★★★½ Vibrations by LA Witt ★★★½




LA Witt

The blurb…

Nate Bard is at his wit’s end. There’s something living—or not living, as the case may be—in his house, and if he ever wants to sleep again, it needs to go. Ever the skeptic, Nate balks at his sister’s suggestion of bringing in a psychic, but after another sleepless night, he’s desperate.
Enter Isaac Lane, the hot psychic who immediately senses both the ghost and the homeowner’s doubts.
Within minutes of Isaac’s arrival, weird things start happening. Though Nate hasn’t had a clue what’s been making this ghost so restless, now it seems the ghost is bent on getting the two men together. And neither Nate nor Isaac is able—or willing—to resist.

So what did Mishyjo think? 

Ever since Nate’s boyfriend moved out, strange things have been happening in his house.  He is finally convinced to call in a psychic.  Enter Isaac.  Suddenly the sexual attraction between the two is overwhelming.  Though Nate is highly skeptical of psychics and Isaac wishes to remain the consummate professional, the aphrodisiac effect being caused by the ghost is overwhelming.

At only 31 pages the story was a bit rushed but it worked well.  It was a interesting take on the lonely ghost theme.  Both MCs were likable and believable.  I would like to have seen more of them together as a couple without the ghost’s supernatural sexual energy.  I would also like to have seen what happened with the ghost once he brought the two men together.

3.5 stars

Reviewed by Mishyjo


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