EXCERPT: One Last Kiss Goodbye by N.J. Nielsen

(FBP) HH 2 - One Last Kiss Goodbye

One Last Kiss Goodbye

 Hidden Hearts 2

CONTENT ADVISORY: This is an extensively expanded and re-edited re-release title.



All his life, Jacen’s had a crush on his brother’s best friend. One night, they share a kiss, but Kayne isn’t his to love. Now, Jacen’s been beaten up, and he flees back to Queensland. Kayne’s no longer with his wife and is raising his son. Will lifelong love win out?

Jacen Ives was living a lie. Being in a relationship with a person he couldn’t fully love was only a small part of the problems in his life. The truth was, he was hiding away from the one man he always knew he was meant to love. Jacen left his home in Queensland to get away from Kayne Henderson and the family he was making for himself. Distance didn’t help because his heart could never forget.

Mistakes made as a teenager set Kayne’s future in place, so–with one last kiss goodbye–he lied, and let his heart walk away from him–his best friend’s younger brother. They say time heals all wounds; what a crock. Sometimes, all time does is just confuse the matter. Especially when Kayne has a soon-to-be ex-wife and a young son to raise.

Years later, after letting Jacen walk away, he finds Jacen has finally come home. Everything is not good; Jacen has been both physically and mentally abused by his ex-boyfriend. Kayne needs to help find out just who is trying to destroy Jacen’s life. Who’s to blame–the man responsible for beating Jacen up or Kayne’s very own ex, who has hated Jacen since they were all teenagers and she found out Jacen held Kayne’s heart? Or is there someone new on the playing field? If so, which one of them are they truly after?


For the past couple of days Micah had been in a foul mood. He was taking his anger out on whoever was handy, and seeing as they worked side by side, more often than not it was aimed Kayne’s way. Having had enough, Kayne finally asked, “What has your panties in a bunch?”

“Jacen. That’s what,” Micah snapped. “He was supposed to call me back three days ago and I haven’t heard a word from him.”

“What?” Kayne couldn’t imagine Jacen pissing Micah off like this.

“I was seeing when he was getting here for the wedding and if he was bringing George the wanker with him. He said he’d talk to George and get back to me. He never did.”

The mere mention of Micah’s younger brother had Kayne’s guts twisting into an iron knot. For so long, Jacen had managed to affect him. Even more now that his relationship with his wife was almost over.

“How is he?” He hoped his voice sounded normal.

Micah turned and glared at him. “How the hell would I know? The twit hasn’t gotten back to me yet. He won’t answer my calls. I left him a shitload of messages. It’s like he’s dropped off the face of the earth.”

“You didn’t fight with him, did you? You know the more you push, the more he’ll dig his feet in.” Kayne knew the two brothers were close, but he also remembered they could fight like cats and dogs when they wanted to. By the look on his friend’s face, he knew this wasn’t the first time he’d been asked.

When Micah next spoke, his suspicions were confirmed. “Have you already been talking to Sammy today?”

“No. I just know what you’re like. So spill it. What did you do?”

Micah snorted out a laugh before he answered. “I wanted Jacen to stay longer, so I may or may not have told him to send George home while he had a holiday with us.”

Somehow Kayne knew if Jacen was ignoring Micah, then there had to be more to the story. “And?”

“And I may have also told him to move back to Queensland because he could start his business anywhere,” Micah added a little sheepishly.

“You do realise you insulted his boyfriend and his profession in the same breath, right?”

“Well, his boyfriend’s a douche.” Micah snarled.

Kayne totally agreed with the statement, but more so because he didn’t think anyone except he himself would make a good partner for Jacen. Almost a decade had gone by and he still had intense feelings for the guy he could never really have. He had screwed his life up the day he’d let Teagan blackmail him. By the time he’d realised what was happening, it was too late. Jacen was gone and Teagan was pregnant. The only good thing to come out of the whole fucked up marriage was Macen.

His face must have showed some sort of emotion because Micah startled him when he spoke again. “Are you all right? Here I am ranting about my dumbarse brother when your life is in just as much turmoil as his. I still can’t believe Teagan walked out on you and Mace. Were there any signs to tell you what was happening?”

“There were signs, but to be honest, I didn’t care. I’m just pissed she’s wiped Mace from her life as well. He’s six. Hell, he’s still trying to figure out what he did wrong to make her leave.”

As they left work for the day, they sat on the tailgate of Kayne’s ute. “That’s some fucked up shit. I hope you told him he didn’t do anything.”

