Guest Post ☞ Layla M. Wier talks about sex scenes!

Layla M. Wier joins us on her blog tour for the release of her new book Held For Ransom. Thanks for joining us and congratulations on the release.


Hi! Thanks so much for having me! I’m blog touring for my new novel Held For Ransom, and today I’m here to talk about sex scenes (and I come bearing an excerpt from one!).

For a novel that begins, more or less, with a one-night stand, Held For Ransom is actually pretty light on the sex. The novel as a whole is more on the romantic comedy end of things. Still, there is definitely some, and the sex scenes that occur are also important character scenes.

Sex scenes are a great opportunity for characterization that can be all too easily ignored. Not that there isn’t a place for sex that’s just straight-up fun-time fodder! But if you think about it, the way that people make love says a lot about them, and not just when it comes to kinks and positions. As a lover, are they fast and fierce, with lots of biting and marking and hard, bruising kisses? Or are they slow and gentle, caressing their lover and adoring every inch of their body with soft hands and softer lips? When things don’t quite go according to plan, do they have a giggle fit and laugh it off, or get angry, or become hurt and defensive?

One character might even be quite different with their different lovers, as they find various aspects of themselves coming to the fore. In the way that people relate to each other in bed, you can learn not only about the characters as individuals, but also who they are with each other.

In Held For Ransom, DJ and Ransom have very different backgrounds — DJ is a sheltered small-town kid, while Ransom is a drifter who’s had a lot of one-night stands on the road, and initially thinks of DJ as just another of those one-night stands. Still, it’s DJ’s taste preferences that rule their first love scene, because DJ prefers oral sex and, not being used to having sex with strangers, wants a condom as well. And Ransom is more than willing to indulge him. Even at this very early stage of their relationship, a lot of aspects of their individual personalities and their nascent relationship are brought out in their first sex scene — DJ’s nervous caution, Ransom’s willingness to please his lovers, and also the way that Ransom, in spite of being the more worldly of the two, doesn’t really want to be in charge and tends to let DJ take the lead a lot of the time (which comes out later in other scenes of theirs).


DJ let his clothing drop to the floor. They kissed, long and hungry. DJ moved his hands to Ransom’s pants and undid the zipper. He froze for an instant when he realized Ransom hadn’t bothered putting underwear back on—but only for an instant. When DJ found something he wanted, it was obvious he had no problem going for it.

They wrestled and grappled their way to the bed. Ransom kicked off his pants and they fell headlong across the covers, kissing and groping.

DJ broke away. His head popped up, tousled and flushed. “Condoms!”

“Pocket,” Ransom gasped. When DJ started for the jacket draped on the chair back, he snapped, more roughly than he’d intended, “No! Pants pocket!”

Fortunately, DJ was too sex-addled to notice. He was having enough trouble getting the packaging undone. “You always carry condoms with you?” he asked breathlessly, after giving up and biting one of them open.

“I do when I’m expecting to get lucky. Do you, uh…” Ransom waved a hand around the bedroom. “Do you have any lube or anything?”

DJ’s blush flamed all the way down his neck and across his shoulders. “I was thinking oral would be good. I’m not, you know, prepared or anything. Do you like oral okay?”

“I love it,” Ransom said sincerely. Watching DJ struggle with the condoms was driving him insane, and he rolled over to reach across and take them away. “C’mere. Do you really want to use these for that?”

“I… I think I’d feel safer if we do.” DJ went all anxious again. “Is that okay?”

“It’s fine. No worries.”

DJ’s erect cock had begun to slacken, but sprang to full hardness again when Ransom expertly unrolled the condom down its length. Getting condoms onto uncut guys was always a bit of a challenge. However, being uncut himself, he’d had plenty of practice. He went straight down on him, his tongue fully engaged. DJ made a tiny sound in his throat.

Ransom slid his mouth off quickly and looked up. “Okay?”

“Perfect,” DJ managed, in a voice a register higher than his normal one.

Ransom pulled him down to the bed and proceeded to work DJ’s cock with lips and tongue, one hand cupped under DJ’s generous, fuzzy balls. DJ, after a paralyzed moment, sank his hand into Ransom’s hair. “If you,” he gasped. “If you turn—I want to—me too?”

They shuffled around on the bed until they managed to achieve sixty-nine, front to front. Ransom pressed the other condom into DJ’s hand. He worked on unrolling it while Ransom guided him.



Two weeks before Christmas, the small town of Osmar is gearing up for its annual winter carnival, but the death of the event’s long-time organizer might mean the end of the festivities. Everyone is turning to her son DJ to save the carnival, but DJ can barely save himself. He’s spinning his wheels in Osmar—working part time at the gas station, living in his parents’ house, and trying to figure out what to do with his life. DJ is caught in a large, loving web of well-meaning family and friends, but they can’t fix his life for him.

Into this mess comes Ransom, a handsome mystery man on a motorcycle. Ransom is traveling around the country, making up for his past sins by doing “good deeds.” He and DJ have a one-night stand that neither can forget, but that’s just the start, because Ransom has a plan to save the carnival, and DJ has a plan to save Ransom… and possibly himself.

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Layla M. Wier is a writer and artist who grew up in rural Alaska and now lives on the highway north of Fairbanks, where winters dip to 50 below zero and summers yield 24 hours of daylight. She and her husband, between the two of them, possess a useful array of survival skills for the zombie apocalypse, including gardening, blacksmithing, collecting wild plant foods, and spinning wool into yarn (which led to her first Dreamspinner Press novella, “Homespun”). When not writing, she likes reading, hiking, and spending way too much time on the Internet.

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