GUEST POST: The Boy Who Fell To Earth by A. Zukowski

Per angustia, non est redemptio

I was breathless and often in tears. Emotionally wrung-me-out. It warmed me, broke me, comforted and soothed me.

Comments from some of the readers of The Boy Who Fell to Earth.

Sorry about that… for taking you on the emotionally raw journey I’ve travelled and making you suffer. Jay and Sasha lived in my head for a long time. At the end, they’ve become these complex characters who eat me up, turn me inside out. They take me back to the alleys and the canal of the Gay Village in Manchester. It was a playground for me when I was a new adult; no amount of cleaning up of the red light district was going to get rid of its darkness. But it was a time of innocence and true love, too.

Other snippets of memory. I’d drifted through the Dutch cities—Utrecht, Rotterdam, Amsterdam—sleeping in shelters and hostels. Before some of these places opened for the night, we’d waited in the train stations and sometimes on the streets. Heeft u geld? Drugs? It was foolhardy, but my eighteen-year-old self was fearless, and I live to tell the tale.

I wrote the story from those memories, of the people I’d lost. They’ve inspired me with their deep flaws, and their hope for love and acceptance. Through adversity, there’s redemption.

– A. Zukowski


A gang leaves a badly injured teenager on Jay’s doorstep. Sasha is homeless, addicted to drugs and sells himself on the streets to fund his habit. Jay’s attraction to Sasha confirms his sexuality. Now he has to come out to his macho mates. Sasha needs to stay clean when his past threatens to throw him back into the abyss. Are the two boys strong enough to stay together against all odds? A YA story about hope, courage, and compassion on the mean streets of London.

“It has a force that keeps you on the edge of the seat and a grittiness that opens your eyes and makes you think.” ~ Sinfully Gay Romance Book Review

“I know this is one of those stories that will play on my mind long after I’ve stopped reading.” ~ Alpha Book Club

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The first time Jay kisses a boy

We ended up sharing a joint again that afternoon. I carried on my one-sided conversation while he patiently listened to me, his newly cleaned hair shining in the sun. He had his back to the door frame, his eyes closed to catch the rays like he was on holidays enjoying himself, trying to get a tan. For the first time since we picked him off the front lawn, he was relaxed. I was absolutely mesmerised by the shape of his face, the lines of his nose, the vulnerability of that bruised body. I leaned forward and touched his lips with mine.

His eyes snapped open, but he didn’t seem shocked or upset.

Still. I moved away, awkwardly. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to,” I muttered.

He gazed at me, his eyes quietly assessing me. His facial expression was calm and receptive. “It’s okay.”

My eyes went wide. “Okay? Hmm.” I busied myself with a little loose thread on my top. I hadn’t even kissed a boy before and now I had done this to a stranger, someone who didn’t yet have a name. What the fuck was I doing?

He lit the joint and drew on it deeply. He breathed out, cocked his head, and looked at my face, as if he was trying to work me out. “Does your mum know you’re gay?”

I stared at him. I hadn’t considered coming out seriously. Hell, I hadn’t even come out to myself, so why would I have spoken to Ma about it? “Uh, no,” I answered.

He took another toke and passed the joint back to me. He didn’t comment further.

All my doubts evaporated. He’d acted like it was nothing special and, like he said, it was okay. Kissing a boy you found attractive was fine. I couldn’t believe I’d come out for the first time to a total stranger after kissing him.


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Author biography:

Zukowski is a London-based British writer who grew up in the gay village and red light district of Manchester. AZ was trained in screenwriting at the University of the Arts London; National Film & Television School and Script Factory, UK, followed by various misadventures as a film journalist, and writer and producer of short films.

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BLOG TOUR! Out of Bounds by A.R. Barley


When the weather outside starts cooling down, inside the dorm things are heating up. Can these college roommates fall in love without going out of bounds?

 Beaten and heartbroken, Jesse Cole is placed in a new dorm room after his last roommate attacked him. Just wanting to be left alone to heal in peace, he’s shocked when tall, dark and dangerous-looking Nick Moretti walks in.

 Nick doesn’t have time to tiptoe around his new roommate—he’s too busy working in order to pay for school. But something about Jesse brings out his protective instincts. As their cautious friendship grows and becomes loaded with sexual tension, he wants to make Jesse comfortable.

 Enter the perfect plan: a line of tape down the center of the room. Boundaries established.

 But as innocent movie nights become hours-long temptation marathons, and whispered chats from across the room delve into straight-up dirty territory, crossing the line has never been so satisfying.


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GUEST POST & GIVEAWAY: Exchange of Hearts by N.R. Walker

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Exchange of Hearts

In Exchange of Hearts, Harrison and Levi venture out of their dorm room and travel to the Blue Mountains. Harrison’s family have a weekender there, and by some stroke of luck after Harrison’s parents must return to the city, the boys are left alone for an entire weekend.

I can picture the house, the farm, and the undulating hills, because I used to spend weekends there myself.

A lifetime ago, when I lived in Sydney, I dated a guy whose family had a weekender on a farm in Little Hartley, a small town in the Blue Mountains. We spent a few weekends there, and it was this place I imagined Harrison and Levi spent their memorable weekend together. The farm was a few hundred acres, there were horses and motorbikes, and it reminded me a great deal of the house I grew up in.

It had been years since I’d thought about that place and the memories there, and it was so nice to revisit. I love it when reading a book can snag an old memory, but I love it even more when writing a book does.

The Blue Mountains are a remarkable part of Australia. Not that the boys see much of it 😉 But the area, about two hours from Sydney, is a landmark of natural and cultural significance, and is one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations.


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Eighteen-year-old Harrison Haddon has grown up alone. Surrounded by wealth, nannies, and material things, all he craves is the approval of his father. Sent away to the boarding school his father and grandfather attended, it’s assumed he will follow in their footsteps from Sydney’s prestigious Ivy League school straight into medical school.

But Harrison doesn’t want to be a doctor.

He dreams of music and classical piano. His only true happiness, his escape from the world expected of him, is dismissed by his intolerant and emotionally detached parents.

Levi Aston arrives from London for a three-month student exchange program. Free-spirited and confident in who he is and what he wants to do with his life, Levi convinces Harrison not give up on his dreams.

But convincing Harrison not to give up on his family might not be so easy.

Piano classical music musician player. Pianist with musical instrument grand piano




I walked side by side with the blonde, well-dressed woman and ignored the looks and laughter from the other guys.