“You know I have. I’m just thankful when she told us to get out of the house that she gave us time to grab our things…and Squirt. Mace would be lost without his damn dog. We’re also lucky you and Sammy took us in on such short notice.”

“That’s what friends are for, plus Sammy loves having Macen around to dote on,” Micah said.

Forever thankful at the generosity of his friends, he knew it couldn’t stay as it was. Eventually he and Macen would have to find their own place, even if just to let Squirt have a yard to run around once more. “We’ll get our own place soon enough.”

“There’s no hurry,” Micah insisted.

“Come on. Let’s go home to give Sammy a break from babysitting duty. As much as Mace loves helping him plan your dad’s wedding, I get the feeling Mace is more of a hindrance than a help.”


ME (1)NJ needs to write like she needs to breathe. It’s an addiction she never intends to find a cure for. When you don’t find NJ arguing with Vlad, her muse, or writing about the wonderful men in her stories, you’ll find her reading work by other authors she greatly admires. NJ lives on five acres situated in the SE of Qld, Australia with her family who all encourage her writing career (even if she does occasionally call them by her character’s names), and her variety of pets. NJ thinks anyone who takes the time to read her stuff is totally awesome, and wants to thank you all.



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Heart-mate, Mine by N.J. Nielsen

(FP) MR 2 - Heart-mate, Mine!Blurb:

Two lives–One destiny. When fate decides two people belong together, nothing can stand in its way. Liam Kantry and Carlo Bruenelli find themselves caught up in the madness of Christmas and taking care of a child as they discover the meaning of being true heart-mates.

Liam Kantry wants to be with the man he has loved his whole life, yet incessant gossip and innuendos have labelled him the pack whore–a point he has never disputed. Now the rumours have come back to bite him in the arse.

Carlo Bruenelli is waiting for his heart-mate; he’s one of the pack who truly believes they really do exist. In his heart he wants it to be his best friend, only problem is he knows Liam doesn’t believe in heart-mates. What will it take to change Liam’s mind? And should he even try?

Christmas is drawing near, and between snowball fights and the inter-pack gathering, Liam and Carlo find themselves caught up in the excitement and obsessing over what their future holds. Especially when a small child forms a bond with them. They learn there is more out there than they ever dreamt was possible.

Can Liam and Carlo work around the newness of their own mating to protect someone who needs it most?

CONTENT ADVISORY: This work is a significantly expanded (almost tripled in length), re-edited re-release title.


Everyone had a fear, and Carlo’s was probably no different to anyone else’s. His fear involved running into the love of his life, Liam Kantry, and being ignored completely. Liam often starred in Carlo’s nightly dreams of who his heart-mate should look like, yet sadly Liam only ever looked at him like an annoying, dorky, younger brother–a brother you didn’t want hanging around all the time. Usually, it was hard to avoid him since they belonged to the same pack. Thoughts like these had been plaguing him for the last month or so leading up to this special week.

The Moon Runner Pack had been chosen to host the inter-pack meet-and-greet on their lands where guests from other packs would be coming in hope of finding a mate. Most people didn’t believe in heart-mates. Carlo was truly one of the few in the pack who actually believed heart-mates existed. Somewhere out there’s the perfect person looking for me. A tingle of excitement surged through him at the mere possibility of it being true. I’m twenty-one. I’m finally old enough to attend the party. Let’s hope he’s here and just as eager to meet me. Wish it could be Liam, but wouldn’t we have known by now if we were? Hopefully Christmas Day I’ll have pushed aside my crush on Liam Kantry and I’ll know whether or not my heart-mate is out there searching for me as well–that is, if he even comes to the gathering. My luck, he won’t even bother turning up.

Man, he hoped he was wrong and his heart-mate existed in the here and now, waiting to meet him as well. Never once had he doubted that his future mate would be a male. Fate wouldn’t be so cruel to pair him with a woman he could never really love. Being mated to a female wouldn’t be fair to either of them. If it came down to his mate being someone who wasn’t male, he’d simply explain everything to her and let her find someone else she could be happy with. Carlo had even heard that this year there were packs coming to attend from even farther afield than usual. This gathering also became the time new alliances were made between packs, where packs could ask another for help in any way. Bloodshed was frowned upon at these gatherings, but sometimes it became unavoidable–or so he’d been told.

