Excerpt: Nothing Special by A.E. Via



Detective Cashel ‘Cash’ Godfrey is big, tattooed and angry so people typically keep their distance. He’s fresh out of the police academy, however, no one is looking to partner with the six foot four beast with a huge chip on his shoulder and an inability to trust. When Cash scans the orientation room he wasn’t expecting to find sexy hazel eyes locked onto him. Eyes of the handsome Detective Leonidis ‘Leo’ Day.
Leo is charming, witty, hilariously sarcastic and the only one that can make Cash smile. He’s proud, out and one bad-ass detective.​
Together Cash and Leo become the most revered and successful narcotics detectives Atlanta’s ever seen.  Able to communicate and understand each other, without even having to voice it, they quickly climb up the promotional ranks.
When Cash saves Leo’s life in a raid that turns deadly, Leo begins to see something in the big man that no one else does…something special. But Leo fears he’ll never break through the impenetrable wall that protects Cash’s heart.
Nothing Special takes the reader through various emotions throughout the richly fulfilling plot that’s full of erotic gay romance, heartache, passion, trials and tribulations, police action scenes, and an intriguing twist that comes to an amazing ending that’s impossible to see coming.

God and Day fell into the front door kissing and grabbing at each other. Day just barely kicked the door shut before he was yanked out of his coat. They’d kept the PDAs to a minimum while with God’s brother, but Day was serious when he said he really need to touch his man.

God pushed Day against the wooden door and captured his mouth in a ruthless kiss. Day pulled Cash’s coat off his shoulders letting it drop down to the floor. Day squeezed the handle of God’s Desert Eagle and sighed at the erotic way his dick jumped from the touch. Day stroked the long black chamber down to the felt grip panel.

“You stroke a man’s gun like that, you might as well be stroking his cock,” God said gruffly and moved Day’s palm to his already fully erect dick and pumped his hips back and forth.

Day felt God fumbling with his belt. He yanked his mouth away from God’s and moaned when God gripped the back of his neck, chased his mouth and sucked his bottom lip into his mouth and bit it. Day placed both his hands flat against God’s massive chest and pushed him hard. God growled, knocked Day’s hands back down and crashed back into him again.

God spun Day around and pushed him hard against the wall while grinding his pelvis into his ass. God made quick work of unzipping Day’s jeans and shoving his hands inside to give his balls rough massage.

Day bucked back against God. “Ugh. You motherfucker.”

“You going to give it up willingly, or do I have to take it, Leo?” God’s whisky-rough voice vibrated Day’s body.

Day moaned at the assault, reared back and caught God in his hard abs with a sharp elbow, enjoying the loud grunt from the big man and took off up the stairs.

Day was rounding the landing when he heard God call out to him.

“I only enjoy it more when you fight, Leo,” God said taking the stairs two at a time.


So what did I think?

In quick summary….hot sex, cops, super hot sex and some more sex – dirty, hard and masculine sex.

For me this was a park-the-need-for-reality-and-just-enjoy-the-ride-book. Sure, a couple of times I found myself questioning…..really? would that really happen? would she really do that? and finally…why the hell did they do that? but overall, it didn’t really matter. I just rolled with the story and liked the alpha males, the smokin’ hot sex and all the happenings in the book – family back stories, police procedure, homophobia, heroics…..


About the author

A.E. Via is the new best-selling author in the beautiful gay erotic genre. Her writing embodies everything from spicy to scandalous. Her stories often include intriguing edges and twists that take readers to new, thought-provoking depths. When she’s not clicking away at her laptop, A.E. runs a very successful paralegal-for-hire business, and in her spare time, she devotes herself to her family—a husband and four children, her two pets, a Maltese dog and her white Siamese cat, ELynn, named after the late, great gay romance author E. Lynn Harris. While this is only her third novel, she has plenty more to come. So sit back and grab a cool drink, because the male on male action is just heating up!

Go to A.E. Via’s official website for more detailed information on how to contact her, follow her, or a sneak peak on upcoming work, free reads, and where she’ll appear next.

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☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Worth Keeping by Susan Mac Nicol ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Worth KeepingWorth Keeping by Susan Mac Nicol

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Abused horrifically as a boy, Nick Mathers has come to terms with his existence as a man. Mostly. Other days life seems a little much. Especially when Nick knows he’ll always be alone.