Along with our student advisor, Miss Goff, I’d been relegated as the welcoming committee to the new kid. As part of a student exchange program, a kid from England was joining the ever-so-prestigious St. Michael’s Boarding School for three months.

So, why me? Why did I get picked to go?

Because he was going to be my roommate. That was why.

As we got to the car, Miss Goff stopped. “Oh, I just remembered I left the file in my office. I’ll be right back, Harrison,” she told me. “Wait here. I won’t be a minute.”

As she turned and walked briskly back toward the building, I leaned against the car, knowing the other kids would soon start with the slurs and teasing. I looked up, and of course it was him I saw.

“Have fun with Miss Goff,” Carson taunted me suggestively. The other boys laughed. His personal entourage, of course they laughed. They were all rugby players, and I was the music nerd. Tall and thin, my dark hair made my skin look paler than it really was, with long piano-playing fingers, and I was usually alone—I was the opposite to their athletic builds and jock-pack mentality. Carson laughed the loudest. “No making out with the teacher at the airport, Haddon.”

I didn’t even bother with a comeback. Why fucking bother?

He knew damn well she wasn’t my type.

She. No, shes were not my type at all.

He knew this. He knew it damn fucking well. Because he and I had fooled around together. On the quiet, of course. In the darkened privacy of his room, only when he was certain there was no one else around, when it suited him.

Just kissing mostly, rubbing, dry humping—whatever the fuck you wanted to call it.

Making out. First base. Whatever.

It was after our last encounter that things changed.

It was about two in the morning and we’d been making out in his bed. We were both so hard, and he was whining and moaning as we writhed against one another. So I slipped my hand under the waistband of his boxers, and I gave him a hand job.

Skin on skin.

I wrapped my hand around his dick, pumped and squeezed him, and not a moment later he came.

It was the fucking hottest thing. Ever.

But afterwards, when his mind had cleared of his jizz-high, he was… different. He pulled away from me and suggested coldly I go back to my room.

It was too real for him.

I figured he just needed a day or two and then things would go back to normal.

But they didn’t. They got worse.

The jokes, the taunting. It had been over three months now, and he still made fun of me. Although I could see it in his eyes, as he was saying hurtful things, his eyes were saying sorry.

And I couldn’t bring myself to say anything back. I just… couldn’t.

“You ready, Harrison?” Miss Goff’s voice startled me. She had a manila folder in her hand. “We’d better go if we’re going to be there when the plane arrives. We don’t want to be late.”

After we got into the car, she handed me the folder and then pulled out onto Ryde Road traffic, heading toward the city. I held the folder in my hands, not even bothering to open it. I couldn’t care fucking less about some foreign exchange student. If I had to put up with a roommate, I didn’t want to look at his face for any longer than necessary.

Miss Goff sensed my mood. “Don’t worry about those boys,” she told me. “People like Carson Sinclair aren’t worth your time.”

I snorted. If only she knew.

We drove for a few minutes in silence. Then she asked, “How’s the music coming along?”

We discussed my music for the rest of the drive. It was an easy subject for me, my love of piano, even though she knew I couldn’t make a career out of it. But thankfully before too much longer, we were walking into Sydney Airport’s International terminal.

I figured this kid would take a while to get through customs and there’d be some kind of paperwork to fill out—I was also guessing you couldn’t just walk into the airport and take some random kid. So presuming it was gonna take a while, I told Miss Goff, “I’m just going to grab a Coke. Can I get you anything?”

She was distracted enough, double-checking the board of flight numbers and arrival gates, and without looking at me, she shook her head. “No, thank you,” she said, before reminding me, like I was five years old and not eighteen, not to wander off, not to go too far, and to come straight back.

I grabbed a drink, and keeping an eye on Miss Goff every now and then, I browsed through magazine racks. There was nothing really worth looking at—a nice one with Hugh Jackman on the cover, but I noticed two guys near the wall looking at a map. Obviously backpackers or hikers or something. They were dressed in cargos and T-shirts, hiking shoes; young, fit, healthy.


I picked up a magazine and pretended to read it, but really I was just checking the two guys out. I didn’t often get the opportunity to perv on guys, so I took my time.

Only they caught me staring, smiled politely and moved on. They walked past some other guy who seemed to have been watching me watching them, because he was trying not to laugh.

He was cute too; tall as me, blond-brown messy hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and his pink lips gave him a nice smile. He looked fit but not like the football meatheads back at school.

I wasn’t embarrassed to have been caught looking—even in full school uniform, no one here knew me, and Miss Goff was nowhere in sight. So I decided to play it up. I looked him up and down, shrugged one shoulder, gave him one raised eyebrow and half a smirk.

He grinned, then turned his head quickly like someone called his name.

Exactly like someone called his name.

Like Miss Goff.


Oh, you have got to be fucking kidding me!

That was him?

My roommate for the next three months was the guy I just checked out?

I watched—like a slow motion car crash—as Miss Goff greeted him and offered to take his suitcase. She looked up, saw me, and called me over. His eyes followed hers, and when he saw it was me, his eyes widened, and he grinned like the Cheshire fucking cat.

I stuffed the magazine back in the rack and walked over, wishing the world would end in the next two seconds.

No such luck.

“Levi Aston?” Miss Goff said.

“Yes, Miss,” he said with a posh British accent and a smile.

She grinned. “We’d like to welcome you to Sydney, Australia. St. Michael’s is proud to have you,” she said. Then she looked at me, “This is Harrison Haddon. He’s a boarder. He’ll be your roommate and can show you around the school.”

Levi extended his hand and looked at me with a knowing smirk. “Hello, Harrison.”

Fuck. My. Life.

“Hello,” I said, shaking his hand for as long as was considered polite, then let it drop.

I was in such deep shit.


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About the Author

N.R. Walker is an Australian author, who loves her genre of gay romance.
She loves writing and spends far too much time doing it, but wouldn’t have it any other way.

She is many things; a mother, a wife, a sister, a writer. She has pretty, pretty boys who live in her head, who don’t let her sleep at night unless she gives them life with words.

She likes it when they do dirty, dirty things…but likes it even more when they fall in love.

She used to think having people in her head talking to her was weird, until one day she happened across other writers who told her it was normal.

