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Gay romance novel recommendations

I feel like I’ve hardly read anything over the last month or two. I’ve had surgery on my neck and it’s amazing how difficult holding a book is when you’re wearing a hard collar neck brace! I also didn’t get to listen to much in the way of audio books, instead spending most of my time sleeping or staring mindlessly at the TV.

Finders Keepers by N.R. Walker

N.R. Walker writes some wonderful books. Finders Keepers was sweet and fun. It’s the perfect book if you’re looking for an easy to read, low angst story. I also have a soft spot because it’s set in Australia. It’s also on Kindle Unlimited if you subscribe. Click here to find out more.

The Sinner and the Saint by RJ Scott

This is the 8th book in the Ellery Mountain series. There’s something nice and comforting about reading series like this – when each book comes out it’s like visiting a familiar town and spending time with old friends. There’s something reassuring about knowing what to expect while spending time with new characters falling in love. Click here for more.

Love in Spades by Charlie Cochet

This book starts a new series, Four Kings Security. This was an action romance with the main characters finding love while fighting the bad guys – a bit of mystery, a touch of action and a lot of love. This is another KU book. Click here for more.

Alpha Heat by Leta Blake

Continuing my commitment to branch out from purely contemporary romance, I read this paranormal romance. This is the second book in the series (Heat of Love) so I recommend reading book 1 first. I like the world building and the fact this is a relationship that is forbidden. Click here.

If you’ve got an recommendations for books for me to check out, comment below. I’m always after new recommendations.

Happy reading,

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Cover Reveal, Excerpt and Giveaway! Against the Grain by Charlie Cochet


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Charlie Cochet reveals the beautiful cover art for the next book in her THIRDS series titled Against The Grain.

It releases on August 3, 2015, published by Dreamspinner Press.



As the fiercest Defense Agent at the THIRDS, Destructive Delta’s Ash Keeler is foul-mouthed and foul-tempered. But his hard-lined approach always yields results, evident by his recent infiltration of the Coalition. Thanks to Ash’s skills and the help of his team, they finally put an end to the murdering extremist group for good, though not before Ash takes a bullet to save teammate Cael Maddock. As a result, Ash’s secrets start to surface, and he can no longer ignore what’s in his heart.

Cael Maddock is no stranger to heartache. As a Recon Agent for Destructive Delta, he has successfully maneuvered through the urban jungle that is New York City, picking up his own scars along the way. Yet nothing he’s ever faced has been more of a challenge than the heart of Ash Keeler, his supposedly straight teammate. Being in love isn’t the only danger he and Ash face as wounds reopen and new secrets emerge, forcing them to question old loyalties.



Cover Art by L.C. Chase



When they arrived at HQ, the rest of their team was there in the armory getting dressed and gearing up. Cael pulled his extra uniform from his weapons locker, noticing how everyone seemed to be lost in their own thoughts. They were probably wondering along the same lines as him. This wasn’t a regular callout.

“Sloane, what’s going on?”

“I don’t know.”

Sloane looked troubled, and that wasn’t good. Why would Sparks not inform Sloane? Cael finished getting dressed beside Ash, straightening one of the straps of Ash’s tactical vest, when he heard familiar voices. Seb entered their armory, followed by his team. He was dressed in full gear, looking large and imposing, as always. He gave Cael a wink before walking past him to speak quietly to Hobbs, who was looking anxious. Calvin wasn’t kidding. Hobbs looked like he hadn’t slept in days. His shoulders were slumped, and he stayed as close to Calvin as possible. Seb let his head rest against his little brother’s, whispering something to Hobbs, who nodded and even managed a small smile.

Calvin closed his locker and turned to Seb. “Any idea what this is all about?”

“Yeah,” Dex pitched in. “And why are we meeting offsite?”

Seb released his brother and shook his head, his expression no less troubled or confused than the rest of them. “I know as much about all this as you guys. We better head out.”

They all finished suiting up and grabbing their gear before hurrying out of the armory and heading for their BearCats. Sloane, Seb, and Taylor did a quick recon before splitting up and leading their teams to their respective trucks. Hobbs climbed in behind the wheel with Calvin riding shotgun as usual. Cael sat behind his surveillance console when it struck him.

