GUEST POST: Immortal Ink: Reclaiming by Sean Michael


Biting and Fisting and Piercing, Oh My!

By Sean Michael

I do love to play with vampires. After all, here are characters who come predisposed to biting. So you have to expect there’s going to be biting involved when it comes to sex with them. I certainly enjoy writing a little biting with my sex scenes. Biting and more.

There’s something very primal about biting. It’s a marking of the other person, like a hickey, but more intense, deeper. A bite mark says this one is mine, keep your hands off. And there’s just something about that. Guh and yum and all those good three-letter semi-coherent words.

It is fun to write intense, extreme things now and then, too. Fisting. Piercings. Tattoos. Biting in especially sensitive areas. A little bloodplay. All these things fit so well into a book where both main characters are vampires. Let’s face it, vampires are immortal and heal up really well and usually quickly too, especially if they’ve got fresh blood in them.  What this means is that they can play pretty roughly and come out the other side just fine. So nothing is really off the table. These guys can explore all manner of rough play without any permanent damage.

So bring on the vampires, bring on the kink!

Immortal Ink: Reclaiming

Beau thought Aaron was dead to him… Imagine his surprise when his former lover slinks into his tattoo shop.

Eight months ago, vampire Beaudelaire Delacourte had it all. As a tattoo artist, he used his special ink and spells to permanently tattoo other immortals and spent countless hours feeding and indulging in BDSM with his human lover, Aaron. Then he asked to turn Aaron so his lover could join him permanently, but Aaron refused, not willing to give up his humanity. Since then, Beau has kept his head down and stayed in his shop, only interacting with his clients who all come for his special brand of ink.

When Aaron shows up on his doorstep, half-dead and apologizing, Beau is shocked to learn that his boy was turned at the local vampire club by Stephan, another vampire. Not only was Aaron turned, but his chest was torn open, his fangs were broken and he was left in an alley to die. Spurred by the need to see Beau one last time, Aaron has been hiding in an abandoned building until he found the strength to make it to Beau’s shop.

Beau takes his boy in again, promising that Aaron will earn his place back in Beau’s bed, and vowing that he will take revenge on Stephan. Unbeknownst to Beau, Aaron is only the first in a long line of humans who Stephan has created then turned out to fend for themselves. As Beau discovers that this is only one of the old rules that Stephan has broken, he and Aaron are drawn into a web of intrigue that can only end in someone’s death.

Reader Advisory: This books contains severe biting and bloodplay during sex between vampires. There is also a scene of fisting and some scenes of violence.

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Best-selling author Sean Michael is a maple leaf–loving Canadian who spends hours hiding out in used book stores. With far more ideas than time, Sean keeps several documents open at all times. From romance to fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi, Sean is limited only by the need for sleep—and the periodic Beaver Tail.

Sean fantasizes about one day retiring on a secluded island populated entirely by horseshoe crabs after inventing a brain-to-computer dictation system. Until then, Sean will continue to write the old-fashioned way.

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TWITTER: seanmichael09



GUEST POST and GIVEAWAY: Vespers By Irene Preston & Liv Rancourt


Release Date: September 13, 2016


Thaddeus Dupont has had over eighty years to forget…

The vampire spends his nights chanting the Liturgy of the Hours and ruthlessly disciplines those unnatural urges he’s vowed never again to indulge. He is at the command of the White Monks, who summon him at will to destroy demons. In return, the monks provide for his sustenance and promise the return of his immortal soul.

Sarasija Mishra’s most compelling job qualification might be his type O blood…

The 22-year-old college grad just moved across the country to work for some recluse he can’t even find on the internet. Sounds sketchy, but the salary is awesome and he can’t afford to be picky.  On arrival he discovers a few details his contract neglected to mention, like the alligator-infested swamp, the demon attacks, and the nature of his employer’s “special diet”. A smart guy would leave, but after one look into Dupont’s mesmerizing eyes, Sarasija can’t seem to walk away. Too bad his boss expected “Sara” to be a girl.

Falling in love is hard at any age…

The vampire can’t fight his hungers forever, especially since Sara’s brought him light, laughter and a very masculine heat. After yielding to temptation, Thaddeus must make a choice.  Killing demons may save his soul, but keeping the faith will cost him his heart.

Vespers is a complete novel with no cliffhanger. It can be enjoyed as a standalone or read as the first book in the Hours of the Night series.


Guest Post: Another New Orleans Vampire…

Thanks so much to Two Men Are Better Than One for having us as guests on the blog. Irene and I are very excited to be here and to tell you all about our upcoming release, Vespers.

Prior to Vespers, neither of us had any experience with co-writing. We started with a high-level premise, and worked out the details as a team. Basically our original idea was to rework Beauty and the Beast, except the Beast is a (male) vampire, and Beauty is a handsome Asian man named Sarasija Mishra (aka Sara).

His brother…was correct. Sara was too pretty for his own good. (Thaddeus Dupont, shortly after having been taken down a step.)

After we decided to work together on this project, I sketched out a few ideas and sent them to Irene. I had a college student with a science background, a house in the Pacific Northwest forest, and demons running amuck. She responded with something along the lines of, “that’s great, but I’m pretty sure the first scene takes place somewhere in the Bayou, so can we move to Louisiana, please?”

And thus, another New Orleans vampire was born. Well, she did say please….

