The Men of Holsum College: Bossy and the Brat (book #5) by Daisy Harris

From the author: Holsum College is your average liberal arts school nestled in the scenic hills of Vermont. Well—except that it has more than it’s fair share of gay and gay-curious students. Handsome and horny, Holsum College boys get into all kinds of hijinks as they text, party, make out, pretend to study, and basically act like your average university students.If you remember the days when every conversation eventually turned to sex, the walls were thin enough to hear your neighbor breath, “massage” was code for “hook-up” and every Friday night meant a new party, then Holsum College is the series for you!

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Bossy and the Brat (Men of Holsum College #5)Bossy and the Brat by Daisy Harris

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Calvin Beaumont is supposed to marry Nicole. He’s a biology major, lab tech, and resident advisor—everything everyone expects him to be. There’s only one problem. He likes boys. In particular, a flirty dance major who was a freshman on his hall.

It’s sizzling summer at Holsum College, and Tyler Burk isn’t a freshman anymore. When he notices his hardworking resident advisor has same-sex feelings, he goads, teases, and tempts Mr. Bossy into dating on the sly. Cal may not be out, but he’s domineeringly hot, and Tyler doesn’t mind keeping things quiet…for a while.

But Calvin has wanted Tyler all year, and their sexting and secret rendezvous soon blossom into something neither one of them can control. Can Cal control his secret, as well as his sexy little brat? Or will he be man enough to admit he’s not the man everyone thought he was?

So what did I think?

This is the fifth book in the series and follows the Player and the Prude  which was the darkest book in the series yet. With this story, the series reverts back to the somewhat lighter side of romance as Tyler and Cal start to connect.

At the start of the book, Cal has a girlfriend who moved to college with him from their small town. They haven’t had sex, and Cal has used the small-town-values-sex-before-marriage thing as a excuse. But he really knows that he is not really attracted to her. She knows it too and they part ways but this all seemed a bit too easy and I would have expected more tension in the situation.

It’s Cal’s obvious obsession with Tyler, the guy in the room across the hall, that makes his true desires evident. But Cal is reluctant to start anything mainly because he was the RA and Tyler was a freshman. Tyler is a flirt and is looking for love and a boyfriend in all the wrong places. I never totally warmed to Tyler, perhaps because he seemed quite immature. It was also a bit of a struggle to truly believe in the relationship because I never got a real sense that the men knew what was in the heart and soul of the other, the relationship seemed a bit superficial.

There’s lots of teasing between Cal and Tyler and it doesn’t take much to get either of them going. Cal’s virgin status has him focused on sex pretty much all the time! A bit of sexting takes place as Tyler sends some nude photos to Cal and there is scene where they get off while texting back and forth – phone sex seems so much easier than text sex – surely it’s difficult to coordinate the texting with the other activity that’s going on? 🙂 Given Cal’s lack of experience I was also a bit worried for Tyler with the shoelace thing!

So all in all, I enjoyed reading this book, although perhaps not as much as the earlier books in the series.

3 Stars

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