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Everything Under the SunEverything Under the Sun by Rachel West

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

What do you do when you have every choice in the world at your fingertips and no idea what you want? Ever since Chris Bennett graduated high school a year ago, he’s been trying to figure out what’s next. His lifeguarding job has kept him busy, and in southern California, poolside isn’t a bad place to be. But he’s spent most of his time thinking about Seth, the former classmate who became something more for a few brief moments last summer. Now Seth is back, but he seems to be running toward Chris and running away from him at the same time. Meanwhile, Chris is increasingly drawn to Alex, his gorgeous new neighbor who puts up a sexy, confident front but may be harboring a few romantic demons of his own. Chris doesn’t know which direction to go, either in life or in love. But by the time he figures it out, will the right person still be around to want him back?

So what did I think?

I really enjoyed this short book. It was a sweet romance but with lots of hot sex!

Chris (nineteen) is not going anywhere with his life, undecided about his career and lusting after Seth who does not seem to share his feelings. After being hurt by Seth, he finds himself in the arms of his older (twenty six) and gorgeous neighbour.

Alex has been hurt in the past and had sworn never to give his heart to anyone again but he finds himself drawn to Chris who he finds “Different. Funny. Beautiful.” Reluctantly he initiates a very eager Chris into the joys of sex – hot sex and often! But as Seth makes an appearance to stake his own claim on Chris, they all have to analyse their feelings and work out what they really want.

I loved the characters of Chris and Alex, was suitably annoyed by Seth and adored Alex’s best friend Marty. And I love the ending where Chris finally started making some decisions and going after what he really wanted.

Plus my mum made an appearance in this book, popping up midway to say…“This is not about a curfew. This is about human decency. This is about acting responsibly. This is about you knowing that I’m not going to know where you are, knowing that I’m worrying about you, and choosing not to call and just let me know that you’re alive.”. Okay, so it was Chris’ mom but I definitely got the same lecture multiple times from my own mother! 🙂


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