COVER REVEAL: Close to You by Skylar M. Cates



Skylar M Cates reveals the sexy cover art of her upcoming book titled CLOSE TO YOU coming out from Dreamspinner Press.

It releases on March 28, 2016.



It’s hard to recover from a first love. Some people never do.

How hard would you fight to keep your best friend? Marc Lucas and Tomas Santos have been best friends forever, but now their friendship is in a crisis. When they were boys, betrayals ripped their world apart. They thought it was fixed, but some parts remained broken. Ever since he saved him from a humiliation at school, Marc has loved Tomas. The last thing he expects is for Tomas to love him back.  To keep his best friend, Marc revisits an abusive past he’s tried to forget.

For Tomas, loving Marc has been anything but easy. His upbringing told him it was wrong, so why did it feel so right? Accepting who he is as an adult, Tomas decides he needs a committed relationship. To his deep sorrow, he can’t seem to find it with Marc.

When the two find themselves alone and in the grip of a hurricane, long-buried feelings emerge. Being “just friends” is no longer an option. They must risk it all on love.



Cover Art by AngstyG




“Can you stay awhile?”
Marc nods. “As long as you need me.”
Tomas smiles wistfully as they go into the house.
The answer to that is “forever.”

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Skylar M. Cates loves a good romance. She is quite happy to drink some coffee, curl up with a good book, and not move all day. Most days, however, Skylar is chasing after her husband, her kids, and her giant dog, Wasabi. Skylar dreams about spending her days writing her novels, walking along the beach, and making more time for her good friends. On a shoestring budget, Skylar has traveled all over in her early years. Although, lately, the laundry room is the farthest place she has visited, Skylar still loves to chat with people from all around the globe.

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GUEST POST: The Way You Look Tonight by Jo Tannah

The Way You Look Tonight Banner
Title: The Way You Look Tonight
Author: Jo Tannah
Genre:  Gay Romance, Contemporary, May-December Romance
Series: Standards Series, Book Two
Length: Novella
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing


As a member of a wealthy and influential family, Jaime “Jamie” Abello had his life mapped out. Being shipped off to LA with an insurance scam linked to his name was not part of his plan.

It had seemed so simple: pass the Philippines Medical Board Exam;practice in the family-owned and -controlled hospital; join the Board by age forty; and find a partner with whom he could settle down and be himself.

Instead, his father supplies him with a surfeit of money and dangerous secrets and sends him to a strange country.

The Pediatric Residency Program Jamie applies for brings him face to face with untouchable Program Director, Miles Kwon, whom Jamie soon finds to be a man of integrity and vision.

When tragedy strikes, Jamie finds himself falling deeper into depression. Unexpectedly, it’s Miles who helps him work through his pain.

Will Jamie ever experience a life with a loving partner, or will his father’s secrets cause him to lose everything he’s gained?
The Way You Look Tonight Cover

Guest Post: A National Pastime: Karaoke and the Filipinos

Thank you for having me here today and for taking part of the blog tour for The Way You Look Tonight.

When I showed the cover for the book, someone asked me about the significance of the microphone. That microphone is very important for Jamie’s character. He’s in a strange land, has no family to go home to, keeps too many secrets for his father, and never talks about his private life. In short, he’s miserable. But then again, he’s also a Spanish mestizo Filipino, or mixed Spanish and Filipino ancestry. And Filipinos love to sing.

I don’t know anyone in my country who does not sing, or attempt to sing, or think they can sing, or … let’s leave it there. We sing when we’re happy, sad, angry, in pain, bewildered, in love, dreaming… we sing in every occasion, in every corner, with or without a microphone. As for how they look at Karaoke, I think it would be an understatement to say that Filipinos love karaoke. Truth is, we love it so much, it is considered a national pastime and there are no homes without one. If they do claim they don’t have one, they’re television would definitely have at least one channel devoted to one. Yes, we have cable channels that devote the entirety of its programs to karaoke.

Jamie deals with life in general just like any Filipino would: by singing. He loves to go to a karaoke bar and sing the tunes in front of a crowd. If he could get the crowds to participate, he feels good about himself. It’s the only medium where he can let out his feelings without revealing his emotions to the world. By singing, he can deal with life and let off the energy that drives his depression. It is his antidote to life. He loves to sing rock tunes for they’re fun and engages a crowd. When he meets Miles who is older and much prefers quieter music, he sings a standard—The Way You Look Tonight—it’s different but it’s still singing and it shows Miles how much Jamie truly cares for him. And that is the most important thing.

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The Way You Look Tonight 3Drender

About the author

JO TANNAH is a wife, mother, and blogger by day, writer by night. It can be difficult to say the least but it is a challenge that keeps her on her toes.

