EXCERPT: Hope for Tomorrow by Lei Carol & Eric Thornton

Hope for tomorrow


Jed Hendrix has always put family first, doing whatever means necessary to take care his mother and younger brothers to provide for them- even if it meant breaking the law. When things catch up and he ends up in the back of a cop car with cuffs on, the last thing he expected was to be given leniency from the judge and sent to a work release ranch.
Bryson Sandreaux is a horse tamer at Second Chance Ranch. A hardworking cowboy, he doesn’t suspect he would be working with a traumatically damaged man who has more issues than Bryson could keep up with.
Between the two of them, there is tension, but definitely attraction. Is there a chance for love? Or would it all fall apart at the seams?


Jed had better never find out who had beat the kid senseless otherwise he would show the man how it felt. It royally pissed him off when people picked on someone smaller than them.
Maybe it had something to do with the way his dad had always beat his mom. He couldn’t remember a time when the man wasn’t using his fists on either of them. Of course, he couldn’t remember a time the man wasn’t drinking himself into the gutter, either.
Which was the exact reason he wouldn’t touch alcohol. Jed never wanted to lose control like his ol’ man did so often. Hell, he didn’t want to be like the man period. No how, no way.
Now, all he needed to figure out was how to get his brothers and his mother out of the man’s house before she died and his brothers were forced to turn to a life of crime. They were just kids; they didn’t need to worry about where their next meal was coming from or whether his dad was going to beat them just for breathing wrong. They just had to know where they were heading to next and have a chance at life.
As the oldest, it was his responsibility to help his mom take care of them and make sure they were on the straight and narrow but how could he do that from here.
“Hey, Jed, what’s wrong?”
He kept quiet for a moment.
Jerking out of this musings to find Bryson staring at him, worry written all over his handsome face. He could feel his cheeks heat up as the blood rushed to fill the space. Jed couldn’t believe he had allowed himself to lose focus of what he was supposed to be doing. Hopefully, Bryson wasn’t angry with him. The last thing he needed was another reason why someone hated him. He was sure there was at least some part of Bryson that wanted to teach him a lesson or two. Give him the ol’ one—two.
“I’m sorry.” He flinched for a moment. The motion almost offended Bryson. And that was what scared Jed.
“For what? You didn’t do anything wrong. I’ve always been a sucker when a man cries. I usually want to pull them into my arms and do whatever I can to fix the world for them.”
It was as though he was being treated like a normal person, a fresh breath in the right direction. Something that seemed very odd to Jed at first but he slowly accepted it.
Nodding his head in understanding, it took a few minutes for his brain to process exactly had been said. Had Bryson just said what he thought he had heard? Was it possible the man was gay and out?
Rushing to follow him out of the newly clean stall and into the next one, Jed could only stare in bewildered wonder. “Are you gay?”
He couldn’t believe it. Bryson’s cheeks burned crimson as his blush crept up his neck, over his ears and face, all the way into his hairline. It was adorable. Jed had never wanted to pull a man in his arms to kiss him senseless before in his life. But something about Bryson made his animalistic tendencies kick in and had him stiff as a board in his pants. It was then he took note of Bryson’s throbbing erection.
Oh, he had experience. Back-alley jack-off sessions and other guys sucking him off in the dark but he’d never felt the pressure of another man’s lips pressed against his own or the feeling of another man’s cock sliding across his tongue. There was never enough hours in the day, between taking care of his family, trying to find work, and just trying to survive.
“Yeah, Jed, I am. Most everyone on the ranch is gay. If you’re not, it’s cool. No one will care here. We’re chill like that. The boss man hates intolerance so whatever you do while you are here, don’t be hateful or any crap like that.”

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AUTHOR & CHARACTER INTERVIEW: Claiming His Bears by Lei Carol


Today we are lucky to feature a couple of interviews. Firstly, author Lei Carol shares a bit about herself. We also have a very special interview with the three leading men – Shawn, Zander and Zerek – from Claiming His Bears.

This is book 4 in the Cascade Pack series.

Claiming his Bears C.P.4

Author Interview


This one is easy. Tell us about you. Think of it as a mini bio.

Lei: Well, I am a very avid reader. To the point of reading between 20-30 books a month, if not more. Which is a very expensive habit, as I am sure you can imagine. However, there are worse things to be addicted too.

Do you have any spare time? Is writing your only job, or do you juggle? Is sleep optional?

Lei: Sleep is very optional, except for the fact I get extremely grumpy when I don’t get enough sleep. At this point writing is my only job but who knows what can happen. As for spare time… what is spare time between, a cat, 2 dogs and 16 chickens? Of course only the cat is mine but I help take care of all the others soooo, I can claim them. LOL

When you start a new book, does it flow or is that initial chapter painful?

Lei: Usually the first chapter is the easiest. The story is fresh and the characters are all but yelling with excitement.

