Moments by R. J. Scott

MomentsMoments by R.J. Scott

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Everyone has defining moments in time.

A path chosen, a journey taken, a decision made. Jacob Riley, an actor with possession charges hanging over his head and an attitude that the world owes him a living, is facing such a moment.

It is only with the help of others can he ever hope to find his way. Could Mac’s and its enigmatic boss, Ethan Myers, be the ones to give Jacob his defining moment?

So what did I think?

This was a enjoyable story. Read while on holiday, I wasn’t looking for anything too deep and heavy and this fitted the bill perfectly.

It was a little unexpected at times. From the blurb, I expected a lot more selfish behaviour from Jacob. Yes, the beginning of the book provides his background and a glimpse of his previous attitude, but once he moves into Mac’s place he settles relatively quickly. I think this quick tempering of his behaviour made it easier to understand Ethan’s attraction.

Ethan is very inspiring, a good man doing good things. He has suffered loss in his life but hasn’t let that stop him moving forward. That is why his commencement of a relationship with Jacob is surprising. However, if you overlook the potential inappropriateness of him having a personal relationship with a client, he and Jacob make a great couple.

The turning point for Jacob comes midway through the book. “All I know, Ethan, is that coming in, and meeting you, has been a catalyst. I want to be good, whatever good is. I want to try. I want to say I am sorry to my family. I want to know where I went wrong.”

From this point, the men need to face a number of issues that threaten their relationship, from gang members, violence, Jacob’s father and their own miscommunication.

I found the book a great blend of romance, sex, interesting story and with a little bit of drama thrown in.

Plus I love the cover! 🙂

3 Stars
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