She grew up listening to folktales her father and nannies spun to either entertain the children or send home a message. These narratives stayed with Jo until she finally decided to write them down in a journal way back when she kept one. Years later, going through junk led to finding a long forgotten box and nestled within it was the journal. Reading over the stories of romance, science fiction, and horror that she had taken time to put to paper all those years before brought to light the realization that they were tales she’d never come across in her readings.

The tales Jo write are fictional but all of them are based on what she grew up with and still dreams about. That they have an M/M twist is simply for her pleasure. And she hopes, yours as well.

Jo Tannah can be found at:



EXCERPT AND GUEST POST! Counterfeit Conscience by Helena Maeve



On the brink of retirement, a spy will risk all.

The writing’s on the wall. Will Rowe has no illusions about retaining his post as the head of the largest Section field office in South America. Private contractors, some more lawful than others, already see to most of their interests. It’s only a matter of time before Will himself is made redundant. He’d like to think he’s made peace with the inevitable, but when a figure from his past offers one last chance to make a difference, Will can’t resist.

Caught between his duty to the agency and his commitment to protect his operatives, Will must persuade the man who nearly wrecked his career to give up the one and only constant in his world—revenge.

Ignacio was a low-grade runner for the infamous Macias cartel the last time he and Will spoke. Now he is the head of the family and a direct beneficiary of MI6 cost-cutting measures. Will knows that approaching such a man without his superiors’ knowledge or approval is a perilous undertaking, but he doesn’t expect his body and heart to become forfeit. As events spiral out of his control, Will finds himself at the mercy of an old lover intent on awakening desires he long thought suppressed.




“I was wondering when you’d work up the nerve to come see me,” Ignacio admitted, switching to English. “Have a seat. What will you have to drink?”

“That’s not what I’m here for.”

Ignacio shook his head, shoulders slumping. “Always business with you… Very well, but it’s your loss. They make an excellent martini. Shaken, not stirred, of course. That’s how you spooks prefer it, yes?”

Ten years on and his smile was just as warm as Will remembered. He had the kind of face that made men want to confess their sins and beg absolution. Will had been stupid enough to trust his soft, slanted eyes once. He had worshiped diligently, on his knees, and nearly lost his job for it.

“Manuel Sosa,” he replied, sidestepping the question altogether.

Ignacio froze, whiskey halfway to his lips. “What about him?”

“He’s in custody. He’s under our protection. I’m here to request that you don’t attempt to interfere with that state of affairs. Again.”

A sharkish smile taking form on his lips, Ignacio clucked his tongue.

“No, that’s not it… You look like you haven’t slept in weeks. Has this meeting been keeping you up? Did you play it out in your head until you drove yourself crazy, like you used to?”

“It’s been ten years,” Will shot back, bristling. It took everything he had to keep his voice even. “I’ve grown out of it.”


Liars, traitors, and other sexy things

Thank you, Because Two Men, for hosting me today. It’s with a sigh of relief and a slight pang of regret that I watch book five of my six book series Shadow Play fly the nest for general release. What began as a chance meeting in a bar in Rome has become a tangle of lust and (dis)loyalty. Enemies have become lovers, lovers have become traitors, and now traitors must fight for their lives… or die trying.

A year or two ago, I wrote a short story entitled In the Presence of Mine Enemy, which pitted a newly retired MI6 spy against the man he thought he’d killed. It’s a claustrophobic, fast-paced, on-the-brink novella that should end in tears but somehow (spoiler alert!) doesn’t. The Shadow Play series sprang from that same kernel of an idea. Deception doesn’t quite spell out true love in real life, but fiction is more lenient with liars. And what better reason to bend the truth than Queen and country?

As much as I enjoy James Bond and the sleek, good guys fighting the good fight theme of the 007 books and films, I’ve always been partial to stories about average people doing extraordinary things. Shadow Play focuses on six such pairs. The stories are interconnected but distinct and each character must carry its own cross. Some, as the pair at the heart of Best Kept Lies, are divided by their allegiance to rival agencies, others, as in The Price of Freedom, are separated by a commitment to truth and justice, while others still are only in it for their own survival, like the hit men of Splendid Isolation.

In Counterfeit Conscience, the fifth installment in the series, the choice to be made is one between answering the call of duty and allowing oneself to be manipulated into renewing ties with a very dangerous (and very seductive) individual. But if lies are tolerable when they serve the common good, the question then becomes who decides what the common good is. And that’s when the fighting for one’s life business comes into play. (I did warn you!)

I hope you enjoy the different dynamics at work in the Shadow Play series. And by dynamics, yes, I mean all the sexy bits.

Happy reading!




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Author Bio:

Helena Maeve has always been a globe trotter with a fondness for adventure, but only recently has she started putting to paper the many stories she’s collected in her excursions. When she isn’t writing erotic romance novels, she can usually be found in an airport or on a plane, furiously penning in her trusty little notebook.