She’s been writing ever since…

N.R. Walker’s Internet Links:

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Twitter: @NR_Walker


EXCERPT & GIVEAWAY: A Hard Day’s Night by Mia Kerick



High school senior Kalin (Lennon) Macready knows several facts for certain: John Lennon is his hero. Beaumont Finley Danforth II (Fin) is his best friend. And—this is the complicated one—he feels more for Fin than mere friendship.

For weeks, Lennon pesters Fin, who like Lennon admits to questioning his sexual orientation, for a commitment to spend twenty-four hours together exploring “the gay side of life.” Fin reluctantly agrees. Each boy will seek to answer the daunting question, Am I gay? Lennon pre-plans the day, filling the hours with what he assumes “gay life” is all about: shopping for fashionable clothing, indulging in lavish dessert crepes, boogying to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off”, and yes, listening to show tunes.

However, Lennon quickly realizes that in creating his plan he has succumbed to the most common and distorted of gay stereotypes. Can he be gay and not fit them? And more importantly, is it possible that spending one very hard day and night together will help Fin accept that he’s gay, too? If so, maybe Lennon has a shot at winning the heart of the boy of his dreams.

“A Hard Day’s Night” is an amusing young adult contemporary romance about two boys who seek to discover if they must fulfill stereotypes to be together.

In the end, maybe all you need is love.


“Fin and I have managed to get locked into what I will refer to as a repetitive pattern of affable behavior, and, in my opinion, it’s working out splendidly. We are the dearest of friends.”

Scratch that. Starting over.

And since I know it’s well past time for some brutally honest self-talk, I sit up in my bed, and by the warm glow of my Yellow Submarine nightlight, study my frayed picture of John Lennon. To complete the visual, it’s the photo from Mom’s retro record set, The White Album, that I pinned to the wall beside my bed and have worshipped regularly since I was in the seventh grade. Behind those round wire glasses, the man’s piercing eyes don’t lie—John was a brutally honest sort, often to his detriment. After all, back in 1966 didn’t he assert that The Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ? Now, that is certainly calling it exactly as he sees it.

Not that I necessarily agree with the sentiment, I respect that kind of direct- ness in a person.

I owe him this much.

Out of respect for John, I revise and reissue my previous assertion.

“The Finster and I are stuck in a rut of pleasant compatibility… an unusually

deep rut, at that.”

This attempt at telling-it-like-it-is is definitely an improvement, but it’s still

not right on the money, and I’m nothing, if not specific.

I prop up my pillow and lean hard against the creaky antique headboard (call it like you see it, Lennon—the headboard is just plain old), with the certain knowledge that I’ve completely outgrown this flimsy, twin size bed of my childhood.

So maybe it’s more like this….

“Fin and I each have one leg semi-submerged in a muddy ditch, and we’re in it well past our knees. This is the kind of murky and dark, seemingly bottomless, pit that will suck the rubber boot right off your foot with a single, hollow, slurping sound, and then belch with satisfaction.” For the third time I speak aloud in an effort to make my declaration official. “It appears that the two of us are gonna be stuck here in this mucky BFF-swampland for the long haul— bootless and slowly sinking into the sludge—unless, of course, I act decisively and with haste. And with great vigor—because, to accomplish the task I have in mind, I’m most likely going to have to shift into full-hyper-dunk-mode, possibly coupled with the drama-queen-approach. Neither of which poses a problem for me, other than that they require an excessive expenditure of energy.”

That was most definitely a mouthful, but an accurate mouthful.

And all I need is one day. Just one gay day.

Thankfully, ever proud of the open-mindedness he hides so well from his ultra-conservative family, Fin has granted me my greatest wish. On Saturday, March 21st, Beaumont Finley Danforth II (IMHO this BFD is a Big Fucking Deal) is mine for the day to do with as I please. I sincerely hope that a single day is sufficient to help Fin figure out what I already know.

Um, Lennon…maybe now is not the right time to start suffering with a debilitating bout of self-doubt.

Confidence is of key importance in this endeavor.

No, I do not have any worries, and yes, I do have twenty-four feminine-side-ex- ploring, team-switching, relationship-igniting hours to make my homeboy see the rainbow-hued light. Starting bright and early tomorrow morning.

On that note, I’ll get started with my beauty sleep. I sure hope I’m gonna need it.

I wiggle down so I’m flat on my back with my feet sticking six inches over the end of the bed, pull the covers up to my chin, and listen to my mental arrangement of “Imagine” until I fall asleep.

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About the author

Mia Kerick is the mother of four exceptional children—all named after saints—and five nonpedigreed cats—all named after the next best thing to saints, Boston Red Sox players. Her husband of twenty-two years has been told by many that he has the patience of Job, but don’t ask Mia about that, as it is a sensitive subject.

Mia focuses her stories on the emotional growth of troubled young people and their relationships, and she believes that physical intimacy has a place in a love story, but not until it is firmly established as a love story. As a teen, Mia filled spiral-bound notebooks with romantic tales of tortured heroes (most of whom happened to strongly resemble lead vocalists of 1980s big-hair bands) and stuffed them under her mattress for safekeeping. She is thankful to Dreamspinner Press, Harmony Ink Press, and CreateSpace for providing her with alternate places to stash her stories.

Mia is a social liberal and cheers for each and every victory made in the name of human rights, especially marital equality. Her only major regret: never having taken typing or computer class in school, destining her to a life consumed with two-fingered pecking and constant prayer to the Gods of Technology.

Where to find the author:


Goodreads Link:


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RELEASE DAY: Summer Love Anthology (with Giveaway)

Join us as Amy Stilgenbauer , answers some of our questions. Amy is the author of “The Fire-Eater’s Daughter”.

SummerLove 400x600px COVER-Front

Release Date: June 23, 2015

About the Anthology

Summer Love is the first collection of short stories published by Duet, the young adult imprint from Interlude Press. These short stories are about the emergence of young love of bonfires and beaches, of the magical in-between time when young lives step from one world to another, and about finding the courage to be who you really are, to follow your heart and live an authentic life. The contributing authors have written stories about both romantic and platonic love featuring characters who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, pansexual and queer/questioning. The authors also represent a spectrum of experience, identity and backgrounds.


Beautiful Monsters

A campaign volunteer is assigned to assist his high school’s Gay Straight Alliance for the Pride Parade, forcing him to face the students he had previously avoided, and the truth about himself.

Author: Rachel Davidson Leigh is a writer, educator, and small town native who tells stories she wishes she could have read as a teen. Beautiful Monsters is her first published work of fiction. She lives in Wisconsin with her family and two dogs who are spoiled out of their tiny minds.

