CRAFT’s Disease and a helpful little product.

If you’re like me and Can’t Remember A F*&king Thing, then I may just have the product for you.

I usually have my “brilliant” ideas when I’m stuck somewhere and can’t get to a pen and paper.

Like the shower.

I have many “fantastic” scene ideas while washing and by the time I get dressed I’ve completely forgotten them. Hence I suffer from CRAFT’s disease. I saw a Facebook post for this little piece of magic and placed my order immediately.



I hear you ask, “Does it work?” Yep, it sure does.


(Yes, that’s my shower wall.)

It comes with the handy suction pencil and the eraser works too. Now I only need to remember to use it when I’m having a brainwave. Hopefully no more great ideas down the drain. If you come across any other products to help with this debilitating disease, please send me the link.

You can buy this little gem from Amazon here.

I’ll be back this time next month with something else completely random.

Till then, take care and keep reading.