On those days his thoughts turn black. He walks the Norfolk coast and considers the frigid embrace of the waves. And then, one stormy night, he finds someone who’s tasted just that. The beautiful stranger on the beach is near death, and Nick rushes him home to slowly nurse back to health. As he does, he finds a love unlike any other. Owen Butler’s body is as warm as the sea was cold, his heart as big as an ocean. And Owen is a man who swears to repay the favor. Nick can yet be saved from himself, and he will see that he is indeed a man…

So what did I think?

When Nick rescues Owen, the man he finds washed up on the beach, he doesn’t realise that he has saved the man who will end up saving him. Nick is a broken man, haunted by the horrors of his childhood. He has fears and nightmares and even after years of therapy and with the love of his adopted father, has yet to find peace.

“He’ll be all right, Socks,” he whispered. “He has you and me and Don. We’ll get him right. Damn man won’t stand a chance against a force like us.”

Nick is used to being on his own. The one and only time he trusted anyone enough to let them in, he found himself the victim of further abuse.

“I know I push you away. I’m not used to having anyone knowing about me still accepting me for what I am. Sometimes you might just have to fight for it. Please fight for me, Owen.” His voice trembled.

Nick is lucky to have found Owen, someone who can see past the scars to the man within but also sees the scars as a sign of the strong man Nick is.

The scars on his body made him even more beautiful in Owen’s eyes. They were badges of survival and perseverance, emblems of the man’s courage and his past.

Owen has had his own share of heartache and Nick gives him a second chance at life and love.

This story has it’s dark beginning and Nick’s tale of childhood abuse may upset some – it is upsetting but I believe handled well – and the issues of self harm and suicide may not make easy or comfortable reading for some. It is emotional, heartbreaking and absorbing, showing both the darker side of life but also showing that where there is love there is hope.




To find out more about Susan Mac Nicol and her books visit her website or check out my other reviews.


A copy of this book was provided by the author in return for my honest review.


★★★★ Love Comes Home by Andrew Grey ★★★★

The Senses series:


Love Comes Home (Senses, #3)Love Comes Home by Andrew Grey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

When architect Gregory Hampton’s son, Davey, starts having trouble in Little League, Greg takes him to an eye doctor. The diagnosis hits them hard. Davey’s sight is degenerating rapidly, and eventually he’ll go blind.

Tom Spangler is used to getting what he wants. When Greg captures his attention, he asks Greg for a date. They have a good time until Greg gets a call from the friends watching his son, telling him Davey has fallen. Greg and Tom return to find the worst has happened—Davey can no longer see.

With so much going on in his life, Greg doubts he’ll see Tom again. But Tom has researched beep baseball, where balls and bases make sounds to enable the visually impaired to participate in Little League. Tom spearheads an effort to form a team so Davey can continue to play the game he loves. But when Greg’s ex-wife shows up with her doctor boyfriend, offering a possible cure through a radical procedure, Greg must decide how far he’ll go to give Davey a chance at getting his sight back.

So what did I think?

I’m the first to admit that I have a BIG soft spot for Andrew Grey. This is my 32nd story from Andrew so that definitely says something. He’s my go-to author when I want to read something sweet with emotional pull, a little bit of sexiness and a nice happy ending.

Love Comes Home didn’t disappoint. Perhaps not as good as the first book in the series , Love Comes Silently,  but great just the same.

In Love Comes Home, Davey is a little boy who is going blind. His father, Greg, is doing his best to cope. He has a supportive network of friends (little glimpses of the guys from the past books in the series) but it is new friend, Tom, who really helps both him and Davey.

“It’s the funny thing about hearts. The more people you love, the bigger they get.”

There is some romance but this story primarily sends a message about dealing with the challenges life faces you. It is about how a father copes with the stresses of watching his child deal with something as traumatic as blindness. It is about looking for new alternatives rather than giving up on life. The whole concept of Beep Baseball was fascinating.

Here’s a link to a YouTube clip about Beep Baseball. It’s pretty amazing!


To find out more about Andrew Grey visit his website.

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Anthology: Dr. Feelgood

Dr. FeelgoodDr. Feelgood

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The blurb…

Whether they’re paramedics, nurses, therapists, doctors, or even actors who play them on TV, the men in the medical profession must contend with job stress and long hours that can make finding love a challenge. These dedicated professionals aid patients from the severely injured to those just needing some help with a bath, and along the way find creative ways to release some tension, reconnect with past partners, and even forge something that might last a lifetime.

