GUEST POST: Snapshots at the Fontaine Motel by Skot Harris


Snapshots at the Fontaine Motel by Skot Harris
Publication Date: August 25, 2016

Genre: Murder Mystery, Road Trip, Action-Adventure, LGBT


Many thanks and big ol’ KAPOW! to BTMABTO for generously giving me a guest post to present my third novel, Snapshots at the Fontaine Motel!

What started as an English class short story during my junior year of high school and eventually evolved and changed and edited and rewrote itself into its published state, the novel gives a cheeky wink and nod to such movie greats as Thelma & Louise and The Breakfast Club. My initial inspiration came from my close-knit circle of high school friends. What would happen in the mid-90s if we had been involved in a horrific crime of murder? Would the friendship be strong enough to survive such a dangerous situation? If so, what kind of life could be created on the run from the law? Would there be any hope or possibility for a real life, with love or any kind of future? These questions were the foundation for Snapshots at the Fontaine Motel.

Stuffed with murder, tears, sarcasm, and endless pop culture references, the novel takes the reader on a lightning-fast journey, exploring coming-of-age themes like self-discovery, love, loyalty and betrayal, set against the backdrop of pre-cell phones and pre-internet ‘90s America… 


May 1996.

Six friends—inseparable since childhood—seek immediate revenge after one of them is brutally attacked. But their vigilante justice spins violently out of control and leaves the attacker dead, accidentally killed by their own hands.

Desperate to save themselves as the FBI inches dangerously close, they flee Michigan, speeding across state lines and dusty backroads that lead to the Fontaine Motel, an isolated, rundown hideout in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma.

In a few lightning-fast days, their temporary safety leads to much more—self-discovery, love, and deadly secrets that will not only change everything, but threaten the very lives they’re frantic to protect…


The novel features a tender and heartbreaking gay subplot: Matt and Ford have been best friends since before they could speak. Matt is a sarcastic, witty, handsome wannabe photographer. Ford is a beautiful, shy and fiercely loyal baseball player who may or may not be madly in love with Matt. After accidentally murdering the high school bully with their friends, Matt and Ford are forced to confront their feelings for each other, especially as the FBI inches closer every day. And when Matt meets a handsome, rugged cowboy named Casey, Ford can’t waste any more time. If he has any hope to share his life—whatever kind of life any of them may have left—with Matt, he must decide whether to make the courageous decision to confess his feelings or live with disastrous consequences without every knowing what could have been…

About Skot Harris

SkotHarrisPicSkot Harris has spent the last 10+ years travelling the world as a dressing room assistant and backstage manager for various musicians, everyone from Linkin Park to Drake to Neil Diamond to Taylor Swift to Neil Diamond to and more. But his first love has always been writing. He graduated with a degree in creative writing from the University of Michigan and published his first novel, Ann Arbor South ’96, in 2006. It was based on his turbulent high school years in ‘90s Michigan. Its sequel,Heart on the Run, came in 2009. His latest (and greatest) novel, Snapshots at the Fontaine Motel, was published in August 2016. He grew up near Detroit with a pop culture obsession. Born a rolling stone, Skot lived all over the US and moved to the United Kingdom for love in 2009. He married a beautiful British boy in 2011 and continues to live in England.


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