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GUEST POST AND EXCERPT! All You Can Eat by Ingela Bohm



All You Can Eat by Ingela Bohm

Self-published 30/01/2016

70800 words



How do you date someone who doesn’t eat?

Dietician Xavier Deniel is the poster boy for healthy eating. Toned and fit, he practices what he preaches, and his patients keep coming back just for the pleasure of seeing him. His spare time is divided between the gym and the other men who go there, and that’s the way he likes it.

Until Guy turns up. He is Xavier’s opposite in every way: mousy and awkward, sullen and frail. Worst of all, he carries a beast inside him, one that makes all human connection impossible. Lesser men than Xavier would recoil in disgust if they knew, and Guy is not about to reveal his true self to a bloody Frenchman.

But what Guy doesn’t know is that Xavier has stumbled on his half-forgotten blog, the one place where he has confessed all his secrets. When the truth comes out, will Xavier run for the hills – or will he be the one to finally force the beast out in the open?


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Author bio

AuthorIngela Bohm lives in an old cinema, tucked away in a northern Swedish forest where she can wander around all day long and dictate her books. She used to dream of being an actor until an actual actor asked, “Do you really need to do it?” That’s when she realized that the only thing she really needed to do was to write. She has since pretended to be a dietician, a teacher, a receptionist and a cook, but only to conceal her real identity.

Her first imaginary friend was called Grabolina and lived in her closet. Nowadays she has too many imaginary friends to count, but at least some of them are out of the closet. Her men may not be conventionally handsome, but they can charm your pants off, and that’s all that matters.

Ingela’s more useless talents include reading tarot cards, killing pot plants and drawing scandalous pictures that no one gets to see. She can’t walk in heels and she’s stopped trying, but she has cycled 12 000 miles in the UK and knows which campsites to avoid if you don’t like spiders. If you see her on the train you will wonder what age she is.


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Amazon author page





Excerpt from All You Can Eat

Against his better judgment, Guy leaned against a tree. It was a seductive move, almost a challenge. Stupid. Stupid and dangerous. He shouldn’t be displaying his disgusting body for this stranger to take. He should be running for his life.

But at the corners of Xavier’s eyes, just next to his too-long lashes, there was something real. Something he didn’t even know about himself.

Guy looked away, and the bark bit into the back of his head. “So why did you become a dietician?”

He could feel Xavier’s surprise. “Because I wanted to… uh, help people.”

Guy snorted. “Uh-huh. Think you can help me, then?”

Xavier bit his lip: an irritated gesture. Guy was getting to him, the only way he knew how. Because if he could be nothing else, at least he could be a fly in people’s ointment. Disrupt their perfect little worlds.

“I’ll try if you let me,” Xavier muttered, no doubt kicking himself for letting his professional mask slip.

“Going to tell me to have breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a few snacks in between? To avoid saturated fat and simple carbohydrates? Don’t waste your breath.”

Xavier stepped closer, suddenly angry. “So why did you even show up? Why didn’t you cancel, let someone else have your slot? Someone who needs it?”

Guy stared up at him lazily. He was right, of course. Guy just couldn’t bring himself to care. “You’ve got it all in those books of yours, haven’t you?” he goaded him. “Right there, at your fingertips. Nutrient tables, diagnoses, threshold values… but how many people have you actually cured?”

Xavier was trying so hard to keep calm. It was all Guy could do to suppress his laughter.

“It’s my job to try. It’s what I do. What Doctor Stenlund referred you for. If you don’t want it, we don’t have to book another session. I’ll just tell him that you weren’t responsive.”

Guy’s answer stuck in his throat. Responsive. Damn. Why did he have to use that particular word? He felt his cheeks fill with blood, and his abdomen clenched a little. Just like that, he’d lost the upper hand and the opportunity for a fling.

But it was what he wanted, wasn’t it? To fuck off home and never see Mister Perfect again. Because however rudely he’d put it, it was true: there wasn’t a damn thing Guy didn’t know about nutrition.

At a loss, he looked away. “Yeah,” he shrugged. “Sounds good.”

Xavier made a movement that looked involuntary. “So I can go back to my office, then? You’ll find your own way to the underground station?”

“Sure.” Guy straightened up, stuck his nose in the air. “Bye, doc.”

He turned to go, but something made him stop. A sound, perhaps? Something deep in Xavier’s throat, like a protest. Guy glanced over his shoulder, and for a moment, Xavier looked completely vulnerable. Wounded pride, no doubt: another failed consultation.

But it got to him. Hell, it hit him in his weakest spot, right there beneath his ribs where the hunger sat. And from one moment to the next, his mind was awash with images of his lips brushing Xavier’s temple, his cheek, the corner of his mouth – of his hands sampling the softness of that perfect throat, that hair. Right here in the fucking forest, among the swaying trees.