Injuries, huge workloads, dedication to duty, self-doubt, and fear of coming out of the closet are only some of the obstacles standing in the way of the men committed to easing pain and those in need of treatment. But with hard work, some humor, some steamy on- and off-the-job trysts, plenty of patience, and open hearts, doctors and patients alike can find the healing they need, whether it comes from a lifelong commitment or a quickie in the staff room.

The men in this anthology are looking for relief, and they’re in luck—the doctor is in.

So what did I think?

Overall I enjoyed this anthology. I rated all stories 3 and above which was great. It took me a while to get through because my approach with anthologies is to read a story on those nights when I want a quick read before bed but don’t want to get sucked into a long novel. This was perfect and I ended many a night with a little bit of Dr. Feelgood. Overall rating 3.5.

Right-hand Man by Rob Rosen
Basically this is one quick – albeit very hot and sexy – scene as Alan gets a bath from his friendly and helpful neighbour Brad (we all need good neighbours like Brad!) Alan has a broken arm and luckily Brad is a medical professional who likes to do good deeds. There are witty lines and amusing banter with lots of sex. These guys are not shy, basically going at it from the moment they meet. 3 stars.

Mend What Is Broken by Fils Preis
I liked the realism of the traumatic experience. The descriptions took me right into the scene – the slipping in and out of conciousness, the confusion etc. I would have liked the story to continue for one or two more chapters to give more of a taste of the characters together but I guess you can’t have it all in a short story! 3 stars.

Doctor in the Desert by S.C. Wynne
This had some cute moments and the characters were really likable. I loved their date where they were feeling each other out – gay? not gay? just good at acting straight? The emotional connection between them was super-fast and the characters even acknowledge this so I wasn’t the only one thinking it! 🙂 My only puzzlement was how a doctor could have had such a bad time bottoming in the past as surely he would understand the need for prep so why not ask for it? Luckily he doesn’t have to ask his gorgeous policeman! 3.5 stars

Iron Man by Meg O’Brien
I loved Aiden and Bryan and I appreciated the author’s descriptions of the blind experience but I adored mom – she was wonderful and kind and funny. 4 stars

First and Last by Sara York
Love a story with a reunited men and I loved tat Jeffery didn’t hold a grudge about the past. I adored the father and son relationship between Trevin and Burt. 4 stars

Differential Diagnosis by Anna Martin
This was a cute story of life imitating art when lead characters on a soap opera play the part of lovers. I was really getting into it when it ended – unfortunately! The ending just seemed too abrupt. 3 stars

In My Own Skin by Thea Nishimori
This story was definitely different, given its focus on an illness that impacts Chris’ ability to meet men and engage in physical activity. His everyday living is obviously impacted as well as his chances at romance. It is nice that the author is providing a sense of realism and information on a condition that no doubt affects many, including herself but at times I thought it maybe a bit too descriptive – maybe I just think this because I’m thinking it doesn’t fit with ‘romance’. Anyway, it has nice potential for Chris to get his happy ending. 3 stars

Rx for Sex by Bru Baker
4 stars for a hot little sex scene in the on-call room! I loved the dirty talk, I loved Charlie’s cute prescription for Barr. I’d really like to hear more about these two.

Kind by Samuel Scott Preston
3 stars. Unlikely (I’m not sure that Derek would have really spent his recuperation with this team physical therapist) but it was sweet.

Hero Worship by Kris T. Bethke
I loved this story as it was but it would have made a great longer story. I loved all the characters including the sister/best friend. A bit of humour, nice sex, emotional soul searching and a happy ending. 5 stars

Tourniquet by Kaye P. Hallows
4.5 stars. I loved this story – heroes, the Dr House references, Kane’s personality and his persistence going after Weston and taking chances. “I want you to saw off that damn tourniquet around your heart and let me bring you back to life. I want your devotion, your respect, and your trust. I want you, all of you, not this watered-down version that makes you feel safe. I wany you to love the shit out of me without fear or reservation.”

Pain Management by Brigham Vaughn
A little niggle of inappropriateness but really who cares in a sweet short story involving a massage therapist and a patient with a chronic migraine. It’s amazing what a good massage (one very hot one, in particular) can do! 3.5 stars

Night Shift by Casey O’Neill
4 stars because I like drama and happy endings – plus there were cops! There’s no sex but that impact my enjoyment of the story which focused on a long term couple who are married but separated, struggling with accepting the risks that come with the job of a detective.

