The Buyout by Bru Baker

Looking for a romance in a corporate setting? Like a bit of power play and strategic maneuvering? Like a man in a suit? Appreciate witty instant messaging and shameless flirting?………

The BuyoutThe Buyout by Bru Baker

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The blurb…

All Parker Anderson has ever wanted is to take over as CEO of Anderson Industries when his father retires. But when his father is ready to leave the company, he doesn’t plan to pass the reins to Parker. Instead, he plans to sell the company, jeopardizing not only Parker’s job but hundreds of others.

Parker finds an unlikely ally in Mason Pike, the company’s resident IT guru. What starts as a flirtation takes them from coworkers to coconspirators in a plan to forcibly buy Anderson Industries out from under Parker’s father. While they focus on the buyout, their budding romance has to be put on hold, but that doesn’t stop them from flirting and teasing each other to distraction—and once their master plan comes to fruition, nothing and no one can keep them apart.

So what did I think?

I’m partial to a romance set in a corporate setting. I particularly like power plays and seeing the underdog win and of course, men in suits! In The Buyout, Parker is up against his father. Parker’s father is planning on selling the company but Parker has a strategy of his own.

On the romance side, Parker starts a flirtatious relationship with the guy sent to fix his laptop. Parker and Mason work beautifully together and their messages to each other are cute and clever.

However, I found the story wound up with slightly too much business maneuvering and not enough romance. The relationship seemed to lose some of it’s lustre once Parker and Mason stopped the witty IM banter and geeky, cheesy pick up lines.

Nevertheless it was still an enjoyable story, particularly for fans of office romance with a bit of humour.

3 Stars

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Making it Personal by K.C. Wells

Making it PersonalMaking it Personal by K.C. Wells

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Blake Davis is in the closet. And he’s going to stay that way. Because if his father finds out he’s gay, Blake could lose everything he’s worked so hard to achieve during the last six years as CEO of Trinity Publishing, the fastest rising star in the publishing firmament. Not that coming out wouldn’t solve a couple of problems. Maybe then his father would stop trying to set him up with yet another empty-headed, social-climbing girlfriend. And better still, Blake could stop using that escort agency when he wants a night of hot sex with a cute guy…

Will Parkinson has had a tough life so far, but he’s back on his feet. Okay, so he’s working as an escort – with ‘benefits’– to pay off his student loans, but that does have its advantages, such as the really hot guy who hired him. Yeah, Blake rocked his world last night – several times. So imagine how Will feels when he arrives to be interviewed for his dream job as PA in a publishing company, and the guy who’s hiring is….. Blake.

And then things get really complicated…

So what did I think?

A thoroughly enjoyable romance in a corporate setting!

The blurb gives quite an outline of the story. Blake is successfully running a publishing company but has not come out. His father still owns the company and is trying to find him a wife. Blake doesn’t want to jeapardise his future ownership of the company so goes along with his father’s plans. He uses an escort service for sex and has one hot night of sex with a gorgeous guy he feels a real connection with. That guy turns out to be Will, the guy interviewing for a role as his PA. He is most qualified for the position so Blake gives him the job.

It sounds like the story is pretty much covered off by this blurb but there are many more elements to this book. Yes, there is a huge amount of sexual tension. Yes, Blake and Will can’t resist each other. Yes, there are some interesting office characters. Yes, Blake’s current girlfriend becomes an issue. Yes, things go terribly wrong. But there are also some surprises. Blake’s father doesn’t turn out to be as expected. Will has a history that introduces some heartbreak but also hope.

I particularly liked the character of Will and the way he fell in love with Blake. “The physical attraction which had been so obvious since the night they met hadn’t gone away. Instead, Will felt an emotional connection to the man.” With his past and his willingness to acknowledge his feelings for Blake, he showed great courage and I really wanted him to get his happy ending.

Throw in some drama with a sex party, a confrontation with the girlfriend (who was luckily a total conniving bitch so easy to dislike), allegations of assault, unexpected forced coming out and ultimate grand gestures and you have a really interesting story.

I also liked the cute little references to the growing popularity of m/m romance books as Blake justifies to his father why he is taking the publishing company in that direction!

4 Stars

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