For all that there have been a couple (hundred) other vampire novels set in New Orleans, I really can’t think of a better setting for the story we ended up writing. I wanted to give our vampire a twist, so instead of an uber-rich, decadent creature of the night, Thaddeus Dupont has a contract to serve the Catholic Church. He was studying to be a monk before being turned as a vampire in 1925, and that training – along with the structure provided by chanting the monastic hours – defines who he is.

There’s not many cities outside of Rome with a stronger Catholic flavor than New Orleans. Beyond the prominent festival of Mardi Gras, the Church provided a common bond for the multiple cultures who settled there. For example, Louisiana is the only state in the US divided up in parishes rather than counties – parishes formed by ecclesiastical communities rather than civic ones. Given that the Church is an intrinsic part of life there, what better place for a vampire monk to live?

He cowered against the wall of the crypt as the shadows settled around him. The twenty-first century ceased to exist, and Sara understood why the demons had lured Dupont here. The sounds of the city were strangely muted. With the thick row of wall vaults separating him from the rest of the Garden District even the cars a few yards away sounded muffled and far away. The spirits of New Orleans pressed around him. (Sara Mishra, right after breaking into the Lafayette No 1 cemetery.)

The other thing that really worked for our story was the architecture. Beyond the historic churches and the gorgeous, atmospheric cemeteries, there’s the Gothic kaleidoscope of the French Quarter and the stately elegance of the Garden District. The heat and humidity added atmosphere, and the vegetation – the cypress trees and magnolias and wisteria – added spice.

You know, there’s a reason so many vampire stories are set in this city.

In a nod to the heritage of New Orleans vampires, the street number for Thaddeus Dupont’s Garden District is right next door to Ann Rice’s – or it would be, if Mr. Dupont’s house actually existed. One of the most entertaining parts of the project was putting together the Pinterest board. Jump HERE if you want to see the images that both inspired and reflected our story. We sent the Pinterest link to Kanaxa, our cover artist, who absolutely nailed the vibe of the story with her art.

If my home had a name, it would be Dupont’s Folly. I’d acquired it in the late 1920s, the result of a game of Bourré gone awry—for my opponent, anyway. I appreciated the symmetry of the house’s structure, the simplicity of the double-gallery design. Deep porches faced the street, supported by Italianate ironwork and Doric columns. The front rooms never saw direct sunlight, allowing me to move about before nightfall. (Thaddeus Dupont, describing the house that really isn’t right next door to Ann Rice’s house.)

We could probably have come up with a decent story with a Northwest setting – and pinky-swear our vampire wouldn’t sparkle – but New Orleans just gave us so much more to work with. We hope you enjoy our addition to the lore! Keep reading for an excerpt and a link to our giveaway. Thanks again!



The loss of music settled over them with the next layer of twilight. The boat slid through the water as Bren navigated through tree stumps, low-hanging branches, and occasional knolls of land. Without the radio, the sounds of the swamp took over—crickets so loud, they should have drowned out the music, the lower thrum of frogs, and the occasional screech of a bird. Apparently, he needed a better soundtrack, because Dr. John tuned in to his head where there was no Off switch.

Bren flicked a switch, and lights at both ends of the boat came on, beating back some of the gloom. Sara forced his fingers to unclench from the seat. Jesus, he’d been admiring the same cypress trees and Spanish moss out the window all day. Except down in it, the scenery seemed less romantic and more…

“What the hell?” He scrambled across the seat. “Alligator! Bren, there’s an alligator over here!”

Bren peered over the side of the boat, where dark eyes glided above darker water. “Wow, he’s a big ’un. Don’t worry, they aren’t usually aggressive. I wouldn’t do any night swimming, though. You’ll have to get used to them out here. Might be more of them than there are us.”

Bren sounded so casual, he felt like an idiot. Except, alligator. No. Sorry, he refused to feel unmanned by his fear of a six-foot predator with very large teeth.

“Maybe we should have called Mr. Dupont to let him know we’re on the way.” He needed to talk. Anything to break the mood and make things seem more normal.

“Eh, wouldn’t have done any good. He works nights. Way I hear, even if he’s up, he won’t answer his phone half the time.”

Major distraction, because now curiosity was killing him. The Deal with Dupont—works nights. What the hell did he do all night in the middle of a swamp? Sara tried to figure out some way of pumping Bren for information without coming off like a gossip and couldn’t do it. The best he could come up with was “Your grandmother knows him?”

“Well, they’ve been doing business for a while. I guess she knows him as well as anyone. He mostly keeps to himself.”

“You’ve never met him?”

“I’ve seen him over at his dock a few times.” She frowned. “You know, I could swear I’ve talked to him, but I can’t remember when or what we talked about. Or maybe I’m remembering his father. The land’s been in the same family for generations.”

“No offense, but are you sure you know where we’re going?”

She scoffed at him. “’Fraid I’ll feed your Yankee ass to the gators?”

“Crossed my mind.”

She laughed. “I’ve done plenty of deliveries out to his place. Don’t worry, I’ll get you there in one piece.”

A few minutes later, she made good on her promise as the swamp gave way to actual land. Bren guided the boat up to a long, skinny pier jutting out from a sloping lawn. In the fading light, Sara could barely make out a large structure set back among the trees. Bren steadied the boat while he clambered out onto the pier with his duffel, then peered up toward the house. “I don’t see any lights. You want me to come up with you?”

Yes. Except she had promised her grandmother she would come straight home, and he was a big boy. He didn’t need someone to hold his hand while he walked a hundred feet to meet his boss.

