Always Saying Goodbye by Hollis Shiloh

Always Saying GoodbyeAlways Saying Goodbye by Hollis Shiloh

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The blurb…

Tired of a life of secrecy with a lover who only seems to want him for the sex, Jeremy opts for a whole new life: new country, new job, and perhaps even a chance to date a beautiful woman he could someday marry. It’s exactly what he needs, despite Gavin’s last-ditch efforts to convince him to stay, and definitely for the best that they’ll never see each other again …

So what did I think?

Always Saying Goodbye was an interesting look at the relationship between two men, journalism work colleagues which takes place in two main parts. I liked the setting, both in location and in time.

We first meet Jeremy and Gavin in England in 1979. Jeremy doesn’t think Gavin is going to want more from him than sex so chooses a new life, in a new country, with Iris. It was interesting to see Gavin try to communicate his true feelings to Jeremy with little success – too little, too late – although he had no trouble showing his feelings physically.

After the first goodbye, they meet again on location in Africa in 1986. I struggled a little with the re-connection of Jeremy and Gavin. Their coming together for a very brief time seemed quite cold and clinical. I guess it was meant to reflect the hurt and lack of trust between them. It reinforced their attraction but the result for me was difficulty in seeing why they really wanted to reestablish their relationship.

Overall I think I wanted more spark of passion but instead got a nice story about two men, who started as friends, complicated things with sex and then took a long time to finally get things right!


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