And before he could stop himself, Guy went back and rose on his toes to reach Xavier’s lips. It wasn’t even a kiss, barely a touch, but as messages went, it was unambiguous. He expected Xavier to recoil, like most of them did, but instead he was frozen to the spot, unbreathing. A moment passed, and another.

And then Guy heard the rustle of clothes as Xavier leaned forward. Before he knew it, Xavier’s mouth was covering his and he was making tiny sounds of surprise and desire – pure, unadulterated desire – desire for the intimate touch of someone he’d just met. A Frenchman, for God’s sake.

But damn, he wanted this. Raising his hand, Guy hooked his fingers around Xavier’s neck and hauled him in for a longer, deeper kiss. Their tongues met, and the strangeness of it all shot through him like lightning. It singed his insides, set fire to everything in its path. His moan was smothered by Xavier’s lips – he was licking up the sound of him like honey – and fuck, it turned him on. Xavier’s hand even slipped down between Guy’s legs and came to rest on his crotch. Warmth radiated through his jeans, made him tingle and swell…

When Xavier suddenly pulled back, Guy’s lips felt too cold. He opened his eyes, and his vision filled with Xavier’s black pupils, with the questions haunting them. “This is a really bad idea,” he murmured in a weird voice.

“No, it’s not,” Guy whispered. He didn’t say don’t stop now, I’ll die if you fucking stop, don’t fucking give me a spoonful of sugar and then put the packet away – and since he didn’t, Xavier would never know.

Stepping away so quickly that Guy almost swayed in the draft, Xavier put a hand to his forehead. He looked positively nauseated. “Jesus Christ… I’m sorry.”

For what? Guy was the one who’d done it. That would be Xavier’s comfort when he got back to his minimalist apartment with its one vase filled with fresh flowers: that he hadn’t done anything. His professional record was unsullied, because it had been a surprise attack. He hadn’t had the time to defend himself.

As Xavier stood there, visibly debating with himself, Guy felt saliva pool under his tongue. He wanted to grab Xavier and push him against the trunk and crush his lips with his mouth. He wanted to shove a hand down those designer trousers and jerk him off roughly and messily. He wanted them to stain.

But Xavier was already out of reach. Shooting Guy a drowning look, he croaked, “I have to go.”

And just like that, he was gone.


Guest Post

A tale of food and prejudice

To help someone, the saying goes, we need to start where they are, not where we are. This is easier said than done. It takes dedication, respect and patience, especially for a man like Xavier Deniel.

Xavier is a dietician, a gym freak and a health nut. He was born into a culture of health consciousness and privilege. From a small child, he was socialized into viewing vegetables as an integral part of a meal instead of something optional and frivolous. Because of his background, he finds it hard to understand why people don’t just do what he says. If they know what’s healthy, why don’t they just choose it?

What I would like to say to Xavier is this: imagine the worst thing you could possibly eat in your circles. Imagine eating something that would make people around you horrified – hamburgers, dog meat, spiders, whatever works for you – and then imagine eating that day after day amid the disapproving glances and jibes or just quiet contempt of the people you love.

This is an exaggerated example, but it shows something important: food choice is a cultural matter, and that’s what Xavier has to learn in All You Can Eat. His heart is in the right place – he really does want to help his patients – but he doesn’t realize that by doing so, he’s attempting to change what makes them who they are. He’s asking them to go against everything their friends and family value.

Part of what makes food culturally acceptable is ethnicity. It’s a well-known fact that migrants tend to hold onto at least some of their food habits when they move to a new country. It’s also very common to show scorn for other nationalities, based on the simple fact that they eat differently than we do. By dismissing their food as disgusting or strange, we question their very humanity. Since we are what we eat, a person who eats dog can be seen as barbaric in a society where dogs are treated as family members. The same may be said of a person who eats cow, in the eyes of those who view the cow as sacred.

Certain countries also have a privileged position when it comes to food culture: for example, France is commonly revered as a gastronomically advanced nation, while England is not. Because of this, it’s an accepted form of xenophobia to joke about baked beans and chips, while the French equivalent of such traditionally working class fare is lauded as authentic and rustic. No doubt this adds to Xavier’s feeling of superiority, since he was born in France.

But contempt for food habits isn’t limited to ethnicity or nationality. The diets of the so-called lower classes are commonly derided, and typically middle class food is seen as better and healthier, even when the actual nutrients are the same. For example, an artichoke cappuccino may be held in higher regard than a ladle of cooked green peas, just because it’s more ‘refined’.

Of course, what is regarded as refined is dictated by the dominant classes. They have the privilege and the platform to self-define in a way that minorities don’t. This means that if the middle and upper classes ‘hijack’ healthy food, working class people are more or less forced to adopt an ‘unhealthier’ lifestyle. And that’s not even mentioning the price of ‘healthy’ food, which effectively shuts many people out.