The Willow Weeps for Us

Jack, the young son of a grocer, falls for a charming piano teacher at the dawn of World War II.

Author: Suzey Ingold is a writer, linguist and coffee addict, currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Brought up in a household where children’s books are quoted over the dinner table, literature has always had a strong influence on her life. She enjoys travelling, scented candles and brunch.

The Fire Eater’s Daughter

When a traveling carnival comes back to town, Ruth must choose between caring for her mother and a life with the beautiful and mysterious Constance, the fire eater’s daughter.

Author: Amy Stilgenbauer is a writer and aspiring archivist currently based in southeast Michigan. She is the author of the novelette series, Season of the Witch, as well as the Young Adult novel, The Legend of League Park. When she isn’t writing, Amy enjoys all things bergamot and tries to keep her cats away from her knitting.

Surface Tension

Logan just wants a summer where he can be anonymous and fit in without labels, but that all changes when he meets out-and-proud Dave at summer camp.

Author: Ella J. Ash is a lawyer by day and an author by night. She has been a writer in online fan communities since 2006. She also enjoys dance parties with her family and cooking experimental vegetarian cuisine. She lives in Toronto with her partner, three daughters and four tropical fish.

My Best Friend

In a letter to his best friend, a young gay man reminisces about their relationship.

Author: H.J. Coulter lives in Winnepeg, Canada, where she works as a respite worker and studies music, in hopes of one day becoming a musical therapist. My Best Friend is her professional writing debut.

What the Heart Wants

A young student discovers attraction and desire through her experience drawing figures in her summer art class.

Author: Naomi Tajedler was born and raised in Paris, where art has always been a part of her life—including painting, restoring books, and working in auctions. She started writing in online fan communities in 2009.

The Most Handsome

Carter, a Cape Cod boy who recently came out as transgender, meets and falls in love with a college student visiting for the summer.

Author: S.J. Martin lives with his partner and their cranky, rotund cat in Washington D.C. He’s a barista by day and a writer by night. He makes a mean cappuccino and lives for good coffee, good books, and good company. The Most Handsome is his first published story.

Something Like Freedom

A boy finds a safe space from which to imagine a new future after leaving his conservative parents’ home, thanks in part to a new friend.

Author: Caroline Hanlin is a full time statistician, a part time stage manager, and an avid sports fan. She currently resides in Boston, where she enjoys writing during her commute. Something Like Freedom is her first published short story.

On the Shore

A young woman retreats to her parents’ beach house to nurse a broken heart, but instead meets a vivacious girl who helps her find joy again.

Author: Rachel Blackburn is a writer, musician and librarian based in central Ohio. When free from work, she enjoys cuddling with her cats, drinking tea, and baking more cupcakes than necessary. On the Shore is her professional writing debut.

Please keep in mind that as an anthology, not all stories contain all elements listed.

Bisexual, Contemporary, Fiction, Gay Fiction, Lesbian Romance, M/M Romance, Romance, Trans*, Young Adult, Collection


Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Amy Stilgenbauer author of “The Fire-Eater’s Daughter” a short story in the Summer Love anthology.

Hi Amy, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your current book.

Thanks for having me!

Well, first and foremost, I’m a writer, but also a bit of a hopeless romantic who suffers from occasional bouts of wanderlust. Both of those things inspire my writing a lot. It’d be a lie to say otherwise. Summer Love suits that side of me well. It is a collection of short stories about a myriad of interesting characters navigating that time of life when you’re in between and finding out who you are. In my story, in particular, “The Fire-Eater’s Daughter” we follow a young woman about to take a huge step into adulthood by following her heart.

1) What book do you wish you could have written?

Harry Potter? I mean, who doesn’t wish they could have written Harry Potter? That series had an effect on culture that most of us can only dream of. Otherwise, maybe Persuasion. Growing up, it was never my favorite Austen novel, but I reread it recently and found myself tearing up. Out of nowhere I suddenly deeply identified. I want to be able to speak to someone at the exact right time of their life like Austen did for me.

2) How important are names to you (in your books)? Do you choose names based on liking the way it sounds or meaning? How do you choose your names?

Names are incredibly important to me. I spend a lot of time choosing just the right name for even the most minor of characters. I can be very particular about it too. It has to flow well and sound right for the character, have a meaning that suits the character’s personality, and last, but definitely not least be the right kind of name for the time period, setting, and background of the character. I have been known to check the social security name database and other lists of top 1000 baby names just to make sure a name would be right for a given place and year for a character that has 2 lines. It actually snags my writing sometimes, so I have to force myself to write “[name]” and come back to it.

3) Were you already a great writer? Have you always enjoyed writing?

I don’t know if I’d call myself a great writer. That said, I have always enjoyed writing. Since I was very small I’ve been telling stories. They haven’t all been good. They haven’t all been close to good. I did win a seat-belt safety poetry contest in the 3rd grade though, if that counts for anything.

4) How long have you been writing?

I honestly think you could say forever. The earliest one I remember though was from when I was about six or seven. My sister and I used to make up terrible long running series about the adventures of our stuffed animals and I would compile them into little books. It was varyingly called “Kitty World” and “The Super Six.” I cannot vouch for the quality, but it did kick off a lifetime devotion to the written word.

5) What hobbies do you enjoy?

I have too many hobbies for my own good. I garden. I knit. I hike. I swing dance. I sing when no one other than my voice teacher is listening. I miss my cello. I talk myself out of buying a dulcimer almost daily. I spend hours with language tapes trying to learn three or four different languages in a given week and fail utterly because that is so not how you learn a language. I read a lot. Quite frankly, I just don’t like to be bored, and I like finding new ways to accomplish this goal.

Excerpt: (From Beautiful Monsters)

Beautiful Monsters

By Rachel Davidson Leigh

“Glad to see you could join the party,” Terrence deadpans, pressing a rainbow bandana into André’s hand. André grabs a second bandana out of the bag, stuffs one in each of his back pockets, and then goes in for a third.

“Cody was checking out the parade route,” André replies, in a smooth lie. “It turns out we’re still walking six blocks through absolutely nothing and then calling it a day.” Terrence laughs, and, as he turns away, André presses a handkerchief into Cody’s hand. “Use it wisely,” he whispers into Cody’s ear. “You’re one of us now.”

One of us. He’s never been part of an “us.” Cody stares down at the lines on the handkerchief and then at the two patches of color on the back of André’s jeans as he walks toward the arriving cars.