“Where’s the sarge?”

Everyone stilled.

“I’ll find out,” Sloane said, typing away at his smartphone as everyone took a seat on the bench and buckled up.

Cael fastened his seat belt as the BearCat roared to life when Sloane announced Sarge wasn’t coming.

“He’s not been called in on this.”


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AuthorPicCharlie Cochet is an author by day and artist by night. Always quick to succumb to the whispers of her wayward muse, no star is out of reach when following her passion. From adventurous agents and sexy shifters, to society gentlemen and hardboiled detectives, there’s bound to be plenty of mischief for her heroes to find themselves in, and plenty of romance, too!

Currently residing in Central Florida, Charlie is at the beck and call of a rascally Doxiepoo bent on world domination. When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found reading, drawing, or watching movies. She runs on coffee, thrives on music, and loves to hear from readers.


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EXCERPT & GIVEAWAY: Rise & Fall by Charlie Cochet


Rise & Fall 

(THIRDS Series, Book #4) 

by Charlie Cochet 

After an attack by the Coalition leaves THIRDS Team Leader Sloane Brodie critically injured, agent Dexter J. Daley swears to make Beck Hogan pay for what he’s done. But Dex’s plans for retribution are short-lived. With Ash still on leave with his own injuries, Sloane in the hospital, and Destructive Delta in the Coalition’s crosshairs, Lieutenant Sparks isn’t taking any chances. Dex’s team is pulled from the case, with the investigation handed to Team Leader Sebastian Hobbs. Dex refuses to stand by while another team goes after Hogan, and decides to put his old HPF detective skills to work to find Hogan before Theta Destructive, no matter the cost.
With a lengthy and painful recovery ahead of him, the last thing Sloane needs is his partner out scouring the city, especially when the lies—however well intentioned—begin to spiral out of control. Sloane is all too familiar with the desire to retaliate, but some things are more important, like the man who’s pledged to stand beside him. As Dex starts down a dark path, it’s up to Sloane to show him what’s at stake, and finally put a name to what’s in his heart.