“He’s probably in the back.”

“I guess. You sure you don’t want me to hang out for bit, just in case?”

“I’ll be fine. He’s expecting me, and I’ll be living here. I mean, his other assistants survived, right? It’s not like he’s an axe murder.” That came out as a joke, right?

“Yeah, no. You’re right. They all seem to love the job. I just, what if he’s not home?”

“No, she said he expected me by six, so he must be in there. Get home to your grandmother.”

“Have it your way.” She pushed off from the dock. “Good luck with the new job.”

Sara watched the boat disappear into the swamp, then picked up his duffel and started across the lawn. The house wasn’t as far as he had thought. The distance was an optical illusion, because a structure that big should have seemed a lot more obvious. Instead, the trees, the wispy Spanish moss, and the hint of fog along the ground combined to deflect the eye until the house seemed to waver insubstantially in mist. Sara got an impression of a steep roof and aged wood, then he was on the long porch running the length of the house without knowing quite how he had traveled the last few yards.

God, it had been a long day.

Tall windows lined the porch, but they were shuttered, so he couldn’t see anything inside. The door was heavy wood behind a screen. There was no bell. Why was knocking so much harder?

Sara stood outside, his heart pounding in his chest, and called himself every kind of idiot. Mr. Dupont expected him. This would be his home for the next year. If it hadn’t been for a fender bender on an endless bridge, he would be inside right now. He wiped sweaty palms down his pants. Took a deep breath and tapped on the doorframe.

The long wait should have given him a chance to calm down. Instead, his reluctance to disturb the silent house grew. He counted to a hundred, slowly, and then rapped harder.

The third time, he pounded.

After that, he cursed. Quietly, under his breath, in case the door suddenly opened.

He left his bag and walked the length of the porch and through spongy earth down both sides of the house, looking for any hint of light. Nothing. No light. No sound. The utter inanimateness of the building mocked him. He went around to the front. Feeling like a total douche, he opened the screen door and tried the knob. Locked.

Well, that was just…super swell.

A cast-iron patio set occupied one end of the porch. He sank down into one of the chairs, stared out at the water, and took stock of his situation. He was in the middle of a swamp at a house that looked deserted. He had no phone. It was almost full dark. He slicked his hand through sweat-soaked hair. At least he wouldn’t freeze.

Down by the water, some of the shadows began to move, followed a second later by the sound of bodies sliding into the water. Probably more of them than us. The sounds of the crickets and bullfrogs faded behind a high-pitched whine next to his right ear. A second later, he slapped at a sharp sting against his arm, then another. He looked down to find a visible smear of blood and another mosquito settling in for lunch.

Freakin’ perfect. He mostly keeps to himself. Bren’s words from earlier snuck into the forefront of his brain. Only how the neighbors described every axe murderer ever. What kind of person advertises for a personal assistant in a town 3,000 miles away? He propped his feet up on the table and settled back in the chair, too tired to come up with any new explanations for Dupont. I don’t know, Ma.

The final bit of twilight faded, and living in the city hadn’t prepared him for the reality of night. Even straining his eyes, he couldn’t see a damn thing. He could hear plenty, though, most of it scary as shit. Yeah, man had invented fire first thing, because this kind of dark ate your soul and left your body for whatever crawled up out of the swamp.

He sat in the dark, cursing his own stupidity for not stopping earlier to buy a fifteen-dollar car charger and trying not to jump at every crackle and splash. He was so focused on the noises in front of him, he completely missed the first signs of life from the house.

He didn’t hear the door open or movement on the porch, but suddenly, every instinct screamed to high alert. Danger. Way more danger than anything the swamp had served up.

He froze and tried to focus past the sound of blood rushing behind his ears as his heart rate kicked into high gear.

Something was on the porch behind him.

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About the Authors

About Irene Preston

Irene Preston has to write romances, after all she is living one.  As a starving college student, she met her dream man who whisked her away on a romantic honeymoon across Europe.  Today they live in the beautiful hill country outside of Austin, Texas where Dream Man is still working hard to make sure she never has to take off her rose-colored glasses.

Where to find Irene

Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Mailing List | Goodreads

About Liv Rancourt
I write romance: m/f, m/m, and v/h, where the h is for human and the v is for vampire … or sometimes demon … I lean more towards funny than angst. When I’m not writing I take care of tiny premature babies or teenagers, depending on whether I’m at home or at work. My husband is a soul of patience, my dog’s cuteness is legendary, and we share the homestead with three ferrets. Who steal things. Because they’re brats.

Where to find Liv

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INTERVIEW: When Will I Be Loved by Julie Lynn Hayes

Today we are joined by Julie Lynn Hayes who kindly answers some of our questions. There’s also a giveaway!



Miller Fenwick wants the kind of happy ending his best friend got, with the hunky werewolf of his dreams. Trouble is, there doesn’t seem to be a Prince Charming on the horizon, and casual encounters don’t cut it anymore. Now that Alexx and Raoul are engaged, Miller is becoming resigned to being the bridesmaid, never the bride. But a chance encounter with a sexy stranger at Charisma has his hopes soaring, and his heart is wide open to possibilities.