Cody expects panic, but it doesn’t come. Maybe he isn’t ready to be Gay with a capital G, but if “us” can mean being one of these idiots, then maybe he’s ready to have people of his own. As he watches the sharp sway of André’s hips, the heat rising up his neck doesn’t feel like fear. It feels like… clarity, as though the run put everything in perspective and now he can’t stop seeing André in crisp, dazzling color.

Someone presses a sign into his hand and guides him toward the parade staging area with the rest of the crew. Once again, he can’t hear himself think over the din, but it’s different now. At the meeting, and for years before that in the hallways, he felt like an invader locked out by a wall of sound, and now he’s somehow wandered inside.


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GUEST POST: Willem of the Tafel by Hans M Hirschi

What a fabulous blog tour with the most AMAZING giveaway prizes. Make sure you check them out! There’s also a book trailer and a playlist.



Willem of the Tafel by Hans M. Hirschi

Willem of the Tafel by

Hans M. Hirschi

Published by

Beaten Track Publishing

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, LGBT, Post-Dystopian, Young Adult

194 pages

Release Date: May 28, 2015


The world we know is gone, destroyed by greed and ignorance. On a post-apocalyptic Earth, centuries into the future, few have survived the Great War. Some have taken refuge deep inside a mountain. One of them, Willem, is exiled to the surface… Alone and struggling to survive, Willem embarks on an epic journey, making a discovery that could once again alter the future of humanity. Willem of the Tafel is an epic tale of survival, second chances, hope and undying love.


Guest Post

Power corrupts, absolute power…

One of the main topics of Willem of the Tafel is power. Mavuto, the leader of the Tafel is obsessed with power, and we all know what absolute power does to us. I’ve always wondered why that is so, what makes people value their own power so highly that they are willing to go to such great lengths. I’m not the first to be occupied with this topic, of course, and it is undoubtedly an interesting one.

Table_Mountain-003 (2)Willem, on the other hand, has power thrust at him against his will. He doesn’t seek it, he doesn’t want it, but has no choice. I use an analogy to the South Africa of our time and the rainbow nation’s first president, Nelson Mandela. He left the presidency after just one term, never having sought it, valuing the time he had left on this planet so much that he wanted to spend it on things that really matter: family, his wife.

His successors are bound by the constitution which limits their terms to two, but we can see how some presidents don’t care about even constitutions, e.g. in Burundi, where hundreds of people die, fighting to uphold the constitution against a president seeking a third term in office. FIFA and Mr. Blatter is another good example. A really old man who believes that the world cannot spin without him at the helm. What makes people believe that? Megalomania? The president of Zimbabwe is another example, and I could go on and on.

In the novel, we see how humanity has learned to deal with the challenge of power in different ways. The Tafel society almost crumbles under their corrupt leader, while the societies above the surface have adopted a model with very weak states. I provide no answers, because I don’t have any, but it is certainly worth contemplating, even within the covers of a love story.

Check out the Playlist

Check out the trailer for Willem of the Tafel




Follow the Willem of the Tafel Virtual book tour here


Hans M Hirschi (b. 1967) has been writing stories ever since he was a child. Adulthood and the demands of corporate life efficiently put an end to his fictional writing for over twenty years.
A global executive in training and channel development, Hans has traveled the world and had previously published non-fictional titles.

The birth of his son and the subsequent parental leave provided him with the opportunity to unleash his creative writing once again. With little influence over his brain’s creative workings, he indulges it, going with the flow.

A deeply rooted passion for, faith in a better world, in love, tolerance and diversity are a red thread throughout both his creative and non-fictional work. His novels might best be described as “literary romance, engaging characters and relevant stories that won’t leave you untouched, but hopeful.”

Hans is a proud member of the Swedish Writers’ Union and the Writers’ Center in Sweden.



The giveaway for Willem of the Tafel has 11 randomly chosen winners; 10 will receive $15 Gift codes to the author’s shop, but the grand prize winner will receive a free ticket to GayRomLit retreat 2015, in San Diego, CA, happening October 15-18th, 2015. Ticket value is $175, but if you win the grand prize, you’re responsible for travel and accommodations. Please notify the author in advance should you win and be unable to attend, so we can choose another recipient to enjoy the prize!

Good luck and happy reading and winning!

Willem of the Tafel Tour brought to you by…


Happy Geek Media


BLOG TOUR with GIVEAWAY: Coming Out Catholic by Alex Dunkin



Like all good Catholic boys I care what Jesus thinks. Jesus the man, and the faith. Following him make me happy. There’s just one issue… I think I’m gay. Well, it’s hard to be sure going to an all-boys school. It could be simply liking what I know and really, oh so very, liking what I see all day, guys. Being gay and Catholic can’t possible work together. Can it?

Coming Out Catholic follows a year in the life of a private Catholic school student as he comes to terms with his sexuality. Armed with sarcasm and his best friend Mark, he prepares to take on the school thug and the awkward social encounters plaguing his late teenage years.

Confronting himself and his family are just the beginning of his trials. He learns he must find solace with his sexual desires without surrendering any of his faith. He loves both too much but when the time comes he will have to know which one he has to give up or prepare to succumb to a life of denial.



Here I am, on my knees in front of this man. Anyone would think that by sixteen this act would come naturally to me now, but it doesn’t. I’m a bit bothered by the submission implied by my position, but I’m told this is what makes the experience so powerful. My knees ache, my back grows stiff from the monotonously repetitious back-and-forth movement, and all for this one half-naked man in front of me. I look up at him, try to make eye-contact, but his face is averted. Everyone says that I’m supposed to get something amazing out of this too, but I never feel it. All I feel is the wood I kneel upon. Seriously, who uses so much wood when building a place like this? There’s not even a cushion. God, it hurts more now. When I have my own place one day, every room will be carpeted, no question about it. Lots of carpet and fine rugs to soften the place. No wood.

I’m over it now; I just want it to be over. I can’t pull out now though, because people will talk. I know my reputation isn’t a good one, but I can’t afford for it to get worse. I keep rocking back and forth, hoping it will be done soon. I can tell it won’t be long now from the rising vocals – not a word I can decipher but still so full of meaning. I can feel the tension growing, feel something rising up within. Wait for it. Almost there. I forget the pain that infuses my knees with the thought that it is close to over. Almost there… at last. I ready my tongue in preparation; taste the life essence from the flesh of my savior in my mouth. I swallow it quickly, feeling dirty.