Or perhaps you aspire to become middle class? Oh dear. The more the lower classes try to emulate middle class food habits, the more the higher classes change their view of ‘good taste’ in order to keep their distance from all these pesky upstarts. It’s a never-ending race.

This is why trends keep moving and changing. A prime example is sugar, which was once expensive and hard to come by. Because of this, it was considered an upper class food, and it was believed to have medicinal properties. By now, sugar is one of the cheapest things we can eat, so of course it’s viewed as a working class food, vulgar and addictive and fattening – a food that should be avoided completely.

A coincidence? I don’t think so.

But Xavier has some way to go before he realizes this. To his mind, people have a responsibility to eat healthy, and knowledge should translate into behavior, no matter your background. As a dietician, he is the link, the provider of knowledge, and it’s his life goal to help as many as possible.

But his world is turned upside down when Guy Wilkes walks into his office. He is seriously screwed up about food, and yet he rejects Xavier’s every attempt to help. Worse, he already knows all there is to know about nutrition, and yet he doesn’t eat like he should.

Xavier is perplexed, intrigued and irritated. Who is this impossible man who just doesn’t do his duty and eat three hearty meals a day? And why does Xavier keep on caring long after Guy isn’t his patient anymore? He’s not even Xavier’s type!

Well, that’s the wonderful thing about love: it can shatter your world and build you a new one, and even though it may hurt along the way, it may just be worth it.


Happy Release Day! The Way You Look Tonight by Jo Tannah



As a member of a wealthy and influential family, Jaime “Jamie” Abello had his life mapped out. Being shipped off to LA with an insurance scam linked to his name was not part of his plan.

It had seemed so simple: pass the Philippines Medical Board Exam; practice in the family-owned and -controlled hospital; join the Board by age forty; and find a partner with whom he could settle down and be himself.

Instead, his father supplies him with a surfeit of money and dangerous secrets and sends him to a strange country.

The Pediatric Residency Program Jamie applies for brings him face to face with untouchable Program Director, Miles Kwon, whom Jamie soon finds to be a man of integrity and vision.

When tragedy strikes, Jamie finds himself falling deeper into depression. Unexpectedly, it’s Miles who helps him work through his pain.

Will Jamie ever experience a life with a loving partner, or will his father’s secrets cause him to lose everything he’s gained?

TWYLT_600x956Pre-order Links

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Back in Manila, I had been vomiting into the pail my private nurse was holding up for me when my father entered the room, accompanied by Letty. He rushed the nurse out the door while Letty took over pail duty.

“Jamie, you are leaving for LA once we get you out of here. Dr. Martinez has been instructed to clear you to be released from the hospital.” My father was succinct.

“Wha… why?” I tried to speak, but emesis got in the way.

“Margarita. She has finally gone off the deep end. She and your brothers are meeting with the board. I sent in my resignation last night and they only just got the email. I am leaving for Morocco in two hours, and you are flying out as soon as Dr. Martinez gives you something to put a stop to your vomiting. Letty has sent all the details to your alternate email account.”

I tried to sit up, confused about what was going on, but Letty pressed me back onto the bed. I squinted up at her, and then at my father. “What’s going on?”

“Everything is in the email I sent you. Don’t think about anything else right now, just focus on getting well enough to stand without falling on your face. You need to take that flight. It’s going to be a long one and you’ll need your energy to get things moving,” Letty said.

“Call me once you get to LA. I will send you an email with my new contact numbers.” My father sighed and ran his hand over his face. “I won’t see you for a long time, hijo, but you need to get out as quickly as you can. It’s best you don’t know anything until you get there. Letty will get in touch with you as soon as you’re settled in the hotel. Remember: get to LA and follow the instructions. Once you’re done, call me. That’s all you need to know for now.”

My father leaned down to kiss my head, but wrinkled his nose and shook my hand instead. He turned to leave, then hesitated. Returning to my side, he closed his mouth, as if not daring to breathe in, and then bent to hug me. “I love you, hijo. I wish I could explain more but there’s so little time. I’ll see you on the other side,” he said as he patted my back. Then he turned away, avoiding my eyes, and left the room.

Video Trailer

About the author

JO TANNAH is a wife, mother, and blogger by day, writer by night. It can be difficult to say the least but it is a challenge that keeps her on her toes.

She grew up listening to folktales her father and nannies spun to either entertain the children or send home a message. These narratives stayed with Jo until she finally decided to write them down in a journal way back when she kept one. Years later, going through junk led to finding a long forgotten box and nestled within it was the journal. Reading over the stories of romance, science fiction, and horror that she had taken time to put to paper all those years before brought to light the realization that they were tales she’d never come across in her readings.