Holt Wynne is the head of Helios, the largest vampire organization in the country. He’s a very influential and wealthy man, with a deep-seated hatred of werewolves. His running into Miller at Charisma isn’t entirely accidental. He’d meant to wait, but his emotions got the better of him, and he couldn’t stay away. And now see what he’s done…

Wait until Miller finds out he’s sortof just gotten married to the sexy vampire who hates the people who are Miller’s best friends. Sparks are gonna fly—and not just in the bedroom. One thing for sure—life in Crescent Bay is never dull!


Thanks for joining us today, Julie, and congratulations on your new release. The story sounds fabulous – who can resist a blurb featuring a sexy influential vampire!

Firstly let’s talk about Miller. Can you give us a bit more information about Miller and his desire to find his Prince Charming?

Julie:  Thanks so much for having me here today, Nic! Well, Miller is about 33, and he works as a receptionist at the Crescent Bay Chronicle, the town’s only newspaper. His best friend Alexx used to work there too, until he met Raoul Marchand and ended up with a hunky werewolf on his hands. Miller spends a lot of time with the couple, and he desires that sort of love too. Sure, he’s had dates, kissed all kinds of frogs, but never found his prince. He is questioning that this kind of love will ever happen to him when he meets a mysterious sexy blond at Charisma, Raoul and Alexx’s nightclub, and that’s when it begins…

Can you share with us, some information about Helios and what it means for Holt to head up the organization?

Julie: Helios is the largest vampire group in the country. Holt has been the head of the company ever since his mentor, Marcus Leandro, was killed. Holt cares for everyone who works for him, whether vampire or human, and he’s dedicated to making life better for his vampires. To that end, he has a scientist who is doing research on certain things that will make a big difference to the vampires. However, Holt cannot abide werewolves, and he is not shy about making that known, or throwing the weight of his group against them. Considering who Miller’s best friends are, things could get tricky.

Where do you find your inspiration and how much ‘world building’ takes place before you start writing? It there lots to do before you drive in and start writing the story?

Julie: I find my inspiration in all sorts of ways, to be honest. It could be an overheard phrase, a picture, something I see on the street. One time, we were heading to the theater to see Shutter Island, and I was thinking that Leonardo DiCaprio never ages, like he’s a vampire, and suddenly, I have the beginning of Leonardo DiCaprio is a vampire.

In the case of When Will I Be Loved, part of my worldbuilding was already done, since this is the second book, and we saw Crescent Bay in the first one. However, I did have to create Holt and Helios, and his people, and since Miller was a secondary character, I had to flesh him out.

Sometimes I need to do a lot of worldbuilding in advance, like for the fantasy story I’m writing with Chris T. Kat – we set up a world, and characters, and basic plottage for three books. Other times, I have a character, and I just start to write and see where the journey takes me!

The blurb sounds intriguing. Can you share any secrets of how Miller and Holt end up married? Or do we need to wait and read the book? 🙂

Julie: Sorry, you’ll have to read the book to find out any of that 🙂

I love to know what authors are reading. What are you currently reading or have you just finished a book you can recommend?

Julie: I just finished reading Murder on the Orient Express today. I recommend all Agatha Christie’s books. I recently read Fool Moon, the second book in the Dresden Files series, and I recommend that. Next, I’m going to read Cronin’s Key II, by NR Walker. Loved the first book.

When you’re not working, writing, or on the promo trail, what occupies your time?

Julie: Wow, that’s a lot of my time, but I also edit. I like to watch favorite TV shows and movies, and I enjoy cross stitching.

What can your readers expect from you next?

Julie: As I said before, I’m working on a fantasy series with Chris T. Kat, the first book is The Prince and the Mercenary. I’m working on my first PI novel, also part of a series, Personal Business. And the third book in the Moonlit Skies series, Be My Everything. Besides that, I have an ongoing flash at my blog called Don’t Look Back, which is rather taboo.

Thanks for having me here today, Nic. Have a great day!


Miller forced himself to take a breath, unaware until he did that he’d stopped breathing.

Quit being ridiculous. Wine going to your head already?

But he’d only had the one glass. And he hadn’t even finished that. He wasn’t such a lightweight, when it came to holding his alcohol, and he knew it.

He told himself it was just his imagination. But just to be safe, he began a slow cautious turn, looking around him, without appearing to be searching for anything—or anyone.

And there he was.

Standing a heartbeat away from Miller was one of the sexiest men he’d ever seen in his life. A man every bit as sexy as Raoul Marchand, although not in the same feral way as the werewolf.

This man was light where Raoul was dark. His hair was a honey blonde which stood out by virtue of being obviously natural, in a place where most blondes were either created by the sun or came from a bottle. He stood a little taller than Miller, exuding a presence that went beyond the merely physical, possessed of the bearing and mien of a veritable god.

But it was his eyes that drew Miller in and held him spellbound. Blue and green, like staring into tropical waves, flecked with bits of pure molten gold. And the way he was staring at Miller was sending the most delicious shivers traveling up and down his spine.

The man took a step toward Miller, his hand outstretched. Before Miller quite realized what had happened, he’d placed his own hand inside of the other man’s, and he found himself being drawn onto the dance floor.

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About the author

Julie Lynn Hayes first began publishing short stories and poetry in the 1990’s, when it was a different ballgame altogether, and Ebooks hadn’t been dreamed of yet. That changed in 2010 with the acceptance of her first romance novel. She’s come a long way since that first book appeared, and is finding the journey a very educational one.

She lives in St. Louis with her daughter Sarah and her cat Ramesses. She often writes of two men finding true love and happiness in one another’s arms, and is a great believer in the happily ever after. She likes to write in different genres, to stretch herself in order to see what is possible. Her great challenge is to be told something can’t be done—she feels compelled to do it.