The last echo dies from the room, and then: “Amen.”

And then it’s my turn. “Amen.”

Thank God that’s over. I hate communion at the best of times, and it’s even worse at school. Sure, it’s fun to mock and fool around with Father Donovan in religious education classes, but his sermons leave a bad taste in my mouth. It doesn’t make me want to purge my sins, just my breakfast. But I’m glad now that I can dust off my pants and wander back into class to daydream of a world outside of my own, and usually about my classmates. Our school is all boys, so understandably most of my close friends are guys and I’m more comfortable with the thought of interacting with members of my sex, but in the dreaming something else lingers in the back of my mind. Something strange and enticing tickles the back of my mind and hijacks my dream onto awkward yet exhilarating sexual encounters with guys from my class. I’m not sure if that’s normal. I haven’t spent much time around girls to see if they would venture into the daydreams just as naturally as the guys do.

The proper teachers quickly usher us onto our next class. By ‘proper’ I mean they actually went to university and studied education to learn how to teach from someone other than God. Not that I’ve turned apostate – I keep faith in his wisdom and his grace – but I can’t bring myself to believe that a loving God intended his Word to be exactly like how the priests preach it. Until they iron out the crinkles in the fine print in the Bible I think I might listen to the actual biology teacher who knows about evolution, even though I’m not sure I understand it myself, but look how Mark’s short blonde spikes always seem to be in the same place every day. And I’m happy to believe my physics teacher when he tells me about the Big Bang, although Mark’s hair is always perfect, never a hair out of place. Then there are his striking blue eyes, bright to the point of glowing. And he always smells so good. He’s like one of the those plants I am sure the teacher is talking about now, that looks beautiful from a distance, luring in unsuspecting prey, and then capturing them as soon as they get too close, digesting them slowly. What was I talking about again before I got side-tracked… oh yeah. I’m going to hell. At least that’s the deal according to the priestly teachings. And so maybe that’s the best way to describe Mark, a beautiful trap and a hell of a best friend. The more time I spend with him the more my feelings towards boys are confirmed, but I couldn’t allow myself to fall into a trap that meant losing my friends, my family, my beliefs… my entire life.

I’m in the tenth grade now and these feelings have been growing (I like to think of it as blossoming) for quite some time. My feelings towards other guys, I mean. I think I like guys, and in a special kind of way. These feelings excite me, but they scare me more, and I don’t think I can follow through with them. The faith I was raised inrevents me from even considering the possibility that I might like guys. How can I live a good Catholic life, and have a family and children, and be accepted into heaven if I like guys?

Most boys my age constantly think and talk just about sex, and in an all-boys college there’s plenty of opportunity to share stories. I have heard some wonderfully graphic tales about their conquests, who pandered to the every sexual desire of a few of the guys in my class. And while I was vaguely aware most of it was boasting to cover that their first, three-second sexual encounter still blew their pubescent minds but still left them feeling inadequate, I’m honestly in no position to judge. I’ve never had sex, let alone good sex.

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Rafflecopter Prize: E-copy of ‘Coming Out Catholic’ by Alex Dunkin

Click here or on the image to enter the Rafflecopter

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About the author

Banner300x250Alex is a PhD candidate in language and linguistics at the University of South Australia focusing on Italian literature and initiating the movement of cannibale literature into a new cultural space. He has previously worked as a journalist for LGBT publications including blaze magazine and Gay News Network and writes in a volunteer capacity as an arts critic for His creative publication history includes the short stories Inside Out and A Threepence Remaining published with Gay E-Books and poems selected for publication in the Piping Shrike anthology series. He has been awarded the Youth Prize in the Mardi Gras Literature Competition and received High Commendations in numerous other competitions.

Where to find the author:

Facebook Author Page: AlexDunkinAu

Twitter: @AlexDunkin

Tour Dates & Stops: June 4, 2015

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GUEST POST, EXCERPT & GIVEAWAY: Love Spell by Mia Kerick


Release Date: June 1, 2015


Strutting his stuff on the catwalk in black patent leather pumps and a snug orange tuxedo as this year’s Miss (ter) Harvest Moon feels so very right to Chance César, and yet he knows it should feel so very wrong.

As far back as he can remember, Chance has been “caught between genders.” (It’s quite a touchy subject; so don’t ask him about it.)  However, he does not question his sexual orientation. Chance has no doubt about his gayness—he is very much out of the closet at his rural New Hampshire high school, where the other students avoid the kid they refer to as “girl-boy.”

But at the local Harvest Moon Festival, when Chance, the Pumpkin Pageant Queen, meets Jasper Donahue, the Pumpkin Carving King, sparks fly. So Chance sets out, with the help of his BFF, Emily, to make “Jazz” Donahue his man.

An article in an online women’s magazine, Ten Scientifically Proven Ways to Make a Man Fall in Love with You (with a bonus love spell thrown in for good measure), becomes the basis of their strategy to capture Jazz’s heart.

Quirky, comical, definitely flamboyant, and with an inner core of poignancy, Love Spell celebrates the diversity of a gender-fluid teen.



Not to say that I kept my phone basically right beneath my chin for the next four days, but I kept my phone basically right beneath my chin for the next four days. Yes, I was oh-so-pathetically waiting for his call, which I am aware fully explains the need for the phrase “get a life.” But Jazz hadn’t been at school on the Thursday or Friday after he had called and cancelled our playdate, and now it’s Sunday night, and I still haven’t heard from him. And although I’m frustrated that all of my elaborate plans to make him fall head over heels in love with moi have apparently tanked, I’m also growing genuinely concerned.

That’s when my cell phone, which I placed on my chest before I lay down on my now “love-spell-pink” wrapped mattress, starts singing Express Yourself.

“Yo.” I don’t check the number. It’s Emmy—who else would it be?

“Hi, Chance.” The deep voice is so not Emmy’s.

Yaaassss!!! This is what ninety-nine percent of my insides shout. One percent says quietly, “It’s about frigging time you called, asshole.”

But my voice is calm. “Jasper,” I say blandly. In my opinion, he hasn’t earned the right to be called Jazz any longer.

“Um, sorry, no. It’s Jazz.”

I try not to roll my eyes even though I know he won’t see, but it’s an epic fail. “Whatever.”

“I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch for a couple days. My mom’s been real sick. I was lookin’ after her, gettin’ her to the doctor, goin’ to the pharmacy, bringing JoJo back and forth to school, and stuff.”