To The Next Level by Laura Mathews
A nice story with a military touch as Cameron goes through rehabilitation while falling for his therapist. A little flirtation but no boundaries crossed. It was sweet. 3.5 stars


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In The Absence of Monsters by JP Barnaby

In The Absence of MonstersIn The Absence of Monsters by J.P. Barnaby

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The blurb…

Jayden Carter knew the path he wanted his life to take. He wanted to get his Master’s Degree in History and teach. But when he answered an ad for a roommate and met mysterious doctor, Ethan Bryant, he’s brought into a world he never knew existed and his path changes.

It changes again for Jayden and he leaves Ethan with their friend, Lexi, in tow. Ethan loses himself in a haze of self-destruction and pain. With the help of a childhood friend, Gabriel, Ethan battles the demons of his childhood and finds a way to survive. Gabriel and Jayden wage an epic war for Ethan, but in the end, they may all end up losing.

Adapted from The Forbidden Room and A House of Cards: Deconstructing Ethan

So what did I think?

It has been a while since I immersed myself in a deeply powerful and compelling story and I couldn’t have picked a better one to read – at times dark, often emotional, it was totally absorbing.

Jayden moves into the home of Dr. Ethan Bryant and finds himself given an ultimatum he can’t turn down, that of submitting to Ethan. The story follows Jayden as he is introduced to the world inhabited by Ethan and his submissive Lexi.

It is quite difficult to review this book without giving away spoilers. There are complex relationships that evolve between Jayden, Ethan, Lexi, Gabriel and Connor. There are secondary characters who play important roles in the story.

This is a story of domination and submission with frequent BDSM scenes. It is a story of struggling to understand sexual desires. It is a story of broken people and damaged relationships. There is denial and heartbreak but also love.

I found the mood of this book sombre, with deep emotions on each and every page. There were twists and turns and events, some that were expected and others a surprise. What surprised me the most was my own enjoyment of Lexi in the story. To be honest, I wasn’t overly happy to read of her inclusion in the early scenes in the book but she is an integral part of the story and she had definitely found her way into my heart by the end of the book.

I thoroughly enjoyed the way this story was told. The first half of the book is from Jayden’s point of view and is very much focused on his reaction to entering the world of BDSM and importantly figuring out his own sexuality. The second half is told from Ethan’s perspective and sheds a different light on the events from the first half of the book. This part of the book was the my favourite section – the insight into Ethan’s background, his reactions to the events in his life and his eventual healing.

Compelling story, wonderful characters, deeply emotional – perfect!

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in return for my honest review.


To find out more about J.P. Barnaby and her books visit her website.

Buy In the Absence of Monsters from Amazon.

Buy In the Absence of Monsters from Wilde City Press.


Blog Tour: Always by Kindle Alexander

Always Blog Tour Banner


Born to a prestigious political family, Avery Adams plays as hard as he works. The gorgeous, charismatic attorney is used to getting what he wants, even the frequent one-night stands that earn him his well-deserved playboy reputation. When some of the most prominent men in politics suggest he run for senate, Avery decides the time has come to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps. With a strategy in place and the campaign wheels rolling, Avery is ready to jump on the legislative fast track, full steam ahead. But no amount of planning prepares him for the handsome, uptight restaurateur who might derail his political future.

Easy isn’t even in the top thousand words to describe Kane Dalton’s life after his father, a devout southern Baptist minister, kicks him out of the family home for questioning his sexual orientation. Despite all the rotten tomatoes life throws his way, Kane makes something of himself. Between owning a thriving upscale Italian restaurant in the heart of downtown Minneapolis and managing his long-term boyfriend, his plate is full. He struggles to get past the teachings of his childhood to fully accept his sexuality and rid himself of the doubts brought on by his religious upbringing. The last thing he needs is the yummy, sophisticated, blond-haired distraction sitting at table thirty-four.


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Always Cover





ALways Teaser  Day 9




Best Selling Author Alexander is an innovative writer, and a genre-crosser who writes classic fantasy, romance, suspense, and erotica in both the male/male and male/female genres. It’s always a surprise to see what’s coming next!