When she isn’t writing, she enjoys crafts, such as crocheting and cross stitch, needlepoint and knitting, and she loves to cook, spending time watching the Food Network. Her favorite chef is Geoffrey Zakarian. Her family thinks she’s a bit off, but she doesn’t mind. Marching to the beat of one’s own drummer is a good thing, after all. Her published works can be found at Dreamspinner Press, eXtasy Books, Wayward Ink Press, and Amber Quill Press.

Where to find the author:

Facebook:   Facebook


Goodreads Link: My Goodreads

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Supernatural Bounty Hunters by R.J. Scott

Supernatural Bounty Hunters

If you like your m/m romance/erotica with a little extra by way of vampires, werewolves, fae, and other paranormal species then this might just be a series for you.  Plenty of smexy with a species war of apocalyptic level thrown in for fun.  Supernatural Bounty Hunters series must be read in order and all together to really appreciate the underlining story.

The Vampire ContractThe Guilty WerewolfThe Warlock's Secret

The Demon's BloodThe Incubus AgendaThe Third Kingdom

In my opinion each book is sort of a cliffhanger and even with reading the next in the series you can fill like you missed a big chuck of the plot and find yourself going wth!!  There are some key things, in my opinion that takes place of the pages that I would have much rather read about then some of the other stuff.  There is a story under all of the smexy and I found myself wanting more of that then the smexy and you had to read each book to get the full story of what was going on in the corrupt kingdom of Glitnir.

The series begins with The Vampire Contract; a vampire, Micah, being accused of killing his human husband and a werewolf retriever, Conner, tasked with brining him to justice.  Micah is determined to get to his brother, Josh, and the evidence that will clear his name.  Conner in his pursuit of Micah starts to question his beliefs in the Glitnir judicial system.  From there we are thrust into the Underground movement and are introduced a cast of characters who become our champions of justice. (I know  it sounds cheesy but that’s the only way I can describe it).

The second in the series The Guilty Werewolf shows it’s a thin line between love and hate with Declan and Levi’s story.  Declan and Levi must go after a rogue werewolf retriever, Conner, and a murdering vampire, Micah.  Each have their own agenda when it come to accepting their assignments.  Levi’s trying to uncover the truth behind his parents death, and Declan wants to bring his friend and alpha back home and clear his name.

The Warlock’s Secret is Josh and Phin’s story.  Always told that two people with magic could never be together they have denied their feeling for each other, scared they would bring about the apocalypse.  But it takes Phin’s magic to save Josh from the warlock set to destroy anyone in his path to complete control over Glitnir.  A lot more was revealed in this story as it deals with the overall plot of the series…the enemy is identified.

The Demon’s Blood is Asher and Simeon’s story.  The bastard heir  to the throne of the 2nd Kingdom is revealed a title Phin has run away from in the name of equality.  Asher is a blood demon, thus a second class citizen, a slave…he’s also the older half-brother of Phin, the heir apparent to the throne of the 2nd Kingdom.  The battle for the throne isn’t waged between Asher and Phin but rather their distant cousin who will stop at nothing for the crown.

The Incubus Agenda is Nick and Brody’s story.  Brody has just be accused of being a traitor to Glitnir and brought before the retriever for death and Nick is torn between wanting to save him and outing himself as a member of the underground.

The Third Kingdom…the prophecy that was spoken of almost a thousand years ago is about to come to pass.  Old jealousy and hatred are about to come to ahead in an epic battle between Glitnir and the Underground.  This all came down to one man’s selfishness and greed for power and a love he couldn’t have.

Stick with the series the overall story outshines the individual stories. Like I said before seems like some very key things take place outside of the books.  Things I think would have been a little more interesting than some of the smexy scenes.  Don’t get me wrong the smexy scenes are smoken hot!  But I’d really like to know about Conner’s family,  and what really made Ludvik go batshit  over Ethan, was it his magic or lust/love?

3.5 stars

Happy reading,


Reviewed by Bookjunkie


About R.J. Scott

RJ Scott has been writing since age six, when she was made to stay in at lunchtime for an infraction involving cookies. She was told to write a story and two sides of paper about a trapped princess later, a lover of writing was born.

As an avid reader herself, she can be found reading anything from thrillers to sci-fi to horror. However, her first real true love will always be the world of romance where she takes cowboys, bodyguards, firemen and billionaires (to name a few) and writes dramatic and romantic stories of love and passion between these men.

With over sixty titles to her name and counting, she is the author of the award winning book, The Christmas Throwaway.  She is also known for the Texas series charting the lives of Riley and Jack, and the Sanctuary series following the work of the Sanctuary Foundation and the people it protects.

Her goal is to write stories with a heart of romance, a troubled road to reach happiness, and most importantly, that hint of a happily ever after.

Visit her blog.


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Bloodline by Barbara Elsborg

BloodlineBloodline by Barbara Elsborg

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

No one can tattoo better than Inigo, a two hundred year old vampire, who works on human and supernatural skins. But he’s never tattooed a faerie and when a bunch of them insist he comes with them to tattoo one of their kind, saying no proves not to be an option. His skin is Oberon, the faerie king, and Inigo fears this will be the last tattoo he’ll ever do.

