★★★★ Let It Ride by L.C. Chase ★★★★

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Let It Ride

Let It Ride


L.C. Chase

The blurb…

Pickup man Bridge Sullivan is the kind of cowboy everyone wants—as a brother, a friend, a lover. People think he’s straight, but Bridge isn’t one for labels, and when a sexy male paramedic jumpstarts his heart, he charges in with all guns blazing.

New York City transplant Eric Palmer grew up in foster care. While he always had a roof over his head, he never felt love or a sense of belonging . . . until he joined the California rodeo circuit as a paramedic and found a band of brothers who took him in as one of their own. Now, one in particular is making Eric’s pulse race.

When things heat up between Bridge and Eric, Bridge has to prove to Eric he’s not just experimenting with the rougher sex, while Eric must overcome his fears of being unwanted and cast aside. He knows that trusting Bridge may be the key to his happy ever after, but getting in the saddle is much, much easier than learning to let it ride.

So what did I think?

I really liked book one of the Pickup Men series (which is a Lambda Literary Award Finalist for Gay Romance) so knew I would enjoy this one and wasn’t disappointed. As with the first book, there is lots of emotion set against a back drop of the rodeo. The characters from book one are here to some degree – Marty, Tripp, Kent – but I don’t think it is absolutely necessary to read book one (although it would be a shame to miss it!)

I thought this would be more Bridge’s story as he deals with his attraction to Eric and finally wakes up to the fact that he may be bi or gay, something his one-time experiment with a guy in college didn’t clue him up on. But he accepts his attraction to Eric easily, having the courage to approach the man and push for a relationship. Surprisingly there’s not a lot of issue with anyone else’s reaction to his new path in life either, somewhere I thought the story would go.

The emotion surrounds Eric, with his low sense of self worth based on his childhood – abandonment by his own parents and subsequent foster homes – and experience with relationships. No one has truly loved him and stuck by him.

“A cold sliver of panic tickled across his chest. Disposable people didn’t get to keep lives like this.”

Eric believes there’s something wrong with him and that Bridge will eventually see this. He looks for excuses and struggles to accept the truth of Bridge’s feelings.

This is a story of sexual exploration (there’s no hesitation from either man when it comes to the joys of sex!) with lots of soul searching thrown in. This cowboy isn’t afraid of emotional conversations and going after his man. Of course, there’s the big dramatic moment of the men coming together for their happy ending – I’m such a sucker for these types of resolutions! 🙂

This is a single sitting read – sweet and sexy with nice characters. 4 stars because it was a very enjoyable way to spend my evening.

Happy reading,

Nic x

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★★★★ Pickup Men by L.C. Chase

Pickup MenPickup Men by L.C. Chase

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

It takes a pissed-off Brahma bull named Shockwave to show rodeo pickup man Marty Fairgrave the cold hard truth about champion bull rider Tripp Colby: Tripp will never leave the safety of his closet or acknowledge Marty in public. Sometimes loving someone just isn’t enough, and after a year of hiding what they are, Marty finally sees the light—and it’s no longer shining on Tripp.

Tripp Colby would do anything for Marty. Well . . . almost. He’s never loved anyone before, and isn’t quite sure how to handle it now. But he knows Marty is his everything, and in order to win him back, Tripp will have to overcome his darkest fears and step into the light.

But no matter Tripp’s intentions, the cost might be too high and the effort too late for these two cowboys to ride off into the sunset.

So what did I think?

I thoroughly enjoyed this story which moved along at fairly rapid pace, keeping me involved enough to want to read it through in one sitting.
From the very first chapter, there are lots of emotions and the scene is set for the rest of the book.

Marty is a rodeo pickup man and makes a huge sacrifice for Tripp, a bullrider and the man he loves. The two have been together for over a year and when Marty sees Tripp in trouble, he doesn’t hesitate to rush in and save him from being gored by a bull. Unfortunately Marty isn’t quick enough to save himself and as he lies on the ground, injured and in pain, he stares at Tripp in the distance. Marty realises that Tripp is so far in the closet, he won’t approach even as his lover lies injured and in pain. Marty knows he needs to end their relationship. “Warm liquid slithered down his temple, and he voweed that would be the only tear he’d shed. Darkness wrapped around him, pushing out sound and thought, and blessedly, the pain of broken bones and shattered dreams.” And that’s just chapter one!

The story follows Marty and Tripp as they move from rodeo to rodeo. There is some bull riding action but most of the story explores the emotional turmoil each man is facing.

Tripp wants another chance but Marty keeps strong and his friends offer support. Plus Eric, an EMT joins their group of friends, expressing a clear interest in Marty.

Tripp wants nothing more than to be the man that Marty needs “Tripp berated himself, He had to stop this, had to get over his fears somehow before he lost Marty completely.” but he bears tremendous guilt from the past which does not make this easy.

Losing Marty, the jealously he feels when he sees Eric with Marty, and finally a push from Marty himself, finally see Tripp taking steps to address his past.

But nothing is simple and the men need to face even larger hurdles if they are to be together.

I enjoyed this story and the journey that Marty and Tripp needed to undertake to be together. At times I wanted to shake them to get them to see sense. Admittedly I was also confused as to why Marty gave Tripp another chance but finally understanding his history put it into perspective. This also helped me to like his as a character more. I didn’t warm to Tripp at the beginning of the book but by the end I was cheering for him!

This books gets points for having some big dramatic moments and of course I love grand romantic gestures so bonus points there too!

4 Stars

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