I live in the suburbs of Dallas where it’s true, the only thing bigger than an over active imagination, may be women’s hair!

Usually, I try for funny. Humor is a major part of my life – I love to laugh, and it seems to be the thing I do in most situations  regardless of the situation, but jokes are a tricky deal… I don’t want to offend anyone and jokes tend to offend. So instead I’m going to tell you about Kindle.

I tragically lost my sixteen year old daughter to a drunk driver. She had just been at home, it was early in the night and I heard the accident happen. I’ll never forget that moment. The sirens were immediate and something inside me just knew. I left my house, drove straight to the accident on nothing more than instinct. I got to be there when my little girl died – weirdly, I consider that a true gift from above. She didn’t have to be alone.

That time in my life was terrible. It’s everything you think it would be times about a billion. I love that kid. I loved being her mother and I loved watching her grow into this incredibly beautiful person, both inside and out. She was such a gift to me. To have it all ripped away so suddenly broke me.

Her name was Kindle. Honest to goodness – it was her name and she died a few weeks before Amazon released their brand new Kindle ereader. She had no idea it was coming out and she would have finally gotten her name on something! Try finding a ruler with the name Kindle on it.. It never happened.

Through the course of that crippling event I was lucky enough to begin to write with a dear friend in the fan fiction world of Facebook. She got me through those dark days with her unwavering support and friendship. There wasn’t a time she wasn’t there for me. Sometimes together and sometimes by myself, we built a world where Kindle lives and stands for peace, love and harmony. It’s its own kind of support group. I know without question I wouldn’t be here today without her.

Find out more by visitint or email me at


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Upcoming Release: Loving Jay by Renae Kaye

Loving Jay

The Blurb…

One thing Liam Turner knows for sure is that he’s not gay—after all, his father makes it very clear he’ll allow no son of his to be gay. And Liam believes it, until a chance meeting with James “Jay” Bell turns Liam’s world upside-down. Jay is vivacious and unabashedly gay—from the tips of his bleached hair to the ends of his polished nails. With a flair for fashion, overreaction, and an inability to cork his verbal diarrhea, Liam believes drama queen Jay must have a screw loose.

An accident as a teenager left Liam with a limp and a fear of driving. He can’t play football anymore either, and that makes him feel like less of a man. But that’s no reason to question his sexuality… unless the accident broke something else inside him. When being with Jay causes Liam’s protective instincts to emerge, Liam starts to believe all he knew in life had been a convenient excuse to stay hidden. From intolerance to confrontations, Liam must learn to overcome his fears—and his father—before he can accept his sexuality and truly love Jay.


Release Date:  18th April 2014

Pre-order from Dreamspinner Press.



 To find out more about Renae Kaye visit her website.

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N.R. Walker

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☊☊☊ A selection of M/M audio books ☊☊☊

Those of you who read this blog may know that I usually have an audio book on the go. It’s the only way to make my daily commute to work bearable. In fact, if I’m lucky, I actually look forward to my trip! This week has been a prime example as I was spoiled to be listening to The Dark Tide by Josh Lanyon – it’s such a shame it’s the last book in the series. 😦

Anyway, here are a couple of audio books that I have finished recently.


Kissing Joan CollinsKissing Joan Collins by Lex Valentine

Narrated by Chip Wood

Duration: 1 hour 49 minutes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The blurb…

Gay suspense author Logan Moore fell in love with the most perfect gay man ever during his freshman year in college. But his roommate and best friend Chase Courtland never showed an interest in him. Twelve years and a handful of failed relationships later, Logan acknowledges that he still loves Chase. When Chase puts on a designer dress, four-inch heels and a wig and transforms himself into Joan Collins for a Valentine’s Day masquerade party, Logan’s libido rockets out of control. One look at Chase’s perfect ass in the skin tight dress and Logan is ready to drag him off to bed. But can two best friends bridge the gap of a dozen years of denial and build a life together after one amazing night of revelations, confessions and love?

So what did I think?

I listened to this in the audio version. Chip Wood, the narrator, did a brilliant job bringing the story to life. At just under 2 hours, it was relatively short in audio book terms (at least compared to some I’ve read) so would be a good intro book for someone who isn’t sure if audio book format is for them.

This is a friends-to-lovers Valentine’s themed story and follows Logan and Chase as they finally come together after years of being in love with one another.