The moment Micah lands in the faerie king’s bed chamber, he knows the guy is trouble. But if he’s to save his sister and his family, let alone the job he’s paid to do, he has to stay in Faerieland and endure Oberon’s sadism. When he’s thrown into a vampire’s cell, covered in blood, he fears this day will be his last.

This book follows on from Jumping in Puddles – though there is no need to read that one first.

So what did I think?

This was the ultimate fantasy tale combining vampires, faeries and shifters, as Inigo and Micah race to save the faerie kingdom from the threat of the new king.

This was an unexpected journey that starts with Inigo, a vampire and renowned tattoo artist, being forced to accompany some fae to the palace of Oberon the King of the faeries. Oberon needs a tattoo placed on his back as part of the ceremony to become king. However he harbours a secret which prevents Inigo from completing his work.

Oberon is also under threat from Micah, a faerie who knows too much, his family having been banished from the kingdom. When Micah returns to faerieland, he is captured by Oberon and placed under a magic spell.

This is the journey of Inigo and Micah as they band together to defeat the evil Oberon. There is action and adventure. There is abuse by the evil Oberon. There are complicated back stories and a cast of characters that I sometime struggled a little to keep up with. This is fast moving and packs a lot in.

I’m not a huge connoisseur of paranormal and fantasy, however I found this story to be imaginative and engaging. But what I most liked was the writing style – it was such an interesting blend of world building, dark moments and humour. I loved the dialogue, accompanied by the internal thoughts of the characters.

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in return for my honest review.

To find out more about Barbara Elsborg and her books visit her website.

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☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Intercession by Pepper Espinoza

IntercessionIntercession by Pepper Espinoza

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

After fifty years of searching for his lost brother, vampire David Derringer attempts the unimaginable: he bends his knee in prayer. While he doesn’t believe, his mother’s faith was strong, and her final request—a request made the night she and David died—keeps David on the path to his younger brother, Danny, despite the many obstacles.

David doesn’t expect his prayer to be answered. He certainly doesn’t expect an angel to intercede on his behalf.

Jophiel is tasked not only with helping David find his brother but with saving David’s soul. It seems like an impossible assignment meant to punish him, especially when they must face the Brotherhood of St. Rocco, an organization dedicated to eradicating vampires.

But David has a chance to prove he’s not like other vampires when he meets Arthur, a young man with a secret and a death wish. Following a very steamy encounter, Arthur expects to be bitten. David never even drops his fangs. Which is a good thing, since Arthur might be the key to finding Danny before it’s too late.

So what did I think?

I found this story unique and engaging. It tells the tale of David who has been searching for his brother for 50 years. As his desperation increases he turns to a church and prays for help. Help arrives in the form of angel Jophiel.

David has led a vampire’s life but he is not like the other vampire’s who roam the earth and live in the sewers, avoiding the Brotherhood, an organisation who hunt down and kill vampires. David’s mission to find his brother Danny means he risks his life as he searches.

Jophiel is tasked with helping David and is convinces he does have a soul. He joins David on his journey and finds himself tempted in ways he never expected.

Be prepared for some angel sex which is pretty spectacular! “He let his soul seek out David’s as he rose up, let his heart sing, and chronicled every second, every unnecessary breath and gasp and sigh and squeak between them.”

Vampires, angels, the mystery of Danny, attacks by the Brotherhood and temptations of the flesh – there’s a lot going on and it makes for an interesting and engaging story. Things get even more interesting when David and Jophiel meet Arthur which adds a whole other layer of complexity.

The downside to this book? Yes, there’s a pretty big one – the story just ended! I was left thinking what happened? it can’t just end there! I understand there might be a sequel but when? It would be a real shame for the story not to continue so fingers crossed that a sequel is published!

This is a 4 star read!

To find out more about Pepper Espinoza visit the website.

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Love Has No Boundaries – Fabulous and FREE stories – Part III


What Is Love Has No Boundaries?

The Goodreads M/M Romance group have run a number of events where we are lucky enough to get to read a collection of free m/m short stories, novellas and novels written by the group’s authors. Previous collections include Don’t Read In The Closet, Hot Summer Days (2011) and Love is Always Write (2012). This year’s collection is Love Has No Boundaries.

Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.

Stories covered in this review are:

  1. That Good Earth by S.A. Meade
  2. Playing the Field by Penny Brandon
  3. The Song by Eric Alan Westfall
  4. A Fragile Love by Les Joseph

That Good EarthThat Good Earth by S.A. Meade

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The story prompt…

I would love to read a sweet, kisses-only story about two British young men serving together during WW1. Surviving in the trenches, sitting out a long night under fire, etc. I also have a weakness for WW1 pilots, if you decide to go that route. 🙂

So what did I think?

This was a truly lovely story. I was totally transported to the trenches as Arthur and William meet during the heat of battle. I can’t even imagine what it would have been like to be in such a situation but the author did a wonderful job of bringing these two men together in such circumstances.

Theirs is a gentle love, starting from a brief meeting and continuing via letter and postcard until after the war. They both experience tragedy so it is wonderful so see the happy ending.

Playing The FieldPlaying The Field by Penny Brandon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The photo prompt…

He was the one that finally broke through the walls of one of the most successful young soccer coaches, who was secretive with his personal life. The coach was seen a few times with women in public, but no one really knew about the coach’s secret true desires… until he came along and there was no denying the sexual tension between them.

So what did I think?

Absolutely perfect sports themed contemporary romance – loved it! Just what I was in the mood for so 5 stars!

