Prelude by Shira Anthony & Venona Keyes

The Blue Notes Series:

  • Blue Notes (book #1)
  • The Melody Thief (book #2)
  • Aria (book #3)
  • Prelude (book #4) – in this review.

From the author…..Book 4 in the Blue Notes Series is bit of a prequel to the other books, although it’s meant to be read as a standalone novel. For those of you who’d like to read the series in chronological order, it goes like this:

1) Prelude
2) Blue Notes
3) Aria
4) The Melody Thief


Prelude (Blue Notes, #4)Prelude by Shira Anthony

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The blurb…

World-renowned conductor David Somers never wanted the investment firm he inherited from his domineering grandfather. He only wanted to be a composer. But no matter how he struggles, David can’t translate the music in his head into notes on paper.

When a guest violinist at the Chicago Symphony falls ill, David meets Alex Bishop, a last-minute substitute. Alex’s fame and outrageous tattoos fail to move David. Then Alex puts bow to string, and David hears the brilliance of Alex’s soul.

David has sworn off relationships, believing he will eventually drive away those he loves, or that he’ll lose them as he lost his wife and parents. But Alex is outgoing, relaxed, and congenial—everything David is not—and soon makes dents in the armor around David’s heart. David begins to dream of Alex, wonderful dreams full of music. Becoming a composer suddenly feels attainable.

David’s fragile ego, worn away by years of his grandfather’s disdain, makes losing control difficult. When David’s structured world comes crashing down, his fledgling relationship with Alex is the first casualty. Still, David hears Alex’s music, haunting and beautiful. David wants to love Alex, but first he must find the strength to acknowledge himself.

So what did I think?

This is the 4th book in the Blue Notes series but the series can be read in any order. However there is an author note stating that this would be book 1 if you want to read the story in chronological order.

This is the story of David who is a conductor and Alex a violinist.

David has had immense success in his career as a conductor and leads the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. However, he is not happy and satisfied with his life. He has been brought up with wealth and privilege but suffered loss which has made him fearful of relationships. His desire to compose was also ridiculed and criticised by his harsh grandfather who raised him. Therefore the less than perfect public response to his earlier compositions has destroyed his confidence.

Alex, on the other hand, is much more a free spirit. He has a love of music expressed in his playing of classical music but he also dabbles with other forms of music. He has tattoos and an attitude that doesn’t totally fit the expected mould of classical violinist. His life is a contrast to David, including his early life on the streets. Alex’s strength and focus and talent is what enabled him to change his life around and he still finds it hard to believe that he doesn’t have to watch every penny.

I really enjoyed this story. It was easy to feel sympathetic to David’s situation, his lack of confidence was heartbreaking..“He knew better, though. Alex wanted him now. Soon, he’d realize his mistake.” Although, at times I just wanted to shake him and tell him to get over himself! I think that would be my main issue with the book – the length of time it took for David to work through his issues and realise that his happiness lay with Alex.

There was lots of sheer romanticism directly linked so music as David’s feelings while he is with Alex translate into melody…..and sex as a symphony – yes! “David’s climax began like the distant rumble of the timpani and ended with a crescendo of sound – David’s own voice, raw, unrestrained, and full of emotion.’

Here are a couple of the pieces of music played by David and Alex.


A sweet and romantic 4 stars……
“I hear you, Alex. My love, my muse, my teacher, my partner, my desire, my inspiration. I hear the music in your soul, and it becomes my own.”


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