Sub-Mission by Sage Marlowe

The Sub-Mission Series reading order:

  • Sub-Mission (Book #1) – in this review
  • Re-Submission (Book #2)
  • Sub-Culture (Book #3)

Sub-MissionSub-Mission by Sage Marlowe

My rating: 3.5  of 5 stars

The Blurb…

How far would you go to save the one you love? Pierce Hollister is a down-to-earth businessman. Most of the time. His romantic side has him secretly dreaming of Mr Right, a family and happy ever after. Noah Conway is a single father who doesn’t believe in happy families anymore. When his daughter’s life is at stake, he would sell his soul to save her but as a sadistic Dom takes an interest in him, he sells his body instead. A shared session at a BDSM club leaves Pierce intrigued and soon he finds himself willing to do anything in his power to heal the wounds that life has left on Noah’s soul. When he realises that the very thing Noah dreads the most might just be what he needs, Pierce sets out on a mission – but maybe it’s just not in his power to save Noah. Will Noah be able to battle the demons that haunt him and find the happy ever after Pierce has dreamed up for them?

So what did I think?

I found this book unexpected and refreshing in the way the relationship between Noah and Pierce was portrayed. But this was definitely not the story I was expecting. It had some elements that were fabulous but others had me confused. My conundrum with this book were my feelings about both the main characters but mainly Noah. I felt quite conflicted. I had so much sympathy for his terrible situation, for the rejection by his family and the heartache of the problems with his little girl. I could understand his desire and need to do ANYTHING to save his child. I loved the way he opened up to Pierce and started to let him into his life but I absolutely HATED some of his actions. Obviously the author was doing something right to elicit such feelings towards the character!

I was also slightly conflicted with Pierce. I found his behaviour during his first encounter with Noah to be questionable. He had a feeling something wasn’t right and didn’t trust his instincts. This didn’t endear his character to me and I couldn’t understand why Noah really wanted to see him again.

However, overall the story presents a very interesting view of how Noah and Pierce finally come to be together – the emotional complexities, the response to betrayal, the steps to healing. There wasn’t the BDSM I was expecting in the relationship between the two men and I admit I was quite surprised by Pierce’s brother’s involvement in Noah’s recovery. Obviously Pierce and his brother have a very trusting relationship for jealously not to rear it’s head! I will definitely be continuing on to read the next book in the series.

3.5 stars

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