The tales Jo write are fictional but all of them are based on what she grew up with and still dreams about. That they have an M/M twist is simply for her pleasure. And she hopes, yours as well.

Jo Tannah can be found at:






BLOG TOUR, GUEST POST, EXCERPT AND GIVEAWAY: Ross Deere – Handy Man by Hans M Hirschi




HansMHirschi_RossDeereTITLE: Ross Deere – Handy Man

AUTHOR: Hans M Hirschi

PUBLISHER: Beaten Track Publishing

COVER ARTIST: Natasha Snow

LENGTH: 56000 words/172 Pages

GENRE: Gay Erotica, M/M Romance, Contemporary

RELEASE DATE: January 28, 2016

BLURB: Ross Deere – Handy Man is the story of a young man who stumbled into the escorting business by accident. Ten years later, about to date someone for real for the first time, he looks back at some of the clients he’s met over the years, decisions he’s made, and parallels to his current life.

Meet lawyers, professors, students, aspiring Hollywood actors, and many others who, at one point or another, have found themselves in need of Ross’s services.

Ross Deere – Handy Man is an erotic novel, funny and free of drama – a steamy read with plenty of fast-paced action that will leave you sweaty and satisfied!Join Ross on his many adventures in and out of bed, literally.


“Jason undid the towel and grabbed my balls with his right hand, gently cupping them, rolling them in his hand. “Do you like that?” I asked, continuing to kiss him.

“I’ve never done this before.”

“Suck my dick, go ahead,” I said, gently pushing his head down toward my throbbing cock. Jason obliged and started to suck my dick, like he was sucking a Popsicle at first, but after a couple of pointers, he quickly adjusted his style and proceeded to work on my dick like a pro. Soon, I had to literally lift him off my cock or I would’ve exploded right into his mouth.

“Wow, hang in there, buster. Give me a break. I was about to bust a nut, and you’re still fully clothed. Let’s see if we can change some of that.”

I started to unbutton his shirt and slid it off, revealing a hairless, flat chest. Nerd, right. He’d never lifted anything heavier than a book in his life. Jason opened his slacks and slid them off. He was white Fruit of the Loom briefs underneath.

You can’t make this shit up, can you?

Guest Post:

Why Ross Deere has a plot…

First of all, thank you for hosting me on your blog. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to talk to you about Ross Deere – Handy Man. Yes, believe it or not, the book has a plot, even though it is erotica. I’m not sure how you like your Erotica or porn, but as far as I’m concerned, I can’t just jump right into the sex, and when I watch porn (yeah, I do…) I often find the scenes leading up to the actual humping more enticing and stimulating than the actual intercourse. I often find myself fast-forwarding through the humping to the parts I like. It’s the same with books: I crave plot.

In Ross Deere, the plot is fairly simple and straight forward: after ten years in the escorting industry, Ross is finally dating a guy he thinks could be the one. That’s the arc, and in every chapter, as Ross reminisces a certain client, it is in conjunction with something that has come up in his dating experience. I’ll grant you, this isn’t very dramatic, and you won’t find much darkness or drama in this book, but that’s not the point either.

I seriously doubt that Shakespearean drama would’ve been a good precursor to sex… The other advantage of actually having a plot is that it allowed me to make Ross human. He’s your average kid next door, wondering about life in general and his clients and friends in particular. He has a very easygoing personality, which I’ve learned is a prerequisite in the industry he works in.

We follow Ross for about ten years of his life, in a first-person narrative, kind of like a personal journal, as he reminisces scenes from his life, from his very first client, the man who led him into the escorting business (which wasn’t planned by Ross in any way or fashion) to his thoughts and decisions as he and John begin to form a tentative relationship.

As easy as Ross is on the eyes, as easy you’ll see yourself growing attached to him, and when the story ends, I’m sure you’ll have taken him to heart, just as I did. Happy reading, and welcome to my world.


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I’m an author. I write books. I write about things that are important to me: family, parenting, children, our environment, our world. Contemporary, fresh fiction with happy endings. It’s what I like to read myself. I write because I don’t have a choice. There are so many stories in my head, constantly forming, constantly trying to get out. Feel free to have a look on the other pages to learn more, listen to me narrate from those stories, and – if you like what you see or hear – follow the links to buy the books. I’d greatly appreciate that, as this is how I try to make my living.

I’m an author. But I’m also a forty something male who clings to the illusion of still being twenty-seven, despite my body’s daily reminders to the contrary. I’m married to the most amazing man, and together we have a beautiful son, Sascha. I consider myself a citizen of the world, having lived on two continents and traveled extensively through another three. I have friends all over the world. When I’m not writing, I like to do public speaking or training (where I have my professional background) to actually earn some real bill-paying money. Not sure this author thing is ever going to get me there…

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BLOG TOUR AND EXCERPT: The Law of Attraction by Jay Northcote



Release Date: February 5, 2016

Pages or Words: 62,000 words

Categories: Contemporary, M/M Romance, Romance


When a professional relationship turns personal, it’s impossible to resist the law of attraction.

