That mishap kicks off a year of failed connections and miscommunication. Tony fears what life outside the closet will do to his career in pro hockey, so he travels the country with his team and doesn’t search for Charlie. Charlie finishes college and tries to ignore his disappointment over Tony. When they finally get together, Tony’s closet takes its toll. But Tony attempts the ultimate hat trick, hoping for another chance with Charlie.

So what did I think?

Hat Trick was a pleasant, albeit slightly disappointing story. I had grand hopes for this story – professional, closeted hockey player meeting the man of his dreams – and I liked the idea of chance playing a role in romance. But it did not live up to it’s potential.

I found it hard to believe in Tony and Charlie’s love. They had a one night stand and given it was only sex and they didn’t know each other, I wasn’t sure what formed the basis for their long term pining over each other.

The co-incidence of running into each other a couple of times and so far from where they originally met just seemed very far-fetched also. It’s not that I expect 100% realism in my fictional stories (obviously!), and some elements of fate are okay, but this book just combined too much lack of believeability – the love, the meetings, the resolution…The resolution just wrapped things up too quickly and easily.

In summary, okay for a quick read but I would have enjoyed a bit more time with the characters getting to really know each other.

2.5/3 stars


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