Hidden Desires (Tri-Omega Mates #3) by Stormy Glenn

This series continues to impress! Great characters and lots of humour!

The Tri-Omega Mates series

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Hidden Desires (Tri-Omega Mates, #3)Hidden Desires by Stormy Glenn

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

After watching his alpha and beta almost lose their mate, Thomas decides he needs some time alone. Driving across country, he discovers Micah, a human that smells like dark chocolate and summer rain. He knows immediately that Micah is his mate, but before he can claim him, he has to get Micah’s sexy little butt out of trouble. They are attacked by a band of bullies. In his bid to protect his mate, Thomas reveals his true nature to the bullies and to Micah. Afterwards, he has to call in reinforcements to help clean up the mess. It comes in the form of Caleb Hunter, alpha of the Hunter Pack and Micah’s other mate. But Micah’s human. Isn’t he?

So what did I think?

The third book in the series, this is quite an entertaining story – quick moving and lots of humour.

Thomas sees Micah, knows he’s destined to be his mate but has to save him from the bullies first. He steps up in protective mode, placing himself between the smaller, delicate Micah and the men who are taunting him. He doesn’t hold back in proclaiming his attraction to Micah and demanding respect at which point the bullies are surprised to learn he is gay.
“You’re a fag?”
“Oh please, you need to be more politically correct when insulting someone. Don’t you ever read the papers? We’re progressive. We prefer the term pussy challenged. Now, get with the program, boys. My lunch date is waiting.”

Thomas uses his wit and humour to defuse the situation only to find that Micah has left but not before leaving him a pink rose and a note. (Luckily Micah had a rose handy!)

As per the other books, sizzling hot sex without much buildup – cause when you know the guy is your mate you just go for it – instinct just demands sex and claiming!

There is another incident where Thomas need to protect Micah. This time he needs to use his special skills so makes Micah close his eyes while he deals with the bad guys. Finally he resorts to calling in the pack’s “clean up” crew to help him and Micah get away. Unfortunately Micah overhears some of his conversation – he must have had good hearing to overhear both sides of the conversation. “What did Jake mean by shifting? Into what? A werewolf? Really? It’s quite funny to watch he reaction to finding out this pretty momentous news but just seems to accept it, more annoyed about the lying rather than the actual werewolf thing. “Okay, it is a little weird, I think I already said that, but we all have our idiosyncrasies. Yours just seem to be a little stranger than most. So what? It still doesn’t change the fact that you lied to me.”

The local pack is dispatched to the scene to help out and the Alpha just happens to be Micah’s other mate and claims him before Thomas becomes aware. This leads into the bulk of the story – the challenges of being a threesome, the tri-omega complexities & secrets from Micah’s past.

I did find Caleb to be not very appealing when he first joins the story and at times Micah was a little annoying (referred to as ‘spunkiness’ in the book). Thomas is just supportive and nice and all too kind and sharing.
There were a few things that I didn’t quite grasp or thought weren’t well explained – Micah just leaving his old life behind, Micah’s parent’s behaviour, some lack of observation about Micah’s physical appearance  – but I just accepted the story for what was presented.

Overall, perfect book if you like a cute story filled with lots of humour and lots of very well written sex scenes!

Favourite quotes:

“It wasn’t easy being werewolf and gay. Everyone wanted you to have cubs. The more cubs you had, the more pack members. The more pack members there were, the stronger the pack – yada, yada, yada.”

“We never had a first date, or a second one. We’ve never even had a date. We just went from hello to bed. And now I find out you’re a werewolf?”

“Yes, I’m housebroken.”

“Don’t you Micah me, fur ball.”

“I’m not real sure how this whole greeting thing works, but if you’re going to try to sniff my ass I expect dinner first.”

3.5 stars

To find out more about Stormy Glenn and her books visit her website.

Check out the Book Trailer for the series.

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