Available for purchase at





Dex sorted out
all of Sloane’s pillows, fluffing them up and arranging them before bringing
the tray over.
Once Sloane was
settled, Dex placed the tray over his lap and kissed him, tasting a faint hint
of minty freshness.
Sloane stared
down at the tray.
“Is it okay?” Dex
asked. Had he forgotten something? “Eggs benedict and pancakes are your
Sloane nodded.
“What’s wrong?”
“You made
heart-shaped pancakes.”
Dex held back a
smile. “Are they too unmanly? Should I have made them grenade-shaped? I’m sure
Letty’s got a
mold for those.”
Sloane chuckled.
“No, hearts are fine. It’s real sweet. Thank you.”
Dex sat down on the
edge of the bed beside him. He ran his fingers through Sloane’s hair feeling
for having left
him on his own last night. Sloane could take care of himself, even if he was
injured, but
his partner was
drugged up and obviously feeling a little out of it, considering his reaction
to the heart
shaped pancakes.
Maybe it was time he took care of his partner like he’d promised he would.
“Why don’t you
eat your breakfast while I shower, and we’ll watch a movie or something
Sloane gave him a
wide smile. “I’d like that.”
Dex left Sloane
to his breakfast and went off to shower as quickly as he could. Showering
wasn’t as
much fun without
his partner. As he lathered himself up, a naughty thought occurred to him. He’d
promised he’d
make his partner purr. Finishing up, he could barely hold back his smile or the
spreading through
him. Easy there, Daley. Don’t get yourself worked up yet. He dressed in his
cotton pajama
bottoms and a loose faded Back to the Future T-shirt before heading out into
bedroom. Sloane
was smiling, his plate devoid of any evidence food had ever been on there. Wow,
partner had been
hungry. Really hungry. Starving. Sort of like after….
“Please tell me
you didn’t.” Dex removed the tray and put it on the floor against the wall. He
pulled the
blanket back and
tried to lift Sloane’s T-shirt, but his partner slapped his hand away. “Sloane,
let me see,
damn it.” He
grabbed Sloane’s wrist with one hand and managed to pull up the cotton shirt,
under his breath
at the tiny beads of blood seeping through the bandage. “For fuck’s sake, did
you try to
shift?” When
Sloane looked away, Dex had his answer. No wonder his partner was out of it. It
just the meds.
Sloane hadn’t recuperated from postshift. Dex opened the minifridge and found
it empty.
“When?” He
slammed the fridge door shut.
“Last night.
After you called,” Sloane mumbled.
“Last night?” Dex
put a hand to his head. Veggies and hummus were all well and good for Sloane’s
Human side, but
not for the Felid inside him. He needed meat, protein, and more than the packet
sliced chicken
Dex had left him in the fridge. “Fuck. Sloane, you know you’re not supposed to
shifting. The
doctor said so, and it’s in the packet. To make matters worse, you do it when
there’s no
one here to
perform postshift trauma care? With no access to the right foods? What were you
“I’m thinking I
need to fucking heal, and if that’s the quickest way to do it, then it’s a risk
I’m willing to
Sloane’s ferocity
surprised Dex, and he took a step back. His partner’s pupils were dilated and
his fangs
elongated. Fuck, what the hell was going on? It was like Sloane was having
trouble controlling his
feral side. Dex
could see it. He could see the Felid inside Sloane staring back at him from
behind glowing
amber eyes. Could
the meds be doing this? The recovery packet the doctor had given them
instructed Sloane
not shift while he was healing, especially while on his meds.
“Okay, take it
easy. It’s me.” Dex held his hands up in front of him and swallowed hard, aware
of the
telltale signs.
“There’s no hurry for you to heal, Sloane. It’s okay.”
“It’s not okay,”
Sloane snarled, his fingers flexing against the sheets and his nails starting
to grow. Fuck.
Oh fuck.
“Sloane, you need
to breathe. Calm down.” Dex slowly edged away from the bed. Why was this
happening? Sloane
had never lost his grip on his Felid side. Not to mention he’d yet to fully
recover from
his first
attempt. “Please, Sloane. Your body’s not healed from the first try. Who knows
what asecond
attempt will do?”
There was no
reply from Sloane. He was gritting his teeth, his face red, and his muscles
“Sloane, you need
to stop.”
“I can’t.” Sloane
lowered his head, his fierce gaze on Dex.
“To protect you!”
Dex gasped as
Sloane let out a roar, his body starting to shift. What the hell was Dex
supposed to do?
He’d never faced
a Therian who’d lost control of his Human side, much less an Apex predator.
he backed up
against the far wall, cringing as Sloane’s cries of agony filled the room.
Sloane tore at his
clothes, pulling
his T-shirt and pajama bottoms off before his mass shifted, bones popped, and
pierced his skin.
Dex reached into his pocket and with shaky hands placed a call.
A gruff voice
answered. “What do you want?”
“Ash, you have to
help me.” The panic in his voice must have been clear, because Ash’s tone
transformed from
its usual gruffness to concern.
“What’s going on,
Dex? Talk to me.”
“It’s Sloane.
He’s shifting, but it’s not… not normal. He tried last night but couldn’t
complete the transformation. Then we got into an argument, and it’s like he’s
lost it. I don’t think he’s in control. How
is that
“Hide somewhere
he can’t get to you. I’m on my way. I’ve still got my key to your place.”
Ash hung up, and
Dex shoved his phone in his pocket. Where the fuck was he supposed to hide?
he moved his gaze
to the bed, he stilled. There was no time for hiding. The huge black jaguar lay
in the
center of the
bed, his tail thumping against the headboard. He sniffed the sheets, then the
air before his


gaze landed on


About the Author
Charlie Cochet is an author by day and artist by night. Always quick to succumb to the whispers of her wayward muse, no star is out of reach when following her passion. From Historical to Fantasy, Contemporary to Science Fiction, there’s bound to be plenty of mischief for her heroes to find themselves in, and plenty of romance, too!
Currently residing in South Florida, Charlie looks forward to migrating to a land where the weather includes seasons other than hot, hotter, and boy, it’s hot! When she isn’t writing, she can usually be found reading, drawing, or watching movies. She runs on coffee, thrives on music, and loves to hear from readers.
You can find Charlie at
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