Have your nearest and dearest read your work? If so, were you terrified or excited to let them?

Lei: Actually no.  I was more terrified of telling them the genre that I was writing. LOL.

How often do you check your amazon ranking?

Lei: When a book first comes out I check it constantly, but that’s usually only for the first couple of days.

Are you working on anything new at the moment? If so what is it? Can we have a peek? Tease us please!

Lei: YES! I am actually working on, and almost finished with, a new story called Unlocking the Past. It is a murder mystery menage.

Here is a sneak peek at it.  Now please remember it is not edited.

Jumping into the ankle deep water causing it to splash all around him and even up into his face, giggling softly as he ignored the temperature of the water. He let himself spin in place with wide eyes only to freeze, waiting to hear the sound again.  It was becoming harder and harder to hear that sound.

With every passing day and every splash the sound was slowly fading away and all he wanted was to hear it once more. Every day he would close his eyes and try to listen for it. Sometimes he thought he could hear that sweet, musical laugh in the wind and so he would race after the sound.

Rushing to the creek to jump and splash, he was trying to keep the sound there with him but slowly with each passing day it was becoming less of a sound.  Slowly climbing up the wet muddy embankment to the little cliff, he stood looking out over the moving water. Squeezing his eyes tight as he wished with everything his young eight year old body could, just hoping and praying to hear that sweet sound one more time; promising to anyone who would listen that he would be a good boy and never ask for anything again as long as he lived.

Taking a deep breath as he took two giant steps back, he sprinted forward to jump off the little edge.  Feeling the cold water splash into his face and hair, he snapped his eyes open and started flailing his arms around as he crashing into the rocky creek with pain radiating up and down his right leg.

The cold water quickly chilling him to the bone, with tears running down his face, crying as the words started tumbling out of his mouth, begging and pleading for help, “Mommy! Oh mommy please help me…Mommy I’m hurt and I need you…Please mommy help me…”

Closing his eyes, trying to listen with his whole body to hear just the whisper of the sound before taking a deep breath to let out a scream, “MOOOOOMMMMY!”

Character interview with Shawn, Zerek and Zander.

Tell me about yourself? You know the basics… Name, age, sex, Location… phone number.. hehe

Zerek: Well I’m Zerek, the cutie here in the middle here is our mate, Shawn, and the big lug next to him is my twin Zander.

Zander: Hey! I take offense at that.

Zerek: What?

Zander: He’s not cute.

Shawn: HEY!

Zander: He’s gorgeous..

Shawn: Awe…

Zerek: Oh great… now we have to wait for them to stop kissing.

Where do you like to go when you are angry?

Shawn: When I am angry I’ve always headed into the woods. I try to find some baby animals that I can play with.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Zerek: Mine is when Zander leaves his dirty clothes all over the place.

Zander: I only do that when I’m chasing a frisky wolf through the house.

Zerek: Uh huh. Sure.

What is your biggest fear? Who have you told this to? Who would you never tell this to? Why?

Shawn: My biggest fear is my family finding out my secret.  I’ve always had the fear of them not understanding and kicking me out of not only our pack, but our family.

Zerek: Awe babe.

Have you ever been in love or had your heart broken?

Shawn: I’m an editor, so I’d like to say I have been in love with a lot of my, as I call them, book boyfriends. As for being heart broken… well I’d rather not answer.

Is there anyone that you would kill for or have you done so? Off the record of course.

Zerek: Ummm… Can we plead the fifth?

Zander: Dude, if they remember what happened at the waterfall they already know the answer for that.

Think back to when you were a child, what is  your strongest memory? Is it a good one?

Shawn: One time, when I was a kid, I had taken off and had found this momma bear with two cubs.  It was the best six hours I had ever spent.

What sort of underwear do you wear? Or are you commando?

Zander: Shawn has this pair of itty bitty, polka dotted, yellow bikini briefs. Those are my favorites.

Zerek: Really? I love his g-strings. My favorite is the rainbow colored ones that have a strand of pearls instead of just string. Those are hot.

Shawn: Oh God, guys. I am so going to start going commando like you.  I’m so embarrassed.

Zander: Hey that’s fine too…

Zerek: Easy access baby.

What is your current state of mind?

Shawn: Exhausted, is it bed time yet?

When and where were you the happiest?

Shawn: When I am the cream filling, stuffed between a Zerek and Zander sandwich.

What is it that you most dislike?

Zerek: T.V. commercials, they drive me batty. What is your greatest fear?

Shawn: Ummm… didn’t you already ask this?

What is your greatest extravagance?

Zander: Umm…. Shawn’s underwear drawer…

Zerek: For sure… some people collect and spend lots of money on shoe’s… But for Shawn, it cute underwear. The smaller the better.

Which living person do you most despise?

Zander: Who has time for hate?

Zerek: I personally think the world needs more love…

Shawn: And more sexy time…. And more sex too.