“Mom caught JoJo’s strep throat and had to go to the ER because she couldn’t even swallow.” He stops talking for a second and then clears his voice. “Alls she could do was spit into a rag whenever she needed to swallow.”

Well, that’s definitely TMI, but I get the fucker-nelly revolting picture. “I’m sorry.”

“Not your fault, dude.”

And then there’s silence.

“Gonna take JoJo to the library after school tomorrow. But first I gotta stop by the cable company and pay up or we’re gonna lose our TV and internet at home. They already warned us like twice.”

“Want me to pick up Yolo at school and take her to the library?” I’m so freaking pissed off at him. Why am I offering to save his ass again?

“That’s cool of you to offer, but there’s a bus she can take to the library from her school. Could ya be waiting for her at the library, in case I get held up?”

“Of course.” I’m a Class A sucker.

“You’re such a cool pal.” Ugh—so not what I’m going for.


“I’m not gonna be at lunch tomorrow seein’ as I’ll probably be collecting my makeup work. So, I’ll see ya at the library. ‘Kay?”

I don’t say kkkk cuz it’s not even slightly cool. “Sure. The libes after school, it is.”

“Thank you, bro,” Jazz offers.

One more silence, and then I say, “Later.”

I have research to do.

We asked Mia what her three wishes would be…

Hi everybody at Because Two Men Are Better Than One!!

I am so happy to be here today promoting my June 1st release, Love Spell, a YA Contemporary Romantic Comedy with love spells!! (a new genre I invented)

I love the question, because yes, having wishes granted is fun, but you must be careful to use them wisely. And for the record, I’m not going to use them for BIG IMPORTANT STUFF like curing cancer, putting an end to war, or creating world peace. Of course I would use three wishes for those things in real life (if we were ever actually granted three wishes in real life), but this is supposed to be an entertaining blog post so I will be creative and, hopefully, fun.

Wish #1

NO MORE GRAY ROOTS. A Grooming Genie—I promise this will not be TMI—would magically appear in my bathroom every 4-6 weeks and with an enchanted paint brush and a pot of golden brown hair dye, with one goal in mind: to artistically cover Momma Mia’s shades of gray. (My hairdresser would say, “Hello, Mia! You already have a Grooming Genie at Refresh Salon and her name is Tracey,” but going with an actual Grooming Genie would involve far less effort on my part and provide me with a periodical, and rather whimsical, morning moment I’m certain I would come to cherish.

Wish #2

NO MORE COMPUTER CONFUSION. I have a lot of questions with regard to my Apple computer. Who am I trying to kid? I am completely clueless when it comes to anything with a keyboard!! And so, I would introduce to you the At-Mia’s-Service Computer Guru

Lost files? “A thing of the past, my dear!”

Debilitating viruses? “Oh, Mia, those are but bad memories!”

Living in fear of a total computer crash, like the one I had in January of 2015? “Can you say ‘ancient history’?”

How on earth do I make a meme? “Here you go, sweet Mia—three easy steps!”

How do I save this to a desktop folder when it is in downloads? “Don’t you worry your pretty, not-at-all-gray head, girlfriend!! I’ve got your back!”


Well, you get the picture.

Wish #3

BLINK TWICE FOR A MOCHA LATTE *made with skim milk and an extra shot of espresso. Yes, I would have my very own—and I’m not sharing him so don’t even ask—Coffee Cabana Boy. I would only have to conjure an image of a tall, frothy mocha latte and I would soon hear the rumbling sound, and smell the rich scent, of espresso brewing. Included as a free per drink bonus in Wish #3 would be a generous helping of no-calorie whipped cream and shaved chocolate on top. And a tall spoon.

A girl can dream.

So there you have it—Mia’s whimsical wishes!!!

In Love Spell, Chance César has a far more pointed goal for the love spells he casts. He wants to capture the heart of the boy he loves. See how it turns out for him!!!


Rafflecopter Prize: $25Amazon Gift Certificate

Click here or on the image to enter the Rafflecopter

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Buy Links

Amazon US

Amazon UK


About the author

Photo_2Mia Kerick is the mother of four exceptional children—all named after saints—and five nonpedigreed cats—all named after the next best thing to saints, Boston Red Sox players. Her husband of twenty-two years has been told by many that he has the patience of Job, but don’t ask Mia about that, as it is a sensitive subject.

Mia focuses her stories on the emotional growth of troubled young people and their relationships, and she believes that physical intimacy has a place in a love story, but not until it is firmly established as a love story. As a teen, Mia filled spiral-bound notebooks with romantic tales of tortured heroes (most of whom happened to strongly resemble lead vocalists of 1980s big-hair bands) and stuffed them under her mattress for safekeeping. She is thankful to Dreamspinner Press, Harmony Ink Press, CoolDudes Publishing, and CreateSpace for providing her with alternate places to stash her stories.

Mia is a social liberal and cheers for each and every victory made in the name of human rights, especially marital equality. Her only major regret: never having taken typing or computer class in school, destining her to a life consumed with two-fingered pecking and constant prayer to the Gods of Technology.

Stop by Mia’s Blog with questions or comments, or simply share what’s on your mind. Find Mia on Facebook, Goodreads, and Amazon.

Where to find the author:



Pinterest: http://www,

Goodreads Link:

Publisher: Cool Dudes Publishing

Tour Dates & Stops:


Bike Book Reviews

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GUEST POST: Ray of Sunlight by Brynn Stein


Thanks so much for having me on your blog today, Nic.

Nic suggested that I write about bringing such an emotional story to life, so that’s what I thought I’d do.

I love angst. All my stories have angst of one sort or another. Through the Years even dealt with a character’s death; but that character, Edward, was an elderly gentleman by the time he died. Somehow dealing with a young person’s death was, indeed, more emotional.

CJ was such a strong character, it was impossible not to connect with him as I was writing this story. I felt like I got to know him, as Russ did. So by the end of the story, I was just as attached, albeit in a different way. I knew all along that he would ultimately lose his battle with cancer, and I don’t that’s any secret to the reader at this point, but it was still difficult to write about his decline.

I think what kept the angst from becoming oppressive was CJ and Russ’s lighthearted relationship. They bantered and teased, and basically just had fun with each other, for as long as life would allow. And really, isn’t that what a good relationship is all about?

So as emotional as the story was to write, it was also rewarding. CJ’s cheerfulness, and optimistic attitude ultimately bled through.