The alpha had asked him, because it was his first time, to become involved this year by being seen at the meeting hall, not hiding away from the pack like he usually did. Apparently all members of the pack who had come of age and were eligible to attend were asked to help out. So here he was now, wet as all get-go–because he’d only moments before slipped and landed in a puddle as he tried to dodge a car on the street outside the hall. Dripping wet, he grumbled as he walked through the falling snow toward the last place he wanted to be–the pack town hall. Carlo hoped to avoid everything until the starting ceremony itself, but Darian and the alpha had nixed that thought early on. The plain truth was he didn’t want to have to be anywhere he’d have to bear witness to Liam flirting with other people. Carlo was a coward, and he knew it. He wasn’t disputing the fact at all. As he neared the building, the noise coming from within sounded muted, but still loud in a raucous kind of way.

Carlo waved to a couple leaving the crowded room as he entered. He didn’t know them, but he thought it would be a polite and friendly gesture to the wolves who’d be arriving to stay with the Moon Runner pack over the next few days. He didn’t even complain much when Sally Anne Meyers, the alpha’s younger sister, made him strip out of his outer layers before she allowed him to step foot inside the door.

She’d joked, “If you were smarter, you’d strip in time to the music and make yourself a little money on the side.” Her laughter sounded light, and Carlo knew she wasn’t being mean. Being twenty-one herself, she probably also found herself being forced to be sociable. Unlike him, Sally Anne actually liked being the centre of attention, especially if it garnered the interest of a certain pack member. According to Marcus, the pack gossip, Sally Anne had set her sights on Wade Michelson this year. She’d chosen him as her mate and she’d do anything to get what she wanted.

“The only problem is they’d make me pay the money back with interest once they saw me naked,” he replied, snickering before he handed her the wet clothes.

“Go sit by the fire and I’ll call your mum to bring you some dry clothes. We wouldn’t want all your lovely bits and pieces to fall off, now would we?”

What the fuck? Is she flirting with me? “Are you trying to get my arse beat? If you keep that talk up, you’ll make Wade crazy jealous and he’ll come after me.”

“Hah! That big galoot wouldn’t know which end faced up if someone didn’t tell him.” There seemed to be no heat in her words.

“I thought you were determined to be his mate?” Carlo asked, curious as he saw the glint of something in her eye.

She waved him away. “He’s mine. He just doesn’t know it yet. His days of sleeping around are over.” She sniffed haughtily then burst out laughing. “Go on. Go warm up and I’ll get you some dry clothes. I saw Liam in here earlier–not sure if he’s still here though.”

He gave her one last smile before he did as told. “Thank you.” He wasn’t sure if he thanked her for calling his mum or for letting him know Liam Kantry sat in the hall talking with friends.

The sounds of carols playing through the speakers, combined with happy laughter ringing out were enough to get even the most miserable person into the Christmas spirit. The interior walls had been transformed from their usual drab wooden bareness to having an array of colours splashed across them. The effect was kind of stunning. Whoever had decorated this year had taste.

With all the festivities going on around him, Carlo couldn’t have stopped smiling even if he’d wanted to. He actually loved this time of year–always had. The fact remained he loved everything about Christmas, from the addictive aroma of the baked goods to the scent of the pine trees filling the air, but most of all he loved the feeling of family and everyone being together.

His love of everything Christmas started the year his father gave him his very own sled. That year he’d met Liam Kantry for the first time. He’d also met Liam’s brothers Marcus and Theo. They’d taken turns sharing his sled while riding down the hills out on the back of the pack lands. The day seemed to rush by, none of them coming in until August Kantry, the boys’ father, had come looking for them. On the way home, he’d given them all a lecture on what were safe and unsafe times to stay out playing when their parents were sitting at home and waiting for them.

Christmas was just around the corner and his family was getting ready to celebrate in style. His mother was known by many as a baking fiend when it came to roasts, but no one in the pack came even close to beating Mary Kantry when it came to baking Christmas goodies. She had become a legend among the pack, especially for her Christmas bread. Hell, even just the thought of it had Carlo’s mouth watering. His thoughts came back to the present when he heard an all too familiar voice. Oh great, so Liam really is still here–yippee… not!

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MeNJ needs to write like she needs to breathe. It’s an addiction that she never intends to find a cure for. When you don’t find NJ arguing with Vlad, her muse or writing about the wonderful men in her stories, you’ll find her reading work by other authors she greatly admires. NJ lives in the SE of Qld, Australia with her family who all encourage her writing career even if she does occasionally call them by her character’s names. NJ thinks that anyone taking the time to read her stuff is totally awesome.

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