For me the elements in this story were perfect – the characters, the setting, the plot. It’s only a short story but it packed in quite a bit – the sexual tension, the final giving in to temptation and the perfect happy ending.

Rick is the coach. He is closeted and doesn’t do casual. Danny is out and proud, with a reputation as a bit of player. I am sure you can guess the rest….:)

There is heaps of sexual tension but the relationship between these two men is more emotional and I loved their coming together.

Only a quick story but I was invested in the characters and I ended with a smile on my face (I’m always a sucker for public declarations!).

I will definitely be checking out more books from this author and have bought one already!

The SongThe Song by Eric Alan Westfall

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The photo prompt…

Here I was: thirty-six, closeted, virgin, in Berlin for a conference. In what moment of craziness I had booked into the hippest hetero-friendly hotel (as opposed to gay-friendly) I don’t know… but here I was, surrounded by hot men, from the concierge to the hotel guests. But none tempted me as much as this couple: From Paris, they were on a week’s vacation as well, and I would run into them almost every night, at the hotel’s health club. One was shy and spoke little English. The other was a hunky doctor with a deliciously hairy chest and piercing eyes that wouldn’t let you go. Watching them cuddle, nuzzle, exchange loving glances all the time drove me to voyeuristic distraction. His husky voice and flirtatious banter would make me harder than I would have thought possible. And he knew it! His young lover seemed bemused by it all. And then on my last-but-one night, after a frustratingly erotic display of foreplay at the rooftop jacuzzi (all apparently for my benefit) the Hunk beckoned me over and invited me up to their room…

So what did I think?

I think I liked this book. I say ‘think’ because at times I wasn’t really too sure. I spent most of it thinking things like ‘what’s going on?’, ‘what does that mean?’, ‘how does that fit in?’. I kept trying to work out what was going on and pre-empt the paranormal twists, instead of just relaxing into the story. That being said, sometimes it’s good to read something that keeps you on your toes!

The story jumps between POVs, sometimes for only a very short period of time and sometimes longer. There are little hints and clues of the bigger picture but never enough for me to fully understand how everything fit together. And the ending – what just happened?

It’s an interesting story with hints and glimpses of strange things without fully providing the back ground. It is quite unique in what is shown but perhaps not the book for someone who likes a full world building with a clear cut happy ending.

A Fragile LoveA Fragile Love by Les Joseph

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The photo prompt…

I’m so glad we’re finally at this point in our relationship where we are comfortable with each other like this in public; I was an idiot for so long, trying to hide what we had. But after what happened, I’ll never take him for granted again. I’m through hiding. I’m going to make sure that he knows every day just how much I love him.

So what did I think?

This story had an interesting approach. The story started by letting us know there was a big, in the public eye, coming out. However it is not until the end that the details are revealed.

This is a story about a relationship that had the potential to end but tragic circumstances act as the wake up call, making Peter and Adam realise how much they mean to each other and cementing the relationship.

I loved the emotional side to the story slightly more than the sex side as I found the sex talk between the two men felt slightly unnatural – not 100% sure why but this stood out for me. However it is still a 4 star read!

You can check out the full list of stories and download from the M/M Romance Group website.


Serving Simon by Caitlin Ricci

Serving Simon is book one in the “Serving Simon” series.

Serving SimonServing Simon by Caitlin Ricci

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

The Blurb…

Simon has an offer for his stressed out roommate, but is this stubborn sub already too far gone for Simon’s methods?

Max’s high pressure job as a surgeon is getting to him and he’s starting to suffer for it. His roommate Simon has a solution for him, but is Max ready to give up control or will this Dom have to work for it?

Simon’s not used to dealing with such stubborn subs, but he can’t sit back and let Max’s health and sanity continue to decline in the name of his work. Enough is enough already and if Max doesn’t accept what he’s offering, then Simon might just have to come up with something even more drastic.

But when a night of passion between these two strong willed men exposes Simon’s secrets, it might be he who has to learn to trust and let go of the control he so desperately seeks.

So what did I think?

“As I was saying,” Simon said, his voice soft in the near darkness, “I want control.”
Max gulped, watching him in the moonlight streaming in from his open curtains. “Of what?”
His mouth turned up into a smile and Max froze, both dreading and needing the answer all at once. “Why, Max, that’s simple.” He took a breath. “I want to control…”

Okay, I had some questions. Why was the head of surgery needing a roommate? Why did the roommate need to be there? But really, none of this mattered too much as the story just focused on the here and now as Simon helps Max deal with his stress levels using his unique methods.

The two men share quite an interesting dynamic and it is fascinating to watch Max respond to Simon, his physical response versus his thought process. Yes, there is some light bondage and sex but the focus is on Max trusting Simon and the emotional side of giving up control NOT on whips and pain.

Just when things were starting to heat up there’s a bit of twist near the end of this story. I don’t want to say what it is but if you peak at my Goodreads bookshelves  or tagging it will give you a clue! 🙂

I felt Max’s reaction to the revelations and easy acceptance was a bit unrealistic particularly given his medical background and felt the ending was somewhat rushed. I was left wondering – what does this mean? what happens next? Tell me more…..

This is the first book in a series so I guess I will need to read the next one to find out more (although I’m not 100% sure what the next one is about!)

Overall, I was drawn into this story but felt a little let down at the end as things wrapped up too quickly, hopefully something that the second book will remedy. 🙂

3.5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the author. Thank you Caitlin for the opportunity to read and provide my honest review.