Alec Rowland is a high-flying lawyer in a London firm whose career is his life. He doesn’t have time for relationships and his sexuality is a closely guarded secret. After picking up a cute guy on a Friday night, Alec’s world is rocked to its foundations when his one night stand shows up in the office on Monday morning—as the new temp on his team.

Ed Piper is desperate to prove himself in his new job. The last thing he needs is to be distracted by a crush on his boss. It’s hard to ignore the attraction he feels, even though Alec’s a difficult bastard to work for.

Both men strive to maintain a professional relationship, but tempers fray, passions ignite, and soon they’re both falling hard and fast. If they’re ever going to find a way to be together, Alec needs to be honest about who he really is because Ed won’t go back in the closet for anyone.



His companion was still watching him, seemingly waiting for him to make his move. Alec felt irrationally irritated. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. Even though he only did it occasionally, picking up men was easy for Alec. Buying a drink was more than he usually bothered to do for the twinks he hooked up with when he was in the mood for a warm body to fuck. Alec was well aware of his own attractiveness and used it to his advantage. A crook of a finger, a tilt of his head, or even just a look was usually enough to make them come running.

But this guy didn’t seem to know the rules of the game.

“Strong, silent type, huh?” He suddenly grinned at Alec, all neat white teeth and dimples. “You could start by telling me your name. Mine’s Ed.”

“Alec.” He handed a note to the barman as he came back with their drinks. “Keep the change.”

“Cheers, mate.” The barman winked as he pocketed the tip.

Ed’s eyebrows lifted. “Change from a twenty? You must have money to burn.”

“Something like that.” Alec let his gaze rake deliberately down Ed, examining him from the front this time. His arms were still folded over his chest and his T-shirt had ridden up enough to expose a feathered line of hair on his belly, leading down to a nice-looking package in obscenely tight skinny jeans. “I hope you bottom?”

Ed blinked and choked on his mouthful of rum and Coke. Alec suppressed the urge to grin, enjoying the fact that Ed had momentarily lost his cool.

“I’ve been known to,” Ed replied, rallying. He licked his lips.

“Good.” Alec held his gaze, noting with satisfaction that Ed’s pupils had blown wide and his lips parted as Alec looked at them. God, he had a pretty mouth. Alec lifted his glass and downed his drink. The burn of the whisky tore through him and made his nerves tingle with anticipation. He needed a good fuck; it had been too long. “Drink up, then.”


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Meet the author:

Jay lives just outside Bristol in the West of England, with her husband, two children, and two cats.

She comes from a family of writers, but she always used to believe that the gene for fiction writing had passed her by. She spent years only ever writing emails, articles, or website content. One day, she decided to try and write a short story–just to see if she could–and found it rather addictive. She hasn’t stopped writing since.

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Publisher: Jaybird Press

Cover Artist: Garrett Leigh

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The Shining Ones by Dusk Peterson


The Shining Ones

by Dusk Peterson

Series: The Eternal Dungeon

This is a side story to the series.


“He was skilled by now at making innocuous remarks in the presence of the Shining Ones. Nobody had even guessed that he knew what they were.”

The Eternal Dungeon is filled with prisoners who shine like the sun.

No one knows this except Barrett Boyd, a guard notorious for having survived a disciplinary punishment that should have killed him. He is also notorious for his rebellion against the authorities of the royal prison. At a pivotal time in the Eternal Dungeon’s history, when abusive practices of the past may finally be abolished, Barrett finds himself drawn to the mystery of a younger guard, Clifford Crofford, who claims that he and Barrett are love-mates.

Barrett has no memory of this. He has no memory of anything before his punishment. What does the past matter, compared to Barrett’s determination to protect the prisoners? But Barrett cannot ignore his bond with Clifford, and the closer that Barrett comes to Clifford, the more the danger arises that Clifford will question Barrett’s sanity. . . .

This novelette (miniature novel) of disability and love can be read on its own or as a side story in The Eternal Dungeon, an award-winning speculative fiction series set in a nineteenth-century prison where the psychologists wield whips.

The Eternal Dungeon series is part of Turn-of-the-Century Toughs, a cycle of alternate history series (Dark Light, Waterman, Life Prison, Commando, Michael’s House, and The Eternal Dungeon) about disreputable men on the margins of society, and the men and women who care for them. Set between the 1880s and the 1910s, the novels and stories take place in an alternative version of America that was settled by inhabitants of the Old World in ancient times. One of the series in the cycle, Waterman, combines elements of the 1910s with retrofuturistic imagery from the 1960s.


