???? M/M review preferences. Do you want the ‘new and shiny’ or the older stuff?

I’d love to know what you think!

I love to read new releases. I like the new and the shiny. So much so that I usually can’t resist buying them as soon as they are available or even pre-ordering! 🙂 At this point I am not really relying too much on reviews because there aren’t too many available from ordinary readers.

I guess I am most impacted by what I know about the author, their other work, the blurb for the new book and the publicity/hype surrounding the release.

I usually become aware of new books from a number of sources.  I see friends on Goodreads adding them to bookshelves, I get newsletters from publishers, I follow some authors blogs, I check out book review sites, Amazon sends me new release emails about authors I follow and I see chatter on Twitter and Facebook. And yes, I am influenced by what other people think and have to say about a particular book. 🙂

Basically there is heaps of information available about new releases and usually many reviews appearing at the same time. I know that I post reviews for new or recent releases myself! What I see less of are reviews for older books.

I usually find out about older books in a couple of ways. Firstly I see reviews posted in Goodreads by friends reading the older stuff. Sometimes I check out blog archives. But mainly I identify the older books I want to read by checking out the back catalogue of authors I like or alternatively checking out recommendation lists (such as ‘best of’ lists on GR). I admit I do spend a lot of time checking out books!

My question to you is…..would you prefer to mainly read reviews of new books or would you prefer to see more reviews of the older stuff?

I want to write reviews that are of interest, whether that be new releases, or that maybe introduce books or series that you might not have come across. I get very few books from authors or publishers and would say that about 95% of my blog reviews are for books that I have bought so am equally happy to spend my dollar on new or old books.

I’d love to get some comments if you have time to provide your thoughts.

Anyway, I’ll continue to buy lots of books (including the new and shiny ones!), read lots of books, post lots of reviews and hope that someone out there finds my reviews interesting!


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