Full Disclosure by Tibby Armstrong

The Hollywood Series

  • No Apologies (book #1)
  • Acting Out (book #2)
  • Full Disclosure (book #3)

Full Disclosure (Hollywood #3)Full Disclosure by Tibby Armstrong

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Blurb...

Weddings are stressful under the best of circumstances, which this certainly isn’t. Following the release of his debut movie, No Apologies, Greg Falkner is working hard to be a better man to fiancé, Aaron Blake. When their alma mater contacts Greg and asks him to serve as their celebrity auctioneer for an upcoming charity gala, he grudgingly accepts at Aaron’s urging.

Aaron admires the new man Greg has become yet craves the old independence of his lover. He’d love to strike a compromise in the relationship and hopes that returning to their beginning will help Greg lay some of his personal demons to rest.

Neither man anticipates the violence that will befall one of them, potentially changing both lives in unimaginable ways. What emerges from the darkness, through frustrations and determination, is a remarkable story of true love with Full Disclosure.

So what did I think?

I continue to love this series!

This is the third book and focuses once again on Greg and Aaron. They are planning their wedding but most of the story focuses on a visit back to their school where Greg has been invited as a celebrity auctioneer.

It is really interesting to learn more about their past and their school days. The story is also about violence and provides a look at how Greg and Aaron both react to the situation that has befallen them. The road to their wedding is a long and traumatic one for both of them.

Of course, there is a great happy ending “With Aaron by his side he could conquer anything. Be anything. Together they were invincible, forever young and whole, always complete.”

I am also very excited to learn their is a fourth book in the series Out Takes which continues the story of Jeremy and Kit. No release date as yet but hopefully not long!

4 Stars

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