NIC STARR: More Than a Friend

Tomorrow, 7th October is the release day for More Than A Friend. This is the second book in the More Than series, and follows More Than a Superstar.

More Than series (1)

I loved writing this story. There was something special about these guys that called to me when Tim and Scott appeared in the first book.  There was no question that they’d be the next couple in the series to get their happy ending. 🙂

The story focuses on Scott and Tim, building a relationship together, with the added challenge of the impact on their friend/family dynamic with Paul.

Here’s the blurb…

Tim Walker is a free man. He’s broken up with his girlfriend and is ready to move on to a new relationship. But the relationship he wants to pursue is fraught with challenges. Firstly, Scott Richardson is a man, and only Tim’s closest friends know Tim’s bisexual. Secondly, everyone knows Scott relishes the single life. And then there’s the big one: Scott is the younger brother of Tim’s best friend, Paul.

Scott can’t deny an attraction to his brother’s friend Tim. Lean, dark blond, and blue-eyed, Tim is hot and hard not to notice—especially since Scott and Tim work together. Too bad the man is straight, and too bad Scott worries how Paul will react if Scott hooks up with his best friend.

Tim and Scott want to see if there’s a chance for more than friendship between them, but neither of them wants to lose Paul. Together, they must find the courage to follow their hearts and find a way to have it all.

More Than a Friend touches on a couple of areas. Firstly, Tim is bisexual, but few people know of this because his most recent relationship has been with a women. Secondly, Scott hasn’t been interested in a relationship so his desire to date is a surprise. And finally, Tim is best friends with Scott’s brother, Paul. These guys have a bit to contend with on their road to happiness. Renae Kaye interviewed me for her blog, and asked a lot of questions about the book’s themes. Click here to see the interview if you’re interested.

I do hope you enjoy the story.

Happy reading,

Nic xx

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