The story was sweet, over-the-top emotions – but sometimes you just need lots of warm and fuzzy declarations of love!


Colorado Wild (Colorado Heart, #1)Colorado Wild by Sara York

Narrated by Stan Jensen

Duration: 5 hours

The blurb…

When love sneaks up on you, shoot for the heart.

Billy Bradford has a secret, and it’s bigger than the fact that he’s an assassin. When Tucker Hayes, Billy’s straight best friend, is injured on a mission, Billy acts in haste, kissing Tucker. Shocked by the act, Tucker runs. But desire is stronger than convictions, leading Tucker to hunt down Billy.

The other guys on the ranch are oblivious to Tucker and Billy’s actions as they investigate a new target. Grant Stovall is hung up on his ex, but Roger Burk, their new operative, catches his attention and one small touch isn’t enough.

Meet the cowboys of Wild Bluff Ranch in the first book of the Colorado Heart Series, Colorado Wild.

So what did I think?

This is an interesting one for me to review because I did find the experience of reading the book and listening to the audio version different. I really enjoyed the book, and the rest of the series I have read so far – 4.5 stars for all the action and the simmering relationships (click here for my review) – but the audio didn’t sit as well with me.

I wonder if this is because I read the books first and one impression of the characters in my head and it didn’t match the narrator and the accents he provided? Anyway, if you are unsure if the narrator, Stan Jensen is for you, do check out the audio sample before buying the book. But if you don’t go down the audio path, definitely buy the books!

From my original review…..”You need to suspend the disbelief that a high proportion of these elite military men are gay or bi, and just accept that Wild Bluff Ranch is a totally hot place to be!”

I also have a thing for book trailers, so make sure you check it out!


What Binds UsWhat Binds Us by Larry Benjamin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Narrated by Richard Magnus

Duration: 7 hours

The blurb…

Thomas-Edward is only a teenager when he escapes his working-class neighborhood. He’s ready for anything—except the arrival of Donovan Whyte in his life. Sophisticated and dazzlingly handsome, Dondi quickly becomes the center of Thomas-Edward’s universe, introducing him to a world full of drama, passion and feuding families.

When their relationship fizzles, they remain uneasy friends until Dondi invites Thomas-Edward to his family’s summer house. Thomas-Edward is immediately attracted to Dondi’s mysterious brother, Matthew—and finds himself hopelessly drawn to both men.

As time passes, Thomas-Edward develops a unique bond with both brothers as they orbit around each other, although he knows only one of them can be his lifelong love. Will the three of them be able to find a way to hold on to each other? Or will love, its loss and the threat of death destroy their connection once and for all?

So what did I think?

This was another book I listened to by audio version and I really enjoyed it. The narrator, Richard Magnus, together with an engrossing story, kept me riveted for the whole 7 hour duration.

This story was a journey. It is the story of Thomas Edward who is swept up into the world of Dondi and his brother Matthew. Dondi and Matthew’s upbringing is a world away from Thomas Edward’s own background and the character’s themselves are unique.

The story begins with Thomas Edward having a relationship with Dondi. But Dondi isn’t the sort of man to be tied down in a relationship. However his friendship with Thomas Edward maintains steadfast and he flits in and out of his life. Importantly, he introduces Thomas Edward to his unusual family including his brother, Matthew.

This is a story of love and family and craziness. It’s interesting and unique. It’s emotional and it’s sad. Somewhat into the story I began to expect what the outcome might be but it made it no less emotional.


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PreOrder Grand Adventures: DSP Authors for TJ Klune and Eric Arvin

This is one book everyone needs to pre-order! 🙂

Rhys Ford

Grand Adventures
I am honoured to be with a bunch of KICK ASS authors in support of Tj Klune and Eric Arvin . Grand Adventures is now up for preorder on DSP. All proceeds to go the boys.

Link to Preorder! Available March 31

On September 1, 2011, TJ Klune wrote, “…it’s not about the ending, it’s about the journey…” in a review of Eric Arvin’s Woke Up in a Strange Place. With those words, two men began a journey of love and invited us to ride along. TJ and Eric have shared so much with us: their wonderful books, their smiles, their humor, their lives, and their inspiring devotion to each other. In December of 2013, their journey took a detour when Eric was taken to the emergency room. He survived the surgery to remove a cavernous hemangioma from his brain stem, but the challenges TJ and Eric…

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