To find out more about Caitlin Ricci and her books check out her website.

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Love Has No Boundaries – Fabulous and FREE stories – Part II


What Is Love Has No Boundaries?

The Goodreads M/M Romance group have run a number of events where we are lucky enough to get to read a collection of free m/m short stories, novellas and novels written by the group’s authors. Previous collections include Don’t Read In The Closet, Hot Summer Days (2011) and Love is Always Write (2012). This year’s collection is Love Has No Boundaries.

Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.

Stories covered in this review are:

  1. So Hot With Love by J.H. Knight
  2. As He Watches by Finn Marlowe
  3. Undeniable by Reece McKinley
  4. Triple Jump by Tam Ames

So Hot With LoveSo Hot With Love by J.H. Knight

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The photo prompt…

These two men are getting married this evening and are taking a last few quiet moments together. The man in the black T-shirt is remembering a day that almost ended their relationship. It started with some trouble with a thong and a fireman and the whole day just went downhill from there! Please tell us about this unbelievable day.

So what did I think?

This was a lovely story – short and simple but filled with the kind of love you just know will last!

Greg and Chris have been together for many, many years and are getting married later that day. As they reminisce about their time together you get a sense of the type of men they are and the relationship they have.

Their love is obvious, as is the attraction they have to one another but there have been moments when everything hasn’t been totally perfect. But like any good relationship they have overcome these hurdles and focused on what is important.

It also clear that they have a great rapport which is obvious in the dialogue and comments bounced back and forth between the men. It is only a short story but there are a couple of cute and funny lines. My favourite…“You’re such a girl.””My erection begs to differ.”

The story closes with Greg and Chris dancing at their wedding to the song “The Book of Love” by The Magnetic Fields which you might like to check out. Personally I love it when authors put songs in their stories, especially if I don’t know the artist or the song!

As He WatchesAs He Watches by Finn Marlowe

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The photo prompt…

“For now, you stay where I put you.”

That’s the first thing he says to me after I undress, when he presses me up against the glass and positions me just so. I’d ask him to tell me more, but he’s got a fetish for self-denial, and if I push I might not get to touch him at all. That’s the last thing I want.

The thing is, I don’t have to listen to him. What we do together, it’s completely voluntary and pretty undefined. We set up a meeting, he gives me directions, I obey. He’s not paying me, not coercing me, and he knows if he tried to do either I’d be gone. We didn’t meet in a club; it’s remarkable that we met at all, when we live in two very different worlds. He likes to look, to touch, but he almost never gets off. I like the feeling of his eyes on me, I like doing all the things he says, but I want more. How do I push the boundaries when I barely know what they are?

So what did I think?

The sense of mystery and the little bit of intrigue kept me glued to this story.

I wanted to understand Winter, to know more about him, to find out what was driving his behaviour and what was going to happen at 3 o’clock.

I wanted to find out more about Erik and loved the insight into his thought process and his feelings about his encounters with Winter and how he felt when he successfully followed each clue that resulted in them meeting. “The things that followed afterward were… wow. Scary, embarrassing, amazing, liberating and thrilling all at once.”

Mostly I would just like to see more of these two!

4 Stars

UndeniableUndeniable by Reece McKinley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The photo prompt…

Our sire wanted two matching pretty boys at her side forever— that’s why she turned us both into vampires. We had some really good years, the three of us. But now that she’s gone, the pain of her death is tearing both our minds apart. I know he’s been doing stupid things. Breaking the rules our sire taught us. Risking his life. What am I going to do? He’s all I have left— just like I’m all he has, but am I enough?

So what did I think?

Two vampires lose Regina, the vampire who had sired them. One of them, Liam, is lost in his grief and his actions are putting his own life at risk. Jack is also hurting, not only for the loss of Regina but for the loss of Liam.

“Now, I know you boys are messed up with her gone. But he’s out of control, Jack. You need to get a handle on him before someone else does. I don’t know much about your…situation, but I do know from what Regina told me that you aren’t supposed to be waving your freak flag like he is.”

I found this a really interesting paranormal story to read – a bit of world building and even a bit of werewolf confrontation but mainly a story about grief and feelings and love.

I did find myself at the end wishing to see a little more physical action between Jack and Liam so maybe a follow up story is needed. Oh, and I would love to see a story written about the two men once they had taken werewolf blood! Supposedly an aphrodisiac resulting in tremendous lust for a vampire and all they can focus on is achieving the next orgasm!

4 Stars

Triple JumpTriple Jump by Tam Ames

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The photo prompt…

The 2 men kneeling knew someone was missing in their relationship. They were looking for a third to complete them.

So what did I think?

This may be menage but it’s all about love (with some steamy sex thrown in!).

Jeff and Patrick have been together for a couple of years but don’t feel complete. They feel that they are missing the person they need for the perfect relationship.

They have been searching for that elusive special someone but only meet guys after one-night stands and kinky sex.

Taylor is different. They feel drawn to him and him to them. There’s just one or two minor problems. Firstly convincing Taylor that he is wanted and secondly Jeff and Patrick accepting Taylor for who he really is.“Why would they want him? He was nothing special and there was that whole shifter thing.”

This short story really isn’t about world building, more focused on the relationship with a strong them of acceptance. I really liked the message about not judging people for things that are part of them, things they cannot change.

3.5 stars for this cute short story
4 Stars

You can check out the full list of stories and download from the M/M Romance Group website.