How about you? Writers, have you ever written a story that was extremely emotional to write, but ultimately rewarding? Readers, do you like to read stories with negative outcomes, as long as there’s life and love and happiness during the journey?


Comment below for a chance to win.

Here’s how the giveaway will work. Visit as many sites as you want, as often as you want. Each comment will enter you to win one of the following prizes: 1st) An autographed paperback copy of Ray of Sunlight, 2nd) An electronic copy of Ray of Sunlight, 3rd) Your choice of audio or electronic copy of Living Again, 4th) An electronic copy of Through the Years, and 5th) an electronic copy of Haunted. The takeovers for Harmony Ink’s blog and Facebook page will be part of the tour, so comments on there will count. I will draw the winners during the FB takeover and will announce them then, but will come back and announce it to all the sites too. So, you don’t have to leave your email address here if you don’t want to, just remember to check back. You’re also welcome to leave your email in the comments if you’d rather or email me at with the subject heading of “just in case”, so I can contact you if you win, if you don’t want to have to stop back by the blog sites. You don’t have to be present at the FB takeover to win.


Blog Tour Stops

3/3/2015 Bike Books Review
3/4/2015 Grace Duncan
3/5/2015 Susan Laine
3/6/2015 Jo Ramsey
3/7/2015 Alicia Nordwell
3/8/2015 Jana Denardo
3/9/2015 Lex Chase
3/10/2015 Sean Michael
3/11/2015 Charley Descoteaux
 3/12/2015 Anne Barwell
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3/21/2015 Harmony Ink Facebook Page

Ray of Sunlight

Brynn Stein

Russ Michaels has his whole life ahead of him but no plans beyond dropping out of school as soon as he turns eighteen. He’s been in and out of juvenile detention for the last four years and thoroughly expects to end up in an adult penitentiary at some point. He hates life and everyone in it, especially this latest community service that he earned in lieu of juvie yet again.

CJ Calhoun has big plans. He wants to bring joy and happiness to sick and injured children for as long as he can by performing as a clown. The problem is, he has stage-four cancer and a horrible prognosis.

When circumstances throw these two polar opposites together, they find they have more in common than they imagined. CJ discovers Russ’s talent for art and arranges for Russ to create a mural in the hospital foyer, which leads to a tentative scholarship to the Art Institute. As life changes in ways neither of them could have expected, Russ must work harder than ever to better himself as CJ struggles with his deteriorating health.


Buy Links



About Brynn Stein

logo extreme cutBrynn Stein has always loved to write. Fan fiction, original fiction, whatever. While Brynn wrote in numerous genres—everything from mystery, to contemporary, to supernatural—she had always tended toward strong male characters. And then she discovered “slash,” male/male romance, and all those strong male characters were finally allowed to express their love for one another. It seems that there are always at least two characters clamoring to tell Brynn their story.

Brynn lives in Virginia near her two grown daughters who encourage her writing and provide a sounding board for fledgling stories. When she isn’t writing, Brynn teaches children with special needs. In free time, when such a thing exists, she reads anything she can get her hands on, and haunts bookstores. She draws and paints, and enjoys the outdoors—especially if she can get to the beach—and is always thinking about her next story.

Please feel free to contact Brynn at any of the following:





Blog Tour, Excerpt and Giveaway! A Scout Is Brave by Jay Jordan Hawke


A Scout Is Brave


Jay Jordan Hawke

Publisher: Harmony Ink Press

Cover Artist: Anne Cain


In the months following the brutal murder of Matthew Shepard, fourteen-year-old Joshua, a half Native American boy, is new to a Boy Scout troop and spending a week camping in northern Wisconsin. The weaker kids in the troop soon realize Joshua is not afraid to stand up to the troop’s ruthless bullies. Joshua’s bravery and kindness is infectious, and the bullied Scouts quickly find their own inner strength.

Joshua, however, is plagued by self-doubt as he realizes he has feelings for Cody, the son of the troop’s harsh and puritanical Scoutmaster. The two discover they have more in common than Scouting as they share their deepest secrets and develop a close friendship. That friendship faces its greatest challenge as the homophobic bullies claim a “faggot” has “infected” their troop. As if struggling to come to terms with his sexuality while dealing with hatred and bigotry isn’t enough, Joshua discovers the camp holds another dark mystery, one that will make him summon all his courage and learn for the first time what it truly means to be brave.

Categories: Contemporary, Gay Fiction, Young Adult, Paranormal



The laughter never stopped. Joshua took one last look at Tommy’s body, and the full impact of this cruel murder finally hit him. The slaying of Tommy Drapos was utterly cold and senseless. Tears poured down Joshua’s face as an empty sadness gripped him. But as he stared at the beast, the sadness transformed into an intense rage.

“You bastard!” Joshua shouted at the top of his lungs, challenging the demon.

Joshua could barely hear himself scream over the deafening sounds of thunder. No one heard his voice. For a second, he wasn’t even sure if he had screamed. The thunder and laughter masked his voice so completely. Yet somehow the creature had heard him, and the laughter stopped. Joshua saw the dark, shadowy figure turn and look toward him.

Joshua’s red feather suddenly flew from his hair, as if torn from him, and fell to the ground, weighted down by the downpour.

Fear suddenly gripped him. He was alone in the middle of the woods, the sole witness to a callous murder. The slayer was gazing menacingly at him.



rafflecopter pic

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Rafflecopter Prize: E-copy of ‘A Scout is Brave’


Sales Links:

Dreamspinner Press





Author Bio:

Jay Jordan Hawke holds a bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. in history, as well as a second master’s in Outdoor Education. He loves everything sci-fi, especially Star Trek, and hopes to be on the first starship out of here. In the meantime, he teaches at a college prep school and anxiously awaits the day when he can write full time. In addition to all things sci-fi, his hobbies include camping, reading, running, and writing. He has lived in several Midwestern states and currently resides in Indiana. Ugh – get me out of here!

Author Contact:


Tour Date and Stops:

15-Dec  LeAnn’s Book Reviews  Fangirl Moments and My Two Cents  Parker Williams
16-Dec Bayou Book Junkie  Kimi-Chan  Velvet Panic
17-Dec  Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words  Molly Lolly BFD Book Blog
18-Dec  EE Montgomery  Because Two Men Are Better Than One  Fallen Angel Reviews
19-Dec   Elisa – My Reviews and Ramblings  Up All Night, Read All Day  MM Good Book Reviews