Holiday time!

I’m off on holidays tomorrow! I will be staying at the Cable Beach Report in Broome, Western Australia. I’m looking forward to riding a camel on Cable Beach, seeing the Staircase To The Moon and checking out the pearls!

Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia.

Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I won’t be spending much time online or writing reviews but my holiday reading list is quite long! Expect a whole pile of reviews when I get back in a week! 🙂

I plan to finish the following series that I am part the way through:

  • Men of Smithfield by L.B. Gregg
  • Morning Report by Sue Brown

The following books are also on the list for the week:

  • Cold by Brandon Shire
  • Racing For The Sun by Amy Lane
  • Paid Leave by Hayley B James
  • Moments by R.J. Scott
  • Woke Up In A Strange Place by Eric Arvin
  • I Can See For Miles by Lisa Worrall
  • One Night by R.J. Scott
  • A Beautiful Lie by Tyler Robbins
  • Pup by S.J.D. Peterson
  • Good Boy and Naughty Boy by Lisa Henry

Have a great week!


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