“I don’t want you to mistake why you’re here.”

Clifford quickly shook his head. “No, sir. I know you’re not inviting me into your bed. But we can be work partners, can’t we? To be able to work with you again – to help you fight to protect the prisoners against abuse . . .” He took a deep breath and said more steadily, “I want that more than anything else in my life.”

It would have been easier if he could have told Clifford the truth. If he could have said, “Everyone believes that my brain was changed, and it’s true. Ever since this dungeon’s High Seeker nearly beat me to death for shielding a prisoner against his cruelty, I’ve seen the prisoners here in a way that no one else sees them. I’ve seen the light that shines within them, as bright as a sun. I’ve seen how wondrous they are, and how fragile at the same time. I’ve dedicated my life to serving them in the only way I know how. . . . And I am dedicated to you as well. You are the only one, besides the prisoners, who shines with that deep, bold light. I am your servant, now and forever. I’ll give you anything that I can – anything that will please you. Anything but the love of a love-mate, for if I touched you for more than a few seconds, I would die of the exquisite pain.'”

He had always possessed enough sense not to say that to Clifford or anyone else. Always, from the first few weeks of his awakening.

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Meet the author:

Honored in the Rainbow Awards, Dusk Peterson writes historical speculative fiction: alternate history, historical fantasy, and retrofuture science fiction, including lgbtq novels, original slash, and other types of diverse fiction. Suspense plays an important role in many of the tales; the conflict in those tales is both external and internal. Peterson’s stories are often placed in dark settings, such as prisons or wartime locations. The mood of the stories, however, is not one of unrelieved gloominess; romance, friendship, family affection, and faithful service are recurring themes. Visit for e-books and free fiction.

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GUEST POST: Love on the Jersey Shore by Richard Natale

Today we welcome Richard Natale who tells us a little about his latest book, Love on the Jersey Shore.
Freda Book Image

Sexual chemistry and the search for real love can be a combustible mixture. When the hunky young Anthony Ragucci falls for his dream man, a handsome attorney named Hunter Reese, his happily ever after fantasies are threatened by the meddling of the dashing and haughty Robert Burke. His loyal cousin Frank quickly rushes to Anthony’s defense, only to find his efforts hampered by a growing attraction to the inscrutable Robert. Ultimately, the two cousins discover that Love on the Jersey Shore is a sink or swim proposition. Watch out for the undertow!


As the song goes “it’s so easy to fall in love,” especially with Frank or Anthony Ragucci, the protagonists of “Love on the Jersey Shore.” The two cousins are virile, handsome and wildly popular. They have little trouble attracting men. But they’re looking for more–particularly Anthony, who envisions marriage and a family. And it takes a special kind of guy to meet his criteria.

Frank and Anthony have been best friends and confidants their whole lives. They helped each other come out and navigate the intricacies of same-sex dating. They love each other unconditionally and are fiercely loyal. And they will settle for nothing less in a potential partner. They are also very protective of one another, and anyone who falls in love them is in for serious scrutiny. For while Frank and Anthony realize they can’t completely shield each other from heartache, that doesn’t stop them from trying. The bond between the two cousins is so strong that it’s like an exclusive club. Many apply but few are granted admission beyond a quick roll in the hay.

Each man is, in his own way, possesses a special kind of magnetism; Frank with his easy, sexy demeanor, natural smarts and coy good looks; Anthony with his boyish Italian features and buoyant personality. Anthony is open and inviting and perhaps too trusting. Frank, on the other hand is warier. He’s the kind of person who makes a man work for it–and rewards him for his efforts.

When they do fall in love, however, they fall hard. Both their prospective partners are forced to prove themselves worthy, which is quite a challenge. And when they come up short, they must redeem themselves. In the process, Frank and Anthony also learn a valuable lesson: when to swallow their pride and set aside their preconceptions. Ultimately, all four main characters must adjust before they can enter the land of happily ever after.

But in the end loving Frank and Anthony is totally worth it and, after they endure some choppy waters, “Love on the Jersey Shore” proves to be smooth sailing indeed.

Richard Natale is a Los Angeles-based writer whose numerous short stories have appeared in such publications as Gertrude, Wilde Oats, Chelsea Station Magazine, Hollywood Dementia and the anthologies Men in Love and Off the Rocks. His most recent novel, CAFE EISENHOWER, received an honorable mention from the 2015 Rainbow Awards. He also wrote the novella JUNIOR WILLIS and the YA adventure THE GOLDEN CITY OF DOUBLOON. Additionally, Natale wrote and directed the feature film GREEN PLAID SHIRT, a closing night selection at the Palm Springs Film Festival, which was shown at more than a dozen other film festivals around the world and is a bestselling DVD for Wolfe Video, and also available for streaming.
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