What is your greatest regret?

Shawn: When I took off and not talking to my mates.

Which talent would you most like to have?

Zerek: We’re bear shifters and guys who can knock up our male mate… I don’t think we need any other special talents.

Where would you like to live?

Shawn: With my two, big, cuddly teddy bears.

Who is your favourite hero of fiction?

Shawn: Harry Potter… What??? I’m a nerd… Shut up, Zerek.

Zerek: I didn’t say anything.

Shawn: No, but you were thinking it.  And laughing.

Whose are your heroes in real life?

Shawn: My parents.

What is your motto?

Zander: Sometimes, you just have to roll the dice.

Zerek: It’s all about the pleasure thang.

About the book

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences.  Contains language and actions some may deem offensive.  Sexually explicit content.  Ménage – MMM.

In book four of the Cascade Pack: Shawn has always known he wanted something different than his brothers and sisters.  He has spent his entire life trying to hide just how different he needs were, afraid they wouldn’t understand.  So desperate to protect his secret, Shawn even runs away from his family and his mates.

Zerek and Zander were amazed the day they walked into the café to meet one of their employees for the first time only to find out he was their mate.  Now they are forced to wait to claim him as well as figure out just what secret he is desperately trying to keep.

Can the bears give their mate what he needs?  Or will he run for the hills, leaving three lives shattered?


He couldn’t stop his chuckles from escaping at the sound of a body slamming into the hall wall with a muttered, “ouch,” before the running started again.  He tried to wipe his smile from his face as he watched the swinging kitchen door slam open only to smack into the wall and swing back toward their flustered mate.

Before Zerek could even jump to catch the door from hitting Shawn in the face, Zander raced across the room to grip the door, which caused Shawn to blush and duck his head in embarrassment.  Never had his mate looked more enticing than he did in that moment; chest rapidly rising and falling, cheeks and neck bright red.  Just the sight of Shawn was enough to cause his cock to start to fill as images flashed through his mind of Shawn tied up in the playroom, ass and thighs bright red from a spanking while his cock was plugged and bound to keep him from coming.

Opening his eyes, unsure when he had closed them, he noticed everyone was now staring at him, including the sweet wolf he was fantasizing about.  Knowing it was his turn to blush, Zerek crossed the room to gently cup Shawn’s warm cheeks.  Slowly leaning down to place a soft kiss against the minty fresh lips before whispering, “I hope you’re hungry.”

Hearing the soft whimpers escaping his mate was enough to have his bear slamming against its cage in his mind, demanding to be let out to claim his little wolf, not giving a damn they had an order from the alpha that there was to be no mating until October, he wanted his mate where the boy belonged.

“Back off, Zerek,” Zander growled.  Every word sounded as if it was a million miles away as he fought one of the hardest battles ever fought with his bear.  It felt as if his bear was breathing down the back of his neck, demanding to be allowed to mark his mate, signaling he was taken and no one could touch him.

Unable to look away from Shawn’s eyes, seeing the boy’s wolf peek out as if it was trying to answer the call of his bear, was almost enough to take him to his knees.  Trying to come up with anything that would convince his bear to behave and back off, he even tried to bribe the animal with lots and lots of honey, which seemed to do the trick.

“Honey,” Zerek heard the rough growl in his voice but didn’t care.  Taking a deep breath only to hear his bear snarl and growl in between chanting, “Mate.  Mmm, honey…mate…mmm sweet honey…no I want my mate…mmm yummy, sticky honey…I wonder what my mate’s sweet honey will taste like?

No matter what he tried his bear wouldn’t release its hold on his psyche and he was losing the battle.  It wouldn’t take much more for Zerek to lose control and shift there in the kitchen.  Not that he was afraid of his bear hurting anyone or anything like that, but if his bear fully released then he might not stop until Shawn was properly tied to him no matter who tried to stop him.

Jerking his eyes away from his mate for the first time since the boy walked into the room, he snarled at his brother.  Zander smacked him upside the back of the head, hard enough to cause his bear to shift his focus away from his mate.

“Hey, dumbass, knock it off before you scare our mate and cause his brothers to banish us.  Because trust me if that happens, you will see what my whip feels like.”

“You know how to use a whip?”

Zerek was so surprised at Shawn’s barely whispered words he stared with his mouth open.  Zerek’s bear even quit trying to get free as it was shocked as well.  Could their sweet mate be just as kinky as they were?  Zerek couldn’t wait to find out.  Shaking his head to clear the rushing sound from his ears, he noticed the whispered conversation for the first time.

“Is anyone else getting horny from watching them?” Cale whispered to everyone at the kitchen table.

“I don’t know what I want more, a hard cock or chocolate.  There’s something about Zerek and Zander growling at each other that makes me hard as nails.  Elliot?  Can we go upstairs please?  I have an itch I need you to scratch and then let